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worried mom

  1. Nickypig88

    Any help appreciated

    About 10 months ago I adopted 2 guinea pigs who were no longer wanted (can you believe!). I’ve had cavies before, but only sows. The pair I rescued were apparently sows but roll on a few months and 2 pups were born. It turns out I had a sow and a boar, the pups were also a sow and a boar. To...
  2. G

    Help! Very Sick Guinea Girl

    Something is very wrong. My Ava girl is about 6 months old and has not had any problems until recently. I took her in to a small animals vet because she was coughing and then wheezing. They Took an x-ray but said that it was inconclusive. The doctors best guess was that she was suffering from...
  3. C

    Guinea Pig Is In Pain?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, I have come here because one of my female piggies is in.. pain? Yesterday evening I went to feed my pigs when I noticed that Saffron (the piggie) was face down in a corner making a sort of sad squeak noise I instantly panicked and brought her inside examined...
  4. Jesse's pigs

    Just Had A Panic!

    Top tip guys - maybe don't give white piggies raspberry! So I got all excited today when I noticed a punnet of raspberries at a slightly cheaper price (80p BARGAIN) and thought PIGGIES though the rest of the family thought otherwise :lol!: Mo has already tried one once and...let's just say he...
  5. W

    Guinea Pig Fell

    My dad handled my piggie badly and it fell from a considerable height. I dont think she hit her head anywhere but I'm not 100% sure because it happened very fast. I histerically picked her up and tried seeing if she had broken something but she was moving fine. She's been eating and running...
  6. Jesse's pigs

    Mo Toileting

    So hi guys yet again on the subject of Mo's bowels. Before I share my worries I just want to point out that Mo is eating well,par his hay which he is still eating but not as vigorously and his teeth are pristine. His hair bounces back,he's alert and chews bars for food. No hunched posture though...
  7. Olivia Johnson

    Not Eating After Bladder Stone Meds

    Hello everyone! About a month ago, my guinea pig Caesar started peeing a pinking red color and squeaked while urinating. I took him to the vet and they found a pretty good sized bladder stone. She prescribed him some antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. Last week, she special ordered him...
  8. Celine298

    Snip Snip

    Hey guys! Today is the day, my little boy Sunny is going for 'the snip'. Not only did I feel soooo guilty last night for not feeding him (his 12hr fast began at 9.00pm) but I'm also really worried about his operation today! My vet is excellent, all our pets have been to them in the past...
  9. J

    Female 5 Mos. Old With Enlarged Bum

    Hello! My sweet Marshmallow seemed to be showing signs of being in heat. She became a little aggravated one night but then settled down with her roommate, another female pickles, and has been fine. The next day I noticed her little bum sticking out. when I picked her up and looked the whole...