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Junior Guinea Pig
Jun 5, 2016
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Hello :luv:
Does anyone have experiences with jumping pigs?

I took my little one out for his first floor time yesterday and I thought he'll just have a look around but he actually was so happy and ran around, exploring, talking and even popcorning a little. It was the best thing to see :yahoo:
Though, then he got super adventures, climbed his hidey and jumped over the wall of his play pen.. I was able to catch him super quickly, thankfully. And while I had a heart attack, he was doing great.
Now I'm super nervous, that he'll jump the walls of his cage. Would he do that? The walls on the 1. floor are 27 centimeters and on the 2. 25 centimeters high. Before we built the cage, I did my research about how high piggies jump and all I could find was that they would only jump if they're scared and a hight around 20-30 centimeters would be fine. His cage is built like a table, so he's about 70 centimeters of the ground and it said on the internet, that if they don't see where they can jump to, they wouldn't even try..
But thinking of Sunday when Navajo's new cagemate is arriving, I'm even more nervous. Do I have to be concerned? I put some fleece over the ends to discourage him from jumping. Hope that helps for now..
He's never done that before. He never even tried to climb the hideys.. :soz:
Thank you in advance :luv:

I wanted to include some pictures, but I don't have any clue how to do that :hmm:
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