1. A

    Strange noise and behaviour

    Hello all, I’m a little desperate because I cannot seem to find an answer to my little fellow’s behaviour anywhere! So suddenly, since yesterday, my guinea pig (he’s 3 and a bit years old) started making this strange noise. (I'll can't attach an audio of the noise so I'll link it up at the...
  2. Kirbs

    Weight Loss

    Mr Muffin was neutered last week and when I weighed him yesterday he has lost about 22g. I weighed him again today and he has lost about 25g. There hasn’t been anything wrong with him since the surgery. I think it might be because of the separation from Blueberry. They’ve been separated for a...
  3. SmiggleBrownie

    Why my male guinea pigs keeps on yawning?

    I have a 4 months old guinea pig, today i noticed an excessive yawning whenever he eat, he walks or lying down. Anybody knows why? Is he sick? It makes me worry though...hope someone can help me with this :)
  4. H

    Cagey in the cage advice

    Hi, I have 2 male guinea pigs aged about 9 months. I got them from a private seller as a Xmas gift from Santa. They were the sellers first litter, she had sold them to a friend but they were returned, so I bought them. Anyway, they live in my living room so that they are not spooked by our...

    First night together!

    Hi there, I’m new here and just looking for a bit of advice. We have just adopted a new Guinea pig today from a rescue. He is a 1.5 year old male and had always lived alone. We needed a new companion for our 10 month old male as he lost his friend recently. The bonding has gone pretty well and...
  6. Willow&Sky

    Young females bonding advice

    I got two young female piggies about two weeks ago. I thought they we're already bonded when I got them but once I got them home I realised they hadn't formed a bond yet. They're settling in well and seem to love their new home but they're not great friends. They play together and enjoy floor...
  7. S

    Nap Time Noises; is he happy/comfortable or scared?

    Heya everyone! So I have two baby guinea pigs; Honk & Hank, I’ve had them for around a month now and absolutely adore them! 😁 I just thought I’d film a bit of lap time with Honk to see if his behaviour/noises indicate being comfortable/happy or annoyed 😊 I’ve never owned guinea pigs before...
  8. Abbie Brooks

    Sudden change in behaviour.

    I have two female guinea pigs, (Acorn and Flapjack) I have recently noticed that acorn won’t sit and eat her veg in the mornings and evenings, instead she takes a piece to her tunnel or her bedroom and hides. She doesn’t want to be picked up and squirms out of my hands and seems twitchy when on...
  9. Elizadriksne

    Introduced a baby guinea pig to older one

    I've had a male guinea pig for 4 years now, been alone all this time but recently decided to get another one for company as I'm pregnant and won't have as much time to play with him anymore. I got a male baby guinea pig. When introducing them the older one constantly chases the baby one, licking...
  10. A

    One Male ‘mounting’ Other?

    hi there, I have two male guinea pigs and have had them for about a year and a half now. We’ve had some trouble with them fighting in the past but they’ve always had this thing when one would climb on the others back whilst rumbling. It’s always Floof climbing on Jet’s back, so I checked Jet’s...
  11. Walky

    Good Teeth Chattering?

    Okay, I have a really weird question, but I didn`t find anything on the matter, so here goes Is it possible for teeth chattering to be not-bad? I ask that because I`ve noticed weird behaviours on my two piggies, Porca and Cookie. So the story goes like this: I've been training them to come when...
  12. McNallington


    Hi everyone, I just wondered whether anyone could offer me a bit of advice about my piggies? I have had my two girls for nearly three years and there has always been mounting going on but recently it's become constant. It used to be in a cyclical nature so I don't know whether or not it was...
  13. Zelsi

    I Separated My Boars - What Next?

    I have just separated my two boars, same cage but a divider down the middle. While on holiday my family took care of them and when I returned I checked each one thoroughly and the younger one (12 months) had some bald patches / nips on his back and cheek. The larger one (2.5 years) did bite him...
  14. Lil3piggies

    Settling In And Normal Behaviour- Help!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and need some advice please! I have 3 8 week old boars - we have had them since Christmas Eve and they are still very skitty. I make sure to try and handle them at least once a day and spend a good hour with them and I always talk to them but they just don't...
  15. C

    Sad Guinea Pig (lonely And With Ring Worm) - Advice

    Hello all... I posted a little while ago about having bought 3 male guinea pigs (Sammy, Blaze and Iggle-Piggle) 2 of which were having horrendous fights. I have separated the two conflicting guinea pigs (Sammy and Blaze) and have them living beside each other in the cages... I've kept the...
  16. K

    Dominance Issues..

    I have read a lot of information on here last night.. but I just wanted a bit more advice, I have 2 boars.. about 4/5 months old now so I know they are going through their hormonal changes.. up until recently they have been fine together. In the last few days/week my big boy Conker has been...
  17. TheLottiediarys

    Cats Bad Behaviour :/

    Some people might know that I've been struggling a bit lately with my animals mainly cats and fleas, Koda my male cat has been behaving really badly lately which I think is because he's stressed about the fleas, he's allergic to them biting him, So he's been weeing in awful places, First on the...
  18. TheLottiediarys

    Anya Climbs Onto Aurora's Back When She's Scared? Causing Wounds?

    Hi guys, We adopted two new girls a few weeks ago and they were very scared of humans, I don't think they got much contact in their old home. I noticed the day we picked them up that when they're scared Anya, the more confident of the two will climb onto her sisters back? This didn't bother...
  19. Betsy

    Dennis Is Now Top Male Piggy!

    Yesterday at lap time I had Dennis on my lap and Christian next to me waiting for his lap time. Then my son brought in Meg and that's when the trouble started. They could both smell GIRLIE! Dennis immediately climbed of my lap and got to Meg first and started nipping Christian (who is the more...
  20. ToastandBeans

    Beans Weeing On Toast

    So it's pen time where I sit in a pen with them so they trust me and I give them strokes but this time Beans was in a tube and Toast was going in too. Beans was shooting wee out of her onto Toast like a water gun. Is this normal and what does it mean?