1. Lizzieejoyce

    Changed behaviour?

    Hello lovelies! Id like to think my two guinea pigs and I had bonded really well. They’d run up to the mesh to see me, squeak, popcorn, zoom etc. But I went away for a week and my partner looked after them. I got back, so excited to see them again and they didn’t come out of their huts, one...
  2. S

    Guinea pig finger holding

    Hello - I’ve tried to find info about this online but literally can’t find a thing. More recently my guinea pig will run up to the side of the cage when he sees me and if I put my finger through he holds it in his mouth shortly - not even nipping just holding it. Is there any significance to...
  3. Lxxra

    Guinea Pig Won't Enter His Cage After Floor Time

    Hello everyone, I have a curious deal with our guinea pig boy as of yesterday, wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience with this. We've been upgrading our C&C cage setting since we're adopting three more guinea pigs. Our current boy (single but not for long!) was in a 2-story...
  4. crazypiglady30

    new behaviour problems

    Hi all I wonder if you can offer advice. I have 3 sows. My youngest sow Poppy is going to be 2 next month. I have one boar, who will be 2 in around June/July time. All 4 have lived together without any real issues since bonding Stuart, my boar, with the 3 girls in June last year. They have a...
  5. Mandy_Louise

    Pigs kicking pigs!

    Hi! Does anyone else’s guinea pigs kick the other? I don’t think it’s a problem but I find it quite funny as you can tell when one is readying a kick, he backs himself up and aims and then drop kicks the other haha.
  6. Mandy_Louise

    Constant Humping

    Hi! So we have two Male piggies (Sooty and Sweep), brothers and are 16 months old. They live together and can go days being absolutely done, other days Sweep non stop humps Sooty, chasing him, climbing on his face etc etc. I know this is normal behaviour but on the days where it’s bad it’s...
  7. Kirbs

    angry piggie

    Ever since we got Louie he has always been a bit aggressive towards us and every other guinea pig except one. I've always thought it was because he's shy and doesn't like being picked up or likes being the dominant one. Is there a reason he's mean/aggressive or os it just the way he is? (he's...
  8. Spoink

    Territorial over food?

    Hi, any help would be so appreciated. I have 2 females, Biscuit was adopted and is at least 2 years old (actual age unknown) and one new addition that we got 2 days ago, Piglet - she’s a baby. :love: We did an introduction and all was really smooth. Biscuit seemed to take Piglet under her wing...
  9. ashleemelda

    Sudden Dominance Behaviors

    I got my girls, Moira and Rose, back in May, so 7 months ago now. Within the past month, they have started exhibiting dominance behaviors that I have never seen up until this point. For example, they both rumblestrut around each other pretty much constantly throughout the day, Rose sprays urine...
  10. A

    Strange noise and behaviour

    Hello all, I’m a little desperate because I cannot seem to find an answer to my little fellow’s behaviour anywhere! So suddenly, since yesterday, my guinea pig (he’s 3 and a bit years old) started making this strange noise. (I'll can't attach an audio of the noise so I'll link it up at the...
  11. Kirbs

    Weight Loss

    Mr Muffin was neutered last week and when I weighed him yesterday he has lost about 22g. I weighed him again today and he has lost about 25g. There hasn’t been anything wrong with him since the surgery. I think it might be because of the separation from Blueberry. They’ve been separated for a...
  12. SmiggleBrownie

    Why my male guinea pigs keeps on yawning?

    I have a 4 months old guinea pig, today i noticed an excessive yawning whenever he eat, he walks or lying down. Anybody knows why? Is he sick? It makes me worry though...hope someone can help me with this :)
  13. H

    Cagey in the cage advice

    Hi, I have 2 male guinea pigs aged about 9 months. I got them from a private seller as a Xmas gift from Santa. They were the sellers first litter, she had sold them to a friend but they were returned, so I bought them. Anyway, they live in my living room so that they are not spooked by our...

    First night together!

    Hi there, I’m new here and just looking for a bit of advice. We have just adopted a new Guinea pig today from a rescue. He is a 1.5 year old male and had always lived alone. We needed a new companion for our 10 month old male as he lost his friend recently. The bonding has gone pretty well and...
  15. Willow&Sky

    Young females bonding advice

    I got two young female piggies about two weeks ago. I thought they we're already bonded when I got them but once I got them home I realised they hadn't formed a bond yet. They're settling in well and seem to love their new home but they're not great friends. They play together and enjoy floor...
  16. S

    Nap Time Noises; is he happy/comfortable or scared?

    Heya everyone! So I have two baby guinea pigs; Honk & Hank, I’ve had them for around a month now and absolutely adore them! 😁 I just thought I’d film a bit of lap time with Honk to see if his behaviour/noises indicate being comfortable/happy or annoyed 😊 I’ve never owned guinea pigs before...
  17. Abbie Brooks

    Sudden change in behaviour.

    I have two female guinea pigs, (Acorn and Flapjack) I have recently noticed that acorn won’t sit and eat her veg in the mornings and evenings, instead she takes a piece to her tunnel or her bedroom and hides. She doesn’t want to be picked up and squirms out of my hands and seems twitchy when on...
  18. Elizadriksne

    Introduced a baby guinea pig to older one

    I've had a male guinea pig for 4 years now, been alone all this time but recently decided to get another one for company as I'm pregnant and won't have as much time to play with him anymore. I got a male baby guinea pig. When introducing them the older one constantly chases the baby one, licking...
  19. A

    One Male ‘mounting’ Other?

    hi there, I have two male guinea pigs and have had them for about a year and a half now. We’ve had some trouble with them fighting in the past but they’ve always had this thing when one would climb on the others back whilst rumbling. It’s always Floof climbing on Jet’s back, so I checked Jet’s...
  20. Walky

    Good Teeth Chattering?

    Okay, I have a really weird question, but I didn`t find anything on the matter, so here goes Is it possible for teeth chattering to be not-bad? I ask that because I`ve noticed weird behaviours on my two piggies, Porca and Cookie. So the story goes like this: I've been training them to come when...