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  1. M

    Persistent biting?

    Hi guys, so i don't know what to do! Our new guinea pig keeps biting. He is around 6 months old but we have had him for a little while, he seems to have settled in. He eagerly takes food and likes to run around the problem arises when a hand comes near him. he sniffs it then bites, OK so maybe...
  2. M

    Dominant Females

    A few months ago I got my two year old female Guinea pig, Macy, a companion. I got a 2 month old female, Penelope. Penelope was naturally submissive to Macy and was actually only comfortable when with Macy. Penelope is still extremely dependent on Macy (she doesn’t like to move too much if she...
  3. yayoiharuko

    Bitey Piggy

    Hi guys :) I'm sure some of you may know me from the whole "am I welcome here as a newbie" post, and some may remember me from the Introduction post. Anyway, I read the link that someone provided me about guinea pigs and biting and what it means and all, and today I decided to try and...
  4. F

    Nipping Behaviors

    Hello, I recently introduced a male skinny pig (Ron, ~2 months old) to a slightly older male guinea pig (Abby, ~4 months old) and so far they seem to be getting along. Ron is quite submissive and Abby is very dominant so its a pretty good pairing, I think. The only thing I'm concerned with is...
  5. PerpLexxity

    This Spoiled Guy

    So today I learned why my guinea pig bites me! After doing a little bit of research on the forum, I've learned that my guy (Henry, 7months) bites me to manipulate me. So with my two pigs, we snuggle and have our bonding time like usual; and basically my Henry starts off with a little nibble on...
  6. Isabela

    Guinea Pigs Scratching And Biting Because Of Washing Powder?

    Hello. Is there any chance that my guinea pigs scratch and bite themselves because the washing powder that I use for their fleece blankets doesn't suit them? I've since changed it. I used a liquid powder Blink Color Waschmittel Ultra-Sensitiv and now I switched to the powder one. The one I...
  7. Zelsi

    I Separated My Boars - What Next?

    I have just separated my two boars, same cage but a divider down the middle. While on holiday my family took care of them and when I returned I checked each one thoroughly and the younger one (12 months) had some bald patches / nips on his back and cheek. The larger one (2.5 years) did bite him...
  8. Isabela

    Scratching And Biting Because Of Hay Dust?

    Is it possible that my two guinea pigs are scratching and biting themselves because of the hay? The hay is fresh and it's always dusty. It's from home, not from a store. Since a lot of people have allergies and dry skin because of that, is it possible that they have it too? They've been to the...
  9. C

    Is He Okay?

    Hey, SO I was here around a month against with concerns over my new Guinea pigs, Trevor, behaviour. He bites at the bars a lot, which has made neighbours complain and now we're moving him into a 6 foot long, foot 1/2 wide "fish tank" with an open top. He's very very skittish even though I've...
  10. W

    Extreme Biting

    Every time I pick my guinea pig Bubbles up she'll bite me anywhere she can find skin. My neck is red as I'm writting this. She has been a biter since the beginning but now its been getting worse. She'll make little squeaks whenever I'm having lap time with her and bite me all the time. She...
  11. Nbw_835

    Chewing Bars?

    My guinea pig was in a glass tank for the first 4 and a half months of her life. I bult her a cage (a very large one) and all she does is chew on the bars like she wants out. Is this normal? She has also started asking to be picked up and then biting and she screams loudly if I leave her alone...
  12. W

    Biting Piggy

    My piggy Bubbles has always been more nervous than Nymeria and has been biting people since the beginning. I have no clue why. I handle her carefully, I pet her where she likes, I hand feed her, she has no injuries (not even internal, she had an ultrasound) etc. She has fallen once but I don't...
  13. F

    Abdominal Lump

    My female guinea pig has a firm, grape sized lump on her lower abdomen. It is near a teat, at a spot where she would occasionally bite herself, leaving wounds or bruising which would heal quite quickly. She is almost 7 years old and does not seem to be in any pain. Anyone seen this on their pigs?
  14. TheLottiediarys

    Does Anyone Have Experience With This? Its Health But Also Behavior?

    Hi all, Just got back from taking Aurora to the vets She has a wound on her back. Here a little back story on this wound, in case any part of this history is important to whats happening now? When i 'adopted' Aurora and her cage mate Anya a few weeks ago, they weren't in great condition...
  15. Mishatoe

    My Guinea Pig Keeps Biting Me

    I've had a baby guinea pig for about a month now and when I take her out to roam on my bed she bites me. I'm not even touching her and she comes over and licks me and then bitez VERY hard. She has done it to my face, but it's usually on my hands, fingertips, and arms. What should I do about...
  16. Annie Robbins

    Random Biting

    Hi, So I have a 4 month old guinea pig. She lives by herself because I do not have the room for two sadly. I handler her a lot and she has a lot of toys to keep her occupied. She lives a spoiled life. She has now started to bite me (not breaking skin, but more than nibbles). She swings her...
  17. Bekialice

    Baby Refusing To Bond

    Hiya, we have two adult sows (6 years old) and two baby sows (around 6 months). When we attempted to bond at 3 months old, baby Luna took REALLY well to the adult pigs and brought new life into them. She's going on adventures all the time and cuddling them at night and the adults love her...
  18. fueloficarus

    Bereaved Question

    Hello all. New here. Yes, I read the above threads, but as you all know when this happens you still have to ask. So, we lost a pig yesterday. Truffles. He died very quickly, as did his brother (actual brother, from the same litter, who passed away about 4 months ago). They were bought from a...
  19. echowhisper

    Guinea Pig Biting :(

    my Guinea pig called Echo (around 8 months old) has started to bite me pretty hard when I pick him up. I don't think it is that he needs the toilet because he does it quite regularly and only after a few seconds of being held. I hold him against my body and he bites my cheast. I am holding him...
  20. Beans&Toast

    F10 Disinfectant As A Wash..?

    I was advised by a vet (not my normal vet) that F10 disinfectant can be used for Beans who is scratching/biting around her thighs and vulva area. She's been checked for mites and it's not that so I was advised to try this. I was told 1ml of F10 per 500mls of water and bathe the area twice a...