1. M

    Infection near penis in my baby boar

    hi, i took my pig to the vet because he has an infection near his genitals. there was a large abscess underneath all the yuckiness, and now that he’s home, he won’t stop biting things and making a weird grunt? i have a video but i’m not too sure how to post it. anything helps thank you
  2. the boys

    rabbit biting bars

    Hi everyone havent posted for a very long time. I lost my fudge last year and adopted a bunny who is beautiful but aggressive hence why i cant free roam him. he has a cage attached to a pen. the vets love his space. my problem is he chooses to go into the cage and rag on the bars nothing I do...
  3. S

    Biting baby guinea pig

    Hello, I hope someone can give me some advice. I have a 13 week old Peruvian sow. I’ve had her for just over a month end she’s always been very hyperactive (even when I bought her home she was climbing the cage like a spider pig) Over the last 2 weeks she’s started frequently nipping (she’s...
  4. F

    Guinea pig drooling, a few strange changes in behavior, no major changes...teeth problems?

    Good day, everyone! I've been lurking on here for the past couple of years and this place has helped me immensely in raising my first guinea pig. He lived for six wonderful years until his passing in 2018. Now, my family recently bought me a new darling little guinea pig I named Horatio who I've...
  5. GuineaPlanets

    Should I permanently separate my Boars?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and as well as being a farely new Guinea Pig mom. I'm still trying to understand the behaviors but as I understood, it's recommended to separate Guinea Pigs if they draw blood. Well, I'm really hoping it doesn't have to come to that, but if it's for the better of my...
  6. Veggiepiggies

    Sudden change in behaviour... ptsd?

    Hi I’m quite new to this but I needed some advice on my guinea pigs. So bit of a backstory, I had two pigs but one sadly passed away, and a few months after I got another baby one. This baby one (now nearly 1) and my older (about 3 and a half) used to get on really well, until last week. Loca...
  7. N

    Guinea Pigs Just Began to Bully

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the community and I've had a couple of guinea pigs for a while now. They've always been very relaxed and fun to hold and play with, but just recently (in the last week or so) my long haired one has begun to bully and harm the short haired one and it's now showing scabs...
  8. Y

    3 boars - 10 months of fall outs HELP!

    This is a long story so I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible... I have 3 boars, one who is ~3 1/2 years old (Garf) and two others who are 1 3/4 years old (Ozzy and Ted). Originally Garf lived with another guinea pig who sadly died, so I got Ozzy and Ted to keep him company (this was about 1...
  9. Nattzzz

    Don’t touch my neck!

    Cinnamon hates his neck touched! If you even lay your finger under or near his neck he will bite you. I’ve had sooo many people get scared of him or think he’s a bad animal because they’ve touched his neck and he snapped (even after I warned them.. :doh:) He’s been like this since I’ve gotten...
  10. Alexemond97

    Boar bites my face

    Hi, Often, when I’m having lap time with my oldest guy, he seems to go crazy and starts « attacking » my face. He wheeks and comes running toward my face and tries to bite me. He always did that eversince he is young but I never understood why. I don’t think he hates me, because he will come see...
  11. Kirbs

    Guinea pig suddenly attacking the other.

    We bought two male 8 month old pigs around two months ago as they were adoption ones in Pets At Home. Up until now they’ve been fine; cuddling and playing. Yesterday morning we woke up to find one (Blueberry) hiding in the hay rack away from the other (Mr Muffin). I took him out to find out his...
  12. W

    Male Guinea Pigs Fighting

    I would really appreciate some advice regarding one of my male guinea pigs. I am a new guinea pig owner and I've been having issues with one of my male guinea pigs from day one. Just to get this out of the way, let me explain what their cage is like: the cage is 2.5 feet wide and 5 feet long...
  13. L


    so my big pig precious, who ive posted about before has started to bite and even draw blood. I will go to pet her and she'll let me pet her but if i move too fast she snaps around and nips me in the hand. recently i was holding her and my mother had my other pig sweet pea and was moving towards...
  14. GuineaPigNoob

    2 Guinea Pigs won’t get along!

    We used to have a guinea pig, but she got so lonely that we got another girl. Candy, the old one, was supposed to get along with Holly, the new one, but no. Holly litterly sticks her nose near Candy bottom and won’t stop after A MONTH. Candy is getting so annoyed and is biting Holly constantly...
  15. B

    Dominance or fighting?

    Hello! I am a new piggy owner! I currently have three male skinny pigs! Pig who is almost 4 months is in his own separate cage and Scotch and Char(Charcoal) are in their own catch and are 2-3 months old) Pig is in a large Living World Cage and Scotch and Char are in an XL Living World Cage. I...
  16. Tinychels

    Mom guinea pig fights with her two three month old daughters

    Hello! A while back, I've made a thread on my mom guinea pig Akira, who bit her son when he was one week old. I was told that it was normal, that it was just her way of "spanking" him and how she's the superior of the group. It's been a few months now since then, and I have Akira with her two...
  17. Helena001

    Did the bonding fail?

    I got a new 2 year old sow a month ago, I tried to follow a bonding guide, but apparently the bonding still failed. In the beginning the new sow kept chasing, cornering and biting my other sow. I thought it wasn't too serious because people warned me about it, but I recently found two wounds...
  18. NuggetPipey

    Nugget and Pipey's sensitive spot

    When I scratch Nugget or Pipey on the hindquarters, they both react different. Pipey screams, turns and tries to bite me, while Nugget purrs and rubs his face on the ground. Why do they wonder about their areas getting touched so much?
  19. honeybee<3

    How can I calm young guinea pigs while being held

    My guinea pig pumpkin is particularly bad for this. She is still young and fairly new but I've had her long enough that I need to clip her nails and take her from her cage from time to time for cleaning etc. However, she kicks and squirms so bad that I'm always scared she will jump and hurt...
  20. V

    urgent help! scab not healing even months after surgery

    Hi all, This is going to be a long one, but I'll try to keep it as short as possible. A few months ago, our guinea pig had a suspected abscess on her bum. Since it was too big to be drained, the vet decided to perform surgery. Keeping in mind that our vet works specifically with exotics, we...