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  1. teatime

    Relocation & Fighting

    Hi all - I’m hoping for some help. Last weekend (Apr 20th) I had to move my two male piggies’ cage to a different room in my house, and ever since then the more dominant one (French Fry) has been quite aggressive in his chasing and vocalizing towards his companion (Peanut). Background: I’ve had...
  2. Lunapxggies


    I’m at a loss with one of my pigs, I got her from an abusive situation where she was alone , not being fed and in a gross environment. I’ve tried to bond with her but I think she is too traumatized to bond with anyone( anytime i try to go near the cage (unless i have food) she runs away or tries...
  3. G

    Guinea pig being aggressive towards one person

    Hi, so I have two lovely female piggies who are about to turn 6 called Nutmeg and Pixie and another (called Dandelion) who sadly just passed away. I've had Nutmeg and Pixie since they were little and they get on well with each other and they love to sit on my lap and be cuddled (especially if I...
  4. B

    Do my pigs need to be separated?

    We rescued two boy piggies about four months ago. Generally they were fine until about a week ago where one of them (Troy) now is always rumble strutting and chasing the other (Atlas). He then mounts his head and potentially starts chewing his ears, although it’s hard to tell because Atlas ears...
  5. I

    Guinea Pig Biting when I pick her up.

    So, my guinea pigs are around 4 months old, and one of them has been biting me recently, it’s not like the nips she gives when feeding her, and she doesn’t bite hard enough to draw blood, but lately she’s been biting like she’s warning me. It happens specifically after I put her on my lap, and...
  6. N

    New Behaviour (Mounting)

    Hello, I have 2 boars, one 3 and one 2. We have recently moved home a month ago and they are in a new environment and a new slightly smaller cage (they were in a 3 X 4 c&c but now on a 2 X 4, I know it's minimum but it's temporary until I can build them a custom size). Anyway, today I have...
  7. M


    i bought a guinea pig from the pet store (nugget) to bond with my guinea pig i already owned (penny). the pet store sold me a pregnant pig so they lived together for two months before nugget gave birth. i had to separate them after nugget gave birth so she could nurse her pups and let them grow...
  8. Pohtaytur

    Biting Because I Invaded His Space?

    So, I just went to say hi to my pigs. Usually when I greet them I have a closed fist and they just come up to smell it. I had put my hand in front of Harold's hide first, which he didn't respond to, then to Henrietta's, and she came up to smell my hand. I put my hand in front of Harold's again...
  9. F

    Walks over and bites

    Hello, I'm new here. My wife the other day brought home three guinea pigs from the animal shelter. I have never had guinea pigs before but have raised other rodents. But the one guinea pig walks over and bites me all the time. I'm never messing with that one when he bites me. Usually he nibbles...
  10. Cheyenne_S

    Biting piggie

    Hello everyone! I have two guinea pigs: Odin (3y/o Rex, intact boar) and Woezel (2y/o Teddie, rescued intact boar). Odin has always been rather fidgety and impatient during lap time, while the other piggies that I've owned in the past were all very calm. He became calmer as he got older, but he...
  11. T

    Curious grudge

    Hello all! My husband and I have two boars who are approximately a year and a half to 2 years old.. they initially seemed bonded well.. we had to put them in a smaller enclosure than we wanted (probably too small) about 6 months after we got them because of some temporary changes in sleeping...
  12. L

    My 2 boars can't seem to get along anymore!

    I've had these guinea pigs for about 3 months now, I got the younger one first (Peanut) , and then a bit later I got a second one who was a few months older (Cashew). They are both under a year old and when I got Cashew, he was the submissive one, even though he was older. They really got...
  13. K

    Randomly biting at the New Guinea

    Hello, I recently got a new 5 week old guinea pig(cricket) and I already had a 6 month old (Poppy), I have introduced them in a neutral setting. Poppy has nipped at her, never hard enough to draw blood. She did it when she would try to take her food or go by her butt area. Poppy has started...
  14. D

    Piggy intentionally biting me, chewing on walls/etc

    I've been happy with my piggies and they are very healthy and getting everything they need. Even though both are unneutered boars but I've been convinced they're best buddies, haven't been fighting, they sleep in the same cuddle bed every night despite there being 10+ other different hideys...
  15. M

    Infection near penis in my baby boar

    hi, i took my pig to the vet because he has an infection near his genitals. there was a large abscess underneath all the yuckiness, and now that he’s home, he won’t stop biting things and making a weird grunt? i have a video but i’m not too sure how to post it. anything helps thank you
  16. the boys

    rabbit biting bars

    Hi everyone havent posted for a very long time. I lost my fudge last year and adopted a bunny who is beautiful but aggressive hence why i cant free roam him. he has a cage attached to a pen. the vets love his space. my problem is he chooses to go into the cage and rag on the bars nothing I do...
  17. S

    Biting baby guinea pig

    Hello, I hope someone can give me some advice. I have a 13 week old Peruvian sow. I’ve had her for just over a month end she’s always been very hyperactive (even when I bought her home she was climbing the cage like a spider pig) Over the last 2 weeks she’s started frequently nipping (she’s...
  18. F

    Guinea pig drooling, a few strange changes in behavior, no major changes...teeth problems?

    Good day, everyone! I've been lurking on here for the past couple of years and this place has helped me immensely in raising my first guinea pig. He lived for six wonderful years until his passing in 2018. Now, my family recently bought me a new darling little guinea pig I named Horatio who I've...
  19. GuineaPlanets

    Should I permanently separate my Boars?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and as well as being a farely new Guinea Pig mom. I'm still trying to understand the behaviors but as I understood, it's recommended to separate Guinea Pigs if they draw blood. Well, I'm really hoping it doesn't have to come to that, but if it's for the better of my...
  20. Veggiepiggies

    Sudden change in behaviour... ptsd?

    Hi I’m quite new to this but I needed some advice on my guinea pigs. So bit of a backstory, I had two pigs but one sadly passed away, and a few months after I got another baby one. This baby one (now nearly 1) and my older (about 3 and a half) used to get on really well, until last week. Loca...