bonding a sow

  1. Jeslubur

    Introducing a female guineapig

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for a bit of advice as we’ve had a situation with our boar pigs which has resulted in us having to separate one of them. We had three boars together and over the past month or so they’ve fallen out. I’ve deduced that they started to get territorial as they have reached...
  2. Effie&Winnie

    Introducing 8wk Sow To Two 4yr Old Bonded Sows

    Hi, looking for some friendly advice here. I have had my two sows for 4 years now and they have lived happily together since day one. This week, totally by surprise I found myself becoming 'piggy mother' to an 8 week old sow that needed a little tlc due to having her ears nibbled off by her...