1. Julia_P

    Bandages and Bumblefoot?

    Hello. I am new here although I have been lurking a long time. I have 9 guinea pigs and my oldest is Oscar. He is a 6 year old boar and has developed bumblefoot. I've kept piggies for around 30 years and only had one case before and that sadly was lethal. We have been to the vet and he has...
  2. a.hoover165

    I'm a new piggy owner and need help! Is this something to be worried about?

    S'mores used to be my niece's but she didn't care for her properly so she was given to me. When I got her she had growths on her front legs but I took her to a vet and she just trimmed them and said they weren't an issue. One of the growths was ripped off when Smores jumped off my lap this...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Suspected bumblefoot

    I returned home from a week's holiday yesterday (six hour drive 😭) and my two hooligans stayed with a friend as opposed to my nan after their recent hay poke adventures (my nan can't see if anything is in/near the eye). And I cannot fault how she's looked after them. Both look happy and if I'm...
  4. doodlecountry

    Bleeding Feet Pads

    I saw streaks of blood in the cage (c&c with fleece) and noticed that Layla’s heels seem to have been chafing against the fleece possibly? Her foot itself looks like it had been bleeding a bit but not much at all. What can I do to help disinfect and heal the skin on her feet?
  5. L


    Does my guinea pig have a foot problem, maybe bumblefoot? She’s been pregnant for a while now so I haven’t held her in a long time. Today I held her and while she was lying down, her back foot came up and I noticed a bump. I didn’t want to scare her by picking up her leg since she’s very...
  6. Raefire

    Does My Guinea Pig Have Bumble Foot?

    So, in my last thread I was explaining how I saw that one of my guinea pig's feet were really red. Signs Of Bumble Foot / Swollen Feet? So basically everyday when I come home from school, Cookie always kinda puts her baws on the little wire of her cage to come greet me and I took a look her...
  7. Raefire

    Signs Of Bumble Foot / Swollen Feet?

    So, I have two female guinea pigs one named Cookie, and the other Cream. Just about 45 minutes ago I was cleaning their cage and Cookie was running around the cage I was not cleaning at the time and I noticed her feet are reeaaally red. So, obviously I got concerned and since neither of them...
  8. katzintheclouds

    Bumblefoot In An Elderly Pig

    Hi everyone, My lovely piggie Martini is almost 6 years old and has been doing great except for a recent develoment of a sore thanks to bumblefoot. She's had some red paw pads but frequent litter changing has been helping. However I had surgery recently and now I have noticed that her right paw...
  9. ZoeCavyLover

    Foot Injury (please Help)

    My three year old male boar guinea pig scraped his foot. Its scraped at the top of the foot but I am worried it will get infected. I soaked the wound in warm water, dried it off, applied a very small amount of neosporin, wrapped it in gauze, and wrapped in vet wrap. I also changed his bedding...