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cage cleaning

  1. patnporridge

    Spot On treatment advice

    Hello! My vet has reccomended using Spot On for my two pigs. We’ve used it before and it seemed to help for a while but the mites are back. She’s suggested we try it 2 or 3 times with 2 weeks between each treatment. My question is this: we’ll treat our guinea pigs, but at which point of the...
  2. A

    Bonding help

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to get 4 baby sows for my 2 year old rescue boar. I just needed some advice on when it comes to adding them all to a cage after the (hopefully) successful bonding. I plan on using new fleece liners as well as new beds/hides/bowls/bottles/other accessories but just...
  3. A

    Low energy cage cleaning tips? For disabled prospective owner

    Hi folks! I've been thinking for a while about getting a pair of piggies. The possible barrier is I have chronic fatigue. Feeding and general care should be fine but I'm worried about reliably having the physical energy to keep their cage clean. Does anyone have advice on ways to keep the cage...
  4. kerry3383

    Hay mites :(

    Advice needed please! We have 2 girl guinea pigs around 2 or 3 (unsure as rehomed) & they have got hay mites! This is the second time they’ve had them, when we got them in February they came with the mites. We bathed them & put treatment on and thought that would be it but now we’ve noticed...
  5. S

    How to clean the cage when the guinea pigs are new and still scared?

    Hello! I have had my guinea pigs for 5 days now and they are still very reserved and won’t come out of their hide when I sit or stand too close to their cage. I have spot cleaned daily since I got them but now I need to clean out the entire cage. The problem is, as previously mentioned, that...
  6. oofitsnaomi

    Cage Clean w/ Scared Guinea Pigs?

    Hi:D I have to do a cage clean today. I have had my piggies for a week now and they are lovely but still very scared (they're still settling in.) I don't know how I am going to get them out of their cage to clean it. My mom suggested that we block of some of their cage and lure them to go into...
  7. CavyCanadienMom

    Advice for mites

    I have 2 boars and they just had their third and fourth round of revolution. This is my first time dealing with mites, vet is treating them for mites for now because all their signs point to that. Skin scrapping might be in future which I don’t want for them. I’m wanting advice on should I bath...
  8. Kevin_Haae

    How To Make Guinea Pigs Less Scared?

    So I got 2 guinea pigs a bit ago. I'm going to be very honest in this thread. I did a lot of research beforehand, but I didn't know their cage was too small until After I had bought them. I DO plan to get a bigger cage! I actually am going to make my own. But for now, I planned to just give them...
  9. J

    Poops Sticking To Fleece

    Hello, Ive owned 2 guinea pigs for about a year. I originally used fleece bedding but it was too difficult to clean the cage because the poop and hay kept sticking to the fleece.I had to switch over to paper bedding but now i want to give fleece another shot. I created a kitchen area so the hay...
  10. Danielle Smith

    Advice/experience On Cleaning Out A Large-ish Number Of Guinea Pigs

    I know many of our fine members here have herds on the larger side, or multiple small herds. I myself have 9 perma-pigs (a pair, a triple, and a quad) and 2 foster pigs. At the minute everyone is on fleece, but there's a problem... the sheer amount I use the washing machine! Each week I need to...
  11. Leah<3

    How Do I Set Up Fleace Bedding For My Piggies?

    hello, I’ve had my girls for nearly 3 weeks now and was using wood shavings for their cage but i want to start using fleece instead. Is that easier to keep clean? I’m home every day as I am unwell and signed off work so I’ll be able to clear the poop a few times a day. Iv heard there are...
  12. Dana95

    Fleece Bedding Tips

    So I was thinking of switching my boys to fleece and I've read pretty much every article about using fleece as bedding and I am sure they will love it. I am writing it here, because I would love to hear your tips if you're using fleece, or maybe even if I should use it at all(did it work for...
  13. Beans&Toast

    The Pigs Don't Appreciate A Clean Cage.

    I've come to the conclusion that Beans and Toast don't appreciate all my hard work of cleaning their cage. Today was fleece change day, I love when the cage has just been changed and everything looks perfect. Enter the pigs. They don't feel quite the same as I do about a tidy cage. This...
  14. Jesse's pigs

    Cage Question.

    Do you necessarily have to destroy a cage if a poorly piggy sadly passes away in it? I'm just curious especially with the unfortunate events my friend has had. Can you ever be totally sure that the cage is sterile? As I say this is just a query but I don't know what my friend is planning on...
  15. thethreeboars

    Best Cages For Bad Backs?

    Hello! So I am new here, we have three boar rescues, about 3/4 years old now. I am going to university in September therefore leaving my mother to look after my guinea pigs, however she suffers from a bad back. Through winter they are usually in an indoor C&C run, and through the summer they...
  16. Molly Isabella

    Cage Cleaning Routine

    Hello! So, I'm currently sorting out a new cleaning schedule as my current one has just not been working for me. (I have a secret addiction to planning routines after routines lol) I'd love to know your routines and how often you clean your piggies out etc. xoxo