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cage space

  1. Fluffy.Munsters

    Temporary housing of two piggies in a 140x60cm cage: how to maximize space

    Hi all, I hope you can help me. For some problems that I hope to be very temporary I have to move my two piggies Loki & Houdini in a Ferplast cage like this one, without the mezzanine and without the internal division so the available space is 140cm x 60cm (55" x 23"). How can I maxmimize the...
  2. skyhu

    Introducing a 3rd sow 🐹🐹🐹

    Hi all we currently have two 7 month old girls who live in a 2 story chartwell (in an insulated shed). My friend lost one of her two female pigs earlier this year and has asked us if we'd like her now lone 3 year old pig. My heart of course says yes, but my questions are: 1. I know they're...
  3. Lizzieejoyce

    Tunnels vs Runaround Space

    Hello you wonderful bunch! Is it better to put multiple tunnels in their hutch or fewer so they have room to run around? My 2 are in their pen with lots of tunnels/huts during the day. At night they are put into their hutch which has a ramp in the middle going up to the upstairs ‘bedroom’...
  4. adussiaQ

    Is this a good idea to make the cage bigger?

    Hello everyone! Over the past few months I’ve been saving money in order to re-do my piggies cages and set up. The c&c cage I currently have is an upgrade form the store bought cage I had which was under the minimum but at the time the only option. However, I’m not happy with the current cage...
  5. K

    Exercise Questions For Slightly New Pigs

    Hi everyone, I just had a few questions about guinea pig exercise and was wondering if anyone could weigh in. I recently adopted 2 guinea pigs in November, Nutmeg and Pumpkin. An american and an abby. Pumpkin is still a baby and has lots of cute happy energy. Nutmeg is also young and likes to...
  6. T

    Sizing Advice

    Hi gius! I'm wondering if anyone can help me out here with our current cage. We have a 2 x 5 CC cage with a 2 x 2 left on one side and a patio on the other. My boyfriend wanted to expand the cage and make it into an L shape. So he added more grids and it's now a 2 x 2 extension kinda thing. So...
  7. CW2211

    Are my piggies happy?

    Hi everyone, if you haven’t read any of my recent posts, I have just brought home 2 rescue girls on Sunday and so far I do think they have settled alright as they are eating, coming out of wherever they are hiding, and are allowing me to hand feed them (sometimes handle out of the cage but I...
  8. Robynnlouu

    Piggy Room!

    hey everyone! So Ive finally persuaded my dad to let me turn one of the spare rooms into a piggy room! but I'm looking for some ideas for how it can look! If anyone has any piggy rooms or large cages can i see them please! desperately need inspiration TIA!
  9. Toto18

    2 Or 3 Sows?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I haven't had guinea pigs for several years and have previously had at different times pairs of sows. However as I'm aware guinea pigs like to live in larger groups would it be better for me to get three rather than two this time? I have already ordered a 2x4 c&c cage...
  10. Louspiggs

    Cage Size?

    is a 2x5 (plus 1x3 second tier) big enough space for 2 boars?
  11. Louspiggs

    Boar Bonding

    i currently have 2 male guinea pigs in a 2x5 grid cage(plus a 1x3 upstairs). they are 13 weeks old and get on well being brothers. one of them is clearly more dominant. i am thinking about bringing in a 10 week old boar and i have a store bought cage that he can be kept in for a short while...