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c&c cages

  1. P

    Need Ideas For C&c Cage Cleanliness

    Hi Pig Parents, We just upgraded our two male piggies from two "typical" single-pig cages with all-litter bedding into a new medium-sized C&C cage with bedding only in the kitchen area. It has been a week now of daily cleaning in the "carpeted" area and I am regretting this move. Have been...
  2. TheLottiediarys

    How Do Two Story C & C Cages Work?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of ways to minimise space in the animal room and remembered lots of you have seperate pairs/groups of Pigs on seperate stories of C &C cages, What I'm wondering is how do you secure the two floors so that it's safe? I've used a loft in the past but that seems a little...
  3. B

    C&c Cage Extension - Sharing/ Finding Big Pieces Of Corex (1420 X 2500mm) Around Cambridge Area?

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can get single sheet corex that's 1420 x 2500mm, or, is anyone around Cambridge thinking of making a C&C extension/new piggie house, and fancy going shares? Basically, I'm planning to expand my boys' indoor enclose over xmas. My C&C cage is 6x2 grid squares...
  4. Atalia

    Fleece And C&c Cages

    Hi! I would like to make a different changes for my guinea pigs. As you can tell from the title I would like to switch to fleece and possibly get c&c cages. If any of you use these feature for your guinea pigs. Please leave me suggestions, pros and cons, and any tips! I would like to hear it...