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drinking issues

  1. court29x

    Both my guinea pigs aren’t drinking?

    For the past 2 days my guinea pigs haven’t drank anything from their water bottle? They are both lively, playing, eating just not drinking? I’ve just ran out of hay so they didn’t have much yesterday but I’m on my way out now to get some..they’ve had some grass and red pepper and devoured the...
  2. Squishymoth

    Hair Ball? Not Eating Strange Breathing

    on Sunday night I took my guinea pig Warp to an emergency vet, because he was not eating, drinking or moving from his spot in the corner, he also suddenly had rough dirty looking hair and receded eyes. None had the know how to do anything but provide some fluids and antibiotics. On Monday...
  3. Jade&co

    Not Drinking As Usual

    My pig Bradley has always been a big drinker and super animated and happy in his cage (and out). Recently he had a behaviour change and is more subdued. I don't know what happened but this post is more regarding his lack of water consumption... Any tips to increase the likelihood of his...
  4. PeggyandNancy

    New Baby Guineas Not Drinking Water

    Hi everyone I've had two new piggies (about 9 weeks old) for a week now and they don't appear to be drinking water. I've tried giving them a bowl but they just throw stuff in it (including poops) and even changing that every chance I could didn't seem to help. I've given them as watery...
  5. bumbling-bambi

    Otherwise Healthy Pig Started Drinking A Lot?

    So I obsessively check my two boys each day for any signs of illness or injury when I groom them each day (long haired piggy struggles!) and thanks to not only the lovely members of this forum but also the members of the Guinea Pig Advice and Support group on Facebook I'm confident that I can...
  6. Helen Michelle

    Any Advice On Getting Skinnies To Drink From Water Bottle?

    Skinnies are settling in nicely. Need some advice on getting them to drink from bottle rather than bowl? Never had this issue before with my other piggies - not sure if it's just a skinny pig thing....
  7. katiejanerevill

    Drinking Issues

    Hi everyone, not sure if this thread is in the right section or not, sorry if it's not! I got a new piggie on Sunday, (it's now Tuesdayn) my piggie is very shy and timid, the previous owner said he was extremely friendly and likes to bury himself, at the minute he barely comes out of his...