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  1. Z

    Emergency help please

    Hello everyone, I am gonna start by saying we DO have a vet appointment. Unfortunately they can’t get him in until tomorrow because the small animal vet is out of town, but I’m waiting to see if they’ll squeeze in him sooner for an emergency visit. But I’d like to vent so stress and get input in...
  2. L

    Piggy emergency? Falling over?

    PLEASE if anyone has any advice, something is wrong with my guinea pig McDude. He was laying on top of one of those wooden bridges today and he started falling asleep. You know when you fall asleep sitting up and fall over? That's what he did. His eyes started closing as he leaned to his side...
  3. Olivitree

    Urgent! barely responsible piggy, some bloating, absolute refusal to eat or drink

    Hey folks. Swirl, about 2 years old, has come down with something very rapidly. I rushed her to the vet, vet mostly stumped, said she was bloaty, gave her some meds for that, some pain killers and fluid under the skin. Checked her teeth and temperature, mostly fine, said her breath smelled kind...
  4. Angelina_97866

    Bereaved Guinea Pig

    My 4 year old boar (Rhubarb) has recently been bereaved (3 days ago) and his health appears to be deteriorating rapidly. I’m in holiday right now and have been for 2 weeks and I won’t be getting back for another 4 days. My pigs have been with a paid pig sitter and she has told me that...
  5. Angelina_97866

    Guinea pig bleeding from bum area

    My male boar has suddenly started bleeding from his urinary area. I’m very worried as it’s quite a lot of blood. What should I do to help apart from take him to the vet which hopefully I can do asap?
  6. B

    Pooping "blood clots"?

    This morning, I went to check up on my male guinea pig and noticed he hadn't eaten and food. When I picked him up, I noticed a little blood, but was unable to locate the source of the issue. I feed him some critical feed and checked his cage for blood, which I was unable to find. Assuming that...
  7. C

    Impaction or Injury?

    So just to star, I just got home from college so I have not been home in a month and I went to see my Guinea pigs (both male), and I noticed one wasn’t walking on his back legs just hopping and his back leg was sticking out a lot. He had a huge lump in the back towards his left hind leg so I...
  8. x_x

    Not eating on baytril

    Patches, my guinea pig, was recommended some baytril for red urine, as in possible UTI. The vet did not know much about what was to be done as I am in India and you rarely find guinea pigs here. After baytril he said no probiotics were needed. I gave Patches the medicine Thursday night and on...
  9. M

    Guinea pig metacam dose

    Hi everyone, I’ve posted about my guinea pig tony before, hes been losing a lot of weight and the vet can’t find the cause despite doing a lot of different tests. They’re going to refer me to a specialist but in the mean time have given me metacam as he seems to be in pain. He’s barely eating...
  10. C

    Emergency? dying piggie

    Hi just adopted my piggie Cosmo only 2 days ago. Since he got home he’s been scratching and biting himself. I thought it was mites so I treated with ivermectin, small improvement but still itching. Now, he’s given out discharge through his nose, refusing to eat much, very lethargic and laying...
  11. aycabuyuker

    Requrrent Bladder Stone

    Hi everyone, i have a big immeadiate problem with my guinea pig. He is 3,5 years old, had a stone in his bladder and stone was surgically removed. But just two weeks later now he has a bladder stone again!😔 The stone removed was 8 mm. The second stone, which is newly formed in 2 weeks, is 7...
  12. Guineapigs33


    I recently got Guinea pigs about 2 weeks ago. One seems perfectly healthy and the other seemed healthy for the most part when we first got her. We noticed one of her ears had no fur but her other ear did. Her ear was super red but it’s calmed down a lot since we’ve had her (one of her ears still...
  13. G

    Extremely malnourished piggy with potential scurvy

    Hello, I have gotten my hands on an extremely malnourished pig. I can see all his bones and he was very weak up until last night when he was given fresh veggies and vitamin C. He is in good care now and is is higher spirits however I am extremely concerned about his weight. he has access to...
  14. AppleandTwig

    Mute or Sick Guinea Pig?

    Hi one of my Guinea pigs recently passed away, his partner never really made much sounds. But after the passing we realized his partner didn’t make sounds at all, other then the occasional chatter after his friends death. It’s been about 2 weeks and we are still searching for a new home...
  15. selink

    Possible blood in pee?

    Hello everyone,
  16. P

    Emergency care - Vet unsure if bloat/URI or both

    Hi. I've read many posts on this forum but this is the first post I've made myself. I'd appreciate some advice for my little teddy-rex (imaginatively named Teddy) whom I've been nursing her for the past couple of days. When we checked on her a couple of days ago she was lethargic and struggling...
  17. Piggymum22

    Please help!

    Emergency please help 🙉 So after 2 years of owning boars this has never once happened to me and thought it was some kind of myth, my poor little boar has fallen victim to a dreaded glue incident 🤦‍♀️😭 Went to bed last night and piggies were absolutely fine, woke up this morning and they seem to...
  18. P

    Abdominal Mass

    Hello. This is extremely hard to write, but my little baby Pumpkin went in for a vet recheck today (she was not eating due to having a bad reaction to Baytril, but she's eating now) and the vet felt a mass on her abdomen. We aren't exactly sure of the location, but the assistant told us it was...
  19. liyahjane

    Help Emergency !

    Hello! Around two weeks ago i went to get a guinea pig (only got one) for the last day he hasn’t been acting like his self such as staying in his hideouts for long periods of times, laying down often, and not responding to food as he usually does for example, he’s not running to the cage door...
  20. Jesse's pigs

    Blocked bladder?

    What are the symptoms of a blocked bladder? My boy Steve is crying when weeing/pooing again and this time I see traces of blood. Now I'm taking him in tomorrow but I'm fretting about a blocked bladder. Never seen blood before and at the moment when I'm observing does not seem to be big puddle...