1. Finn-Bendle

    Hooting - heart or URI?

    I've just started hearing loud hooting coming from the cage. I've watched her for a few hours and she only does this when eating or bending over to scratch herself. I have checked thoroughly; there is no discharge around the eyes and nose, she is very active, eating fine and I can't hear a thing...
  2. meatloaf

    Emergency Blood in poop, help needed

    Hi there, I just joined this forum to see if I could get any opinions on what is wrong with Meatloaf. She's about 5 1/2 years old and last week we noticed blood in her cage. Originally we thought it was a UTI because it seemed like it was in her pee, but the next day it looked like it was coming...
  3. T


    My guinea pig had a hole under his chin. It keeps leaking pus with a bad odor and scabbing. I cant afford a vet visit right now and i’m not sure what to do. it won’t go away and i’m not sure how to clean it or make it heal. Please help! Any answers are appreciated.
  4. O

    Urgent help + advice needed! Guinea pig wheezing after surgery

    My 2 year old boy was neutered this afternoon. When we got back (about 6:30), I syringe fed him some critical care to make sure his gut was moving and then left him to recover for 2 hours. He seemed ok and was eating a bit of hay and sleeping mostly. However, when I got him out to do another...
  5. I

    Emergency, need help!

    So I’m new to owning guinea pigs .. I got clementine on Saturday and Oreo on Sunday. I got home a few hours ago and I went straight to check on them. I went to get them out and play with them and feed them and clementine, like always, let me take her out .. oreo was a little difficult today so I...
  6. 8

    Skinny pig too skinny need help ASAP

    I have 5 piggies and all of them are healthy and normal looking except my skinny he is too skinny and I’m sooooo very worried he has a big healthy looking belly but you can see his ribs and hips he eats more than the rest of my piggies but still looks so skinny and I don’t know why and I don’t...
  7. P

    Emergency-blood in urine

    I was on the bed with my guinea pig, when she peed red. She peed again and it was an even brighter red. I'm really worried. We have a vet appointment tomorrow at 5pm but I'm really scared that this might be something serious. Please help.
  8. C

    Emergency EMERGENCY Septicemia!

    Is there any treatments i can do, the vet is not an option right now ): i dont know what to do and shes passing
  9. R

    Piggy seems quite sick, need advice quickly!

    I know the first thing everyone will say is take them to the VET, i will explain why i'm having issues with this. I've had 2 young piggies for around a month now, within the first couple of days i noticed one of them was highly energetic and twitchy, sneezing, lazy eyes (squinting a lot, just...
  10. KaylaT4403

    Help! I’m really concerned!

    My Guinean pig Luna has been very off as of yesterday. She hasn’t come out, she stays in her bed and I don’t know if she’s eaten or drank anything. I fed her a few pieces of hay but she wouldn’t eat the pellets or lettuce. She’s breathing heavily to where you she see her stomach area move. She...
  11. Jesse's pigs


    Hiya this is regarding my beloved Steve and I'm very very worried. I've only just lost Mo and I refuse to lose another guinea pig. So Steve, seemed fine like literally an hour ago. I actually had him out and cleaned his penis shaft from some smegma. Skip to half nine and I decided to clean them...
  12. P

    C section or wait?

    Hello All, I have a pregnant sow (who we rescued) after we took her in, we started suspecting she is pregnant. She gained near to 100-150gms since the past 30-40 days. The main problem with this pregnancy is the fact that we do not know the fetus age. We've had 2 vet visits during her...
  13. PiggiesAndPaws

    Guinea Pig 3rd Severe Stroke - Please Help!

    Hi there, my guinea pig has been having strokes since September and I really have no idea what to do! I can’t take him to the vets because they’re all closed, he’s paralysed and can only move his front two paws slightly, he’s still pooping but he looks like he’s dead. I know that he’s still...
  14. A

    Red eye?

    My Guinea pig has one eye thats suddenly red around the edge and swollen. Is it an infection? How do i treat it?
  15. T

    HELP! How quickly do symptoms of poisoning present themselves?

    My grandad just gave my three piggies two leaves each, he days they were dandelion, however his eyesight is very bad so we're worried he's given them something else by mistake. How quickly do symptoms appear and what do I do if they do?
  16. Prasiddha

    Specialist My guinea pig suffering with URI - please help with diuretic dosage emergency

    Hi friends, As most of you all know fluffy had unexpected back to back pregnancy which made her a weak and sick piggy. I love her so much. She was initial prescribed for Septran (Bactrim) for congestion 10 days back. Due to these unexpected pregnancies her weight is also very low. Only 520 GMs...
  17. GuineaPigger

    Sick Guinea Pig - Emergency!

    My guinea pig is having breathing problems, as we are experiencing a bout of pneumonia. We thought that it was over, but today she started showing very serious symptoms, mainly that she is heavily heaving and clicking when breathing. I am worried that she will not last the night. We have given...
  18. G

    Help! Very Sick Guinea Girl

    Something is very wrong. My Ava girl is about 6 months old and has not had any problems until recently. I took her in to a small animals vet because she was coughing and then wheezing. They Took an x-ray but said that it was inconclusive. The doctors best guess was that she was suffering from...
  19. T

    Poorly Piggy

    My piggy isn't moving eating or drinking, or making any noise, he was fine this morning but as I came home from college my mum found him in isn't cage limp, she thinks it was fighting with my other pig, she separated them and he is still in the same state he is moving more but still not much, I...
  20. FairyOlivia

    Going Blind

    Around four years ago I got three female guinea pig sisters. Two have had zero health issues but Fairy has always had trouble with her eyesight. She has always coped relatively well with a little help from myself but since last week I have noticed a big change in her. On Thursday I noticed...