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  1. teatime

    Relocation & Fighting

    Hi all - I’m hoping for some help. Last weekend (Apr 20th) I had to move my two male piggies’ cage to a different room in my house, and ever since then the more dominant one (French Fry) has been quite aggressive in his chasing and vocalizing towards his companion (Peanut). Background: I’ve had...
  2. D

    Happier alone?

    Hi all. 👋🏼 I posted previously about one of my boys nipping the other and drawing blood. They settled down immediately after that and all has been quiet, however I have been on super high alert watching their behaviour since then. It seems like dominant pig is using the sub pig’s bed as his...
  3. K

    Guarding hay

    I have three guinea pigs, two sows (3 and 4 years old) and one neutered boar (4 years old). The youngest 3 year old sow has suddenly become territorial, and is sleeping on and guarding all the hay. I use guineadad hay boxes, so tried to add a second box on the opposite end of their cage, but...
  4. cinnamon7

    make guinea pigs fought now one of them is bleeding

    my guinea pig jumped into the other cage, and they both jumped onto eachother now one of my guinea pigs have a cut on his mouth and it doesn’t close
  5. L

    Trio Of Boars Not Working Out - Post Separation Advice Needed

    Hi all! First time posting so hopefully this is the right place. I stumbled upon the separation guide and found it quite useful! I have 3 boars that were a few weeks old when I purchased them (bad advice from the shop otherwise would have gotten 2) and they are now 6 months old. I have had to...
  6. K

    boars fighting

    hi, 6 months ago we got two male guinea pigs, they were bonded and happy together the whole time. unfortunately though we recently lost one of them, leaving whiskers to be a single 9/10 month old so, we got a new young male who is about 12 weeks old. today we tried to introduce them and it...
  7. toodledoodler

    When/if to separate?

    Hello fellow piggie-lovers, I recently posted a thread alike this one, but things have changed since then. My two 12-week-old and 13-week-old guinea pigs just do not seem to get along. Freddie (dominant) just won't leave Wilbur alone sometimes. I also notice that WIlbur gets a bit annoyed when...
  8. toodledoodler

    Do my piggies not get along?

    Hello! I recently got my second pair of piggies, they're around 3 months old and brothers. Their names are Wilbur and Freddie, and I absolutely adore them. However, I am worried they aren't getting along great. My previous pair got along great and never had any issues, but this time around it's...
  9. M


    i bought a guinea pig from the pet store (nugget) to bond with my guinea pig i already owned (penny). the pet store sold me a pregnant pig so they lived together for two months before nugget gave birth. i had to separate them after nugget gave birth so she could nurse her pups and let them grow...
  10. G

    2 Male Brothers Fighting

    Hi All, This is my first post and asking for advice. I have two male guinea pigs (8 months old approx) and these are the first two guinea pigs I've owned. They have a living area with plenty of space, two bowls, two water bottles, plenty of hay and plenty of places to hide such as little guinea...
  11. B

    Fighting and separation anxiety?

    Hello, I have been trying to find a friend for my male (~2.5 year old) piggie, Casper. I found a sweet/troublemaker skinny pig and they did fairly well with introductions at the shelter, so we decided to try a foster-to-adopt. I started slow, switching dishes and hideouts then put them together...
  12. F

    Guinea pig intro not going well...?

    Recently we got a new piggie (a few months old) as a friend for our older one (about 1.5 years old). They are both males. We quaranteed him for ~2 weeks, then tried to introduce him today. We don't have a separate pen to introduce him so we tried to use the older one's cage and make it as...
  13. M

    My newly introduced guinea pigs are fighting. Please help!

    Hi, please help me to understand how I should best bond my two pigs. I have researched as much as I can, but seem to get conflicting reports online and I’d really just like advice. I adopted my first pig (female, 2 years), who had been living alone for most of her life with her previous owner...
  14. Pemberleypiggies

    Help! 2 Boars constantly fighting, but no blood drawn

    Hi guys! I rescued two skinny pigs from a local rescue in February. They are going to be two years old in July. I know that boys can be aggressive with each other, but I’m having a hard time determining if what I’m seeing warrants separating. One is specifically the bully, and the other never...
  15. lauryn1289

    Just looking for some additional advice about fighting boars

    I posted a couple of days ago about two of my boys Ollie and Bobby who were bonded and living happily together suddenly fighting and how I was separating them at night and when I was away out of fear of them hurting eachother when I wasn’t there (which I realise now wasn’t the best thing to do.)...
  16. lauryn1289

    Any advice for piggies that have suddenly started fighting?

    Sorry in advance for the long post! I posted here a few months ago about how my boy Rico passed away suddenly and I panicked and adopted 2 boys for his friend Kip. It literally happened on the same day because I was so distraught about Kip being lonely for any amount of time at all and just...
  17. moodysuzy

    Ongoing boar woes

    It seems our boar issues are never-ending. After the passing of one of our boys a year ago, we sent our remaining boy (prawn) to go dating at a local rescue centre. He came away paired with a lovely big boss boy (goose). They’ve been together 4 months now and until recently got on fine. Goose...
  18. B

    Separated pigs due to fighting

    We had two guinea pigs, 2 girls. 1 died then we got a neutered boy. The rescue shelter said his temperament and age would be a good fit. Introduced them slowly over 6 weeks since boy was recently neutered and it was the advice given, scent swapping and so on. Had them in the same room but...
  19. thepiggies

    Hostile boar

    Hello, my herd of four has been introduced for about a month now, and they had been fine. I have my guinea pigs in my bedroom so this morning I woke up to very loud squeaking, some squeaks shrill. I got up to check on them and Bunny - the (neutered) boar and leader - was chasing my three girls...
  20. jennag446

    Sick piggie being bullied

    Hi! My name is Jenna, and I have three female piggies. I moved houses a couple of weeks ago which has put a little stress on the pigs. A few days ago, I noticed that one of them, Mini, wasn’t eating. Today we took her to the vet and found out she has gi stasis. She’s lost a lot of energy. Keep...