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foot problem

  1. M

    My vet says it's fine, but to me looks inflamed and painful - Piggie foot (bumble foot?)

    Hi, My poor lonely piggie (cage mate passed away - but we have just applied for a new piggie adoption! :D ), has a red patch on his hind leg. A year ago, it was smaller. I put Sudocrem and when I am diligent doing it every day, it seems to calm down. But it never goes away. Background info...
  2. GaryNibbler_Pigs

    Dry Flakey Skin & Hair Loss on top of foot

    Hi all, I'm new here so please let me know if I've posted in the wrong section etc. I've noticed a small patch of hair loss on my guinea pigs top of foot. The skin looks dry and flakey. Any ideas what might be the cause? Extra info: these are indoor pigs, their cage is fully cleaned and...
  3. kerry3383

    is this bumble foot or something else?

    *I’ve got a vet appt in a few days anyways but still wanted some opinions!* does this look like the beginning of bumble foot or something else? guinea pigs feet look red & irritated! back paws have red irritated patch towards the ‘heel’ of paws & the front paws are really quite swollen and a...
  4. kerry3383

    are these foot spurs ?

    need to attach photo but there’s no option? looked at other posts that ask about attaching photos and they have an option on replies but i don’t?
  5. Z

    Possible Satin Pig?

    Hello! Just wanted to drop a quick question and find out how guinea pigs are diagnosed as Satin? Is it a blood or medical test or simply by the look of the fur? My 1year old Rex keeps hurting her feet (a front on once and a the same back one twice) and I’m worried about whether this is simply...
  6. C

    Swollen and bruised foot

    My guinea pig recently hurt his foot while pulling himself over his play pen ( I was supervising but had my back turned for a couple seconds) he twisted his foot in one of the bars and I instantly took his foot out, when I put him down he was limping. 30 mins or more later he started to put his...
  7. K

    Guinea Pig Swollen Toe

    Hi there. My guinea pig over the past two days has developed a largely swollen toe on his front paw. I am including a picture with this post. With everything going on, I was hesitant to call the vet right away and wanted to see if I could do my own research. I came across information that said...
  8. Rachel1234510

    What's going on with this foot?

    Hey all. I noticed one of our pigs has got a bit of a crusty growth on one of her feet. She had had enough by the time I got a photo of this one so I couldnt inspect the other. Any suggestions? We use Aubiose in the cage and I have been wondering if it may be too tough on their feet.
  9. Cavykaiya

    My Guinea Pig has a scab on his foot!

    Is this normal? Both of my Guinea pigs have it! My friend who is a Guineas pig breeder said, it’s just from them grooming themselves. Also they are both fairly young. So, I know that means they are more susceptible to diseases. It is definetly not bumblefoot.It doesn’t quite look like a spur...
  10. CharliePig

    Little Black scab looking thing on my Piggie's foot

    Hello, my Guinea pig has a small black scab looking thing at the top of his toenail, where it meets the foot. I have gently cleaned it, put a little Neosporin on it, and cleaned up his cage. I'm worried that it is an infection. Is there a way to clean it better or take care of it? I've heard of...
  11. E

    Foot problem?

    I was looking at my pig and I noticed that her foot was very dark compared to her other feet. I am concerned of what it could be.
  12. L


    Does my guinea pig have a foot problem, maybe bumblefoot? She’s been pregnant for a while now so I haven’t held her in a long time. Today I held her and while she was lying down, her back foot came up and I noticed a bump. I didn’t want to scare her by picking up her leg since she’s very...
  13. BenjiAndButtons

    Strange Behaviour

    Hi All! Benji just confused us a little. I put him down on the floor for his run, and he was walking around fine and suddenly he stopped, held his front foot in the air until i approached him, he then walked off but was looking like he didn't want to put much weight on his right hand side. I...
  14. Raefire

    Does My Guinea Pig Have Bumble Foot?

    So, in my last thread I was explaining how I saw that one of my guinea pig's feet were really red. Signs Of Bumble Foot / Swollen Feet? So basically everyday when I come home from school, Cookie always kinda puts her baws on the little wire of her cage to come greet me and I took a look her...
  15. katzintheclouds

    Bumblefoot In An Elderly Pig

    Hi everyone, My lovely piggie Martini is almost 6 years old and has been doing great except for a recent develoment of a sore thanks to bumblefoot. She's had some red paw pads but frequent litter changing has been helping. However I had surgery recently and now I have noticed that her right paw...