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  1. K

    Hair and Nail Care

    We've had our 2 girls since January and we're still working on hand taming. We can feed them and give a chin scratch at the same time, but not quite allowed to touch them anywhere else or pick them up. They could both do with a nail trim, but Eevee is long haired and I've noticed matting, so...
  2. lauryn1289

    Should I be worried about one patch of fur?

    Hi all, I noticed my boy Ollie has a patch of shorter/thinned hair on his back. Doesn’t seem inflamed, bleeding or flaky etc. He’s eating fine and no weight changes, still 1.1kg. Still as devilish and cunning as ever and evil as ever, nearly got mauled trying to weigh him. I had a piggy who was...
  3. princessnico

    Dry, bald patch?

    Hello! I’ve recently adopted a young guinea pig. She is 1 or 2 months old. She eats well, and plays. When I first got her though, I noticed a darker looking patch of fur underneath her right ear. Now, a week later. The spot has no hair, and it looks rather dry/flaky. It is about the size of a...
  4. jlai928

    Crusty bit of fur on Guinea pig back?

    My Guinea pig has developed a crusty bit of fur on his back ... I'm not sure if it's fungal or just from the heat (currently we've got a heat wave in the UK). Never happened before and his behaviour is unchanged. Perhaps he's a bit grumpier than usual snapping at the other pigs but that could...
  5. Y

    Dirty/ stinky

    I let my guinea pig run around my room and my room is carpet floors and my room stinks and what I’m going to do to solve this is potty train my guinea pig and get a air purifier but I don’t know how to get the fur out of the carpet, what air purifier should I get and how should I get the fur out...
  6. Pig & Pymble

    Unusual smelling neck fur

    I have noticed that my 2.5 year old boar Pymble’s hair smells strange on the back of his head and round his neck. I was thinking it might be to do with the laundry, but his brother doesn’t smell and it also doesn’t go further than his ‘collar’ area. Could this be an indicator of something more...
  7. B

    How to remove oinment from fur

    My sister's guinea has an eye ulcer, therefore we have to apply ointments and gels on her little eye 10 times a day for two weeks! The application has been incredibly difficult, at first we (and the vet) failed miserably as Gogo did everything to keep us from putting the ointments in her eye...
  8. W

    My mum is allergic to the pigs fur and hay

    My mum has been struggling with allergies. She's taking medication and it's not working so unless I find a solution I don' know what will happen with the pigs living indoors. The main problem seems to be fur and smaller bits of hay accumulating in the washing machine after a blanket wash. I keep...
  9. Tinychels

    Dry Scalp? Possible mites?

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well during this crisis. My piggie Ruby scratches herself every now and then - like any piggie would. She wouldn’t scratch herself to the point where it’s excessive and she would cut herself. I did however checked on her and saw that she seems to have dry...
  10. M

    Tree Sap Resin Coming From Inside my Guinea Pigs' Newly Built Wooden Cage?

    Hello, Me and my fiance recently built a homemade wooden cage for our little spuds but since the cage is made out of raw wood, it would seem to be leaking resin in one specific spot in the cage. This is a concern because I had found multiple locks of fur in the resin recently after cleaning the...
  11. Posie&Coco

    Concerned about piggy fur

    Hello 👋 I’m a new Guinea Pig owner so I’m not sure if I’m worrying unnecessarily but today I spotted black specks on my Dutch piggy, Coco’s white fur. They brushed off easily and I checked the rest of her fur and found what looked like nits attached to the black hairs of her hind legs (these...
  12. Pxhione

    Weird brown lump on boars bottom?

    Hey! This is Harley, he's a gorgeous 1.5 year old boar. He gets weighed and health checked every 2 days and has great owners (if I do say so myself!) he was nutuered on the 3rd of May 2019 and his scars healed great with no issues. When doing his weekly hairtrim today I noticed a slight matt and...
  13. S

    Grease gland

    Hi guys 👋🏻 Recently we lost one of our guinea pigs leaving our other one lonely and honestly really down, so we made the decision to get two new buddies for him pretty soon afterwards. I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or not but I like to get the two pups out and give them a good check over...
  14. toodledoodler

    UGRENT: dog got to Guinea pig

    Hello, my dog Panda was unattended and my mum was supposed to watch that he didn’t get to my guinea pigs but failed - Morgan is fine but Panda was chasing Bumble. Bumble got terrified, naturally, both my mum and I searched him for injuries but he seems to have no visible damage, although the...
  15. Rennac

    Help ,i'm scared about my guinea pig's fur

    So ,my girlfriend gave me this guinea pig on November 2017 and since then i've been taking good care of him since he's my first pet. I always researched on the internet before doing anything to him ,from food to actions. And then today i looked at him and he had this brownish stain where his...
  16. linnyk

    Ripping Out Her Fur

    I have a 5-6 month old female guinea pig. I got her from a woman with really young children because she was afraid they were handling her too roughly. I had her alone for a while, until I could find her a friend, which I have had with her for about two days so far, they seem to like each other...
  17. W

    Will She Be Okay?

    I was cuddling with my peruvian guinea pig Bubbles and a small bit of her fur got stuck on a part of my phone case (it is poor quality and the glue isn't strong anymore). She made a small pain noise and that small bit of fur came out. She's doing fine now. Nothing will happen right?
  18. W


    I have two girls, an american (Nymeria) and a peruvian (Bubbles). Nymeria loves it when I pet her and I when I rub her cheeks in both directions. I some times fluff her fur in the other direction, just around the head and she doesn't seem to mind it and is relaxed. I read that it is bad to do...
  19. Lunaandmaggie

    Hair Ripped

    So I came home after being at a friends house and my oldest piggie looks like she was eating the hairs off her but should I be concerned?
  20. Strawb

    Flakey Skin And Bald Patches!

    Hey guys, if in doubt I'm always looking on here for advice but this time I can't find anything like what my pig has so help would be appreciated! His name is Tails, he's a 3 year old Rex and for a good year and a half/2 years he's had hair loss patches on his lower back/hind, his fur will either...