1. W

    Guinea pig bite

    Today my guinea pig bit me. They usually do but today a little drop of blood came, it was not too bad. Bad can it cause any disease ? Since they are not vaccinated as i read on internet that guinea pigs don't need vaccination and the pet shop owner said the same. What should i do? Ignore or go...
  2. D

    Guniea pig dry skin

    So my Guinea Pig has a small area around his lower stomach that is loosing hair making it bald. I'm not sure what it is but it is flakey so I'm assuming its dry skin.
  3. Avior

    One of our two piggies died a few days ago, what should we do?

    A few days ago, one of our pigs, buttons, died due to old age. A peaceful death in her sleep. Our remaining pig, doughnuts, has been moved to another cage because we feared that if we put her back in the old one without her sister, she might give up. I know a lot of people say to get another...
  4. K

    Need Some Advice for a New Pig Owner

    Hey everyone! I have two piggies. One is about 3 months and the other is about 5. They were hesitate to like each other at first but are now the best of friends. They do everything together. I got the 3 month old first and didn’t get the second until after she was off of her medicine because I...
  5. M

    My piggie is suddenly very sick

    He hasnt touched his food bowl. He feels very limp. He keeps having these little spasms and i can hear him wheezing. Hes about 3-4 years old and ive never seen a day where he hasn't ate. He had some white discharge in his eyes also and some bloody snot on his nose I'm really worried.
  6. Y

    Hay- replaced

    Hey, I have a question: I bought 2 pounds of hay two weeks ago and put them in a cage. There was plenty more left of him. The question is, should it be replaced, or can it be left to them? Thanks
  7. Y

    Scary guinea pig

    Hey, I bought pigs two weeks ago. They're still scared of me ... I tried the tips you offered me: Cover the cage, feed it ... What else can you do?
  8. S

    Splitting my boars up :(

    Hey guys ! we recently how to take our slightly younger pig around 6 months to vet as he was limping ! So he was on medicine for a week and we was told to separate him from our slightly older 8 montj old male guinea pig ! They was in the same cage but had a divider so they could still see each...
  9. S

    2 new pigs not getting on so well!

    Hey guys We have just moved in our new home and decided to get 2 new pigs for us ! We was told there are 2 months between them but was also told they are from same litter ! From pets at home ! Anywhooo ! We had a normal cage but noticed they didn’t have a lot of space and one of them ( we...
  10. M

    New piggy owner and a little confused

    Hiya :) so two weeks ago I adopted two male, rosette pigs at around 7 weeks old (they're absolutely lovely!) This is the first time I've had my own and did as much research I could before bringing the boys home; the first week all was fine, getting used to the new surroundings and me of course...
  11. Y

    Behavioural Issue with trio of male pigs HELP!!

    We are having issues with a trio of male guinea pigs that we purchased around a month ago (14 weeks old) and looking to get some advice. For some background: They were all purchased together and came from the same breeder however 2 of the pigs are continually attacking the other with one fight...
  12. T

    What could this be

    Found this on guniea pig today,his brother died this morning so want to know if should get this one checked too .
  13. Nikolapalak

    Guinea pigs and a rabbit

    Hi all, I’ve got two guinea pigs and I was just wondering if it’s ok to get a rabbit as well? Of course I wouldn’t keep them in the same cage or close to each other, they would literally only be in the same flat. I wouldn’t let them be with each other at all. Are there any risks with them...
  14. T

    Any opinon of why my guinea pig does this?

    Hiya :3, i am just curious about this behavior my guine pig does as he is the only guinea pig ive had ever do this. As you can see in the photo my gray guinea pig Ares (after the greek god) enjoys sitting on top of the tunnel. Its quite cute and amusing because he will just walk over to the...
  15. Alexandra West

    Rock Salt Lamps and Piggies?

    A few days ago I purchased a Himalayan Rock Salt lamp to help with anxiety and sleep. It sits not too far away from Finnians cage (he sits on my desk due to a draft) and I've noticed he's smelled worse lately? I rarely turn it on but it's still next to his cage. Is there any negative affects...
  16. HannahGP

    Sick pig?

    Hello I just bought two guineas pigs Bubbles & Squeak. They are housed in an outdoor hutch which I have been cleaning everyday and always giving fresh hay. They are both still shy as they are still new. Both are eating and drinking (very evident by the amount of mess in their hutch) One of the...
  17. isabell

    My guinea pig is bleeding

    I just got back from vacatin and my female guinea pig is bleeding form her bottom she is 3 years old and this has never happened before my mother told me it’s just a period but I’m concerned that my little girls in some trouble. My brother says that this has been happening for a while. I just...
  18. D

    What should I do?

    So my guiena pig passed away recently last Friday and i need some advice should I get another guiena pig or no because it’s hard seeing his cage empty and I feel as it would help me cope easier but I don’t want this guiena pig to die to and feel the pain again but I feel lonely without my baby...
  19. D

    My gueina pig died

    My guinea pug died yesterday and i cant cope we had to put him in a shoebox and freeze him and he will be cremeated today but i cant cope my poor baby he was such a cute guinea pig