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  1. V

    Not stepping on right leg.

    Hi everyone! We cut our guinea pigs nails 2 days before and realized one of them is not stepping on his right back feet when running around. We did not cut into his leg thats for sure, we always make sure to check it with lights and everything so thats 99% not the case. We tried to pushing...
  2. annaandpigs

    Hard, pea sized lump above male guinea pig’s genitals

    Hi, I’m hoping someone might have some advice for me. My male piggy, Dumby has a hard, pea sized lump just above his penis. When I first found it, it was higher in his lower abdomen but it can be moved down to sit at the top of his genitals - it seems to move back and forth by itself and also...
  3. P


    I am trying to get her to a vet right now but I want to see if I can get suggestions sooner through here. I just found this wound yesterday, I feel so bad that I just noticed it. It looks like it's filled with pus, it has a this scabbing and missing hair around the wound. I don't know if a cage...
  4. S

    What to put at the bottom of the cage?

    Hi we are New Guinea pig owners ( I had Guinea pigs when I was a teenager a while ago). What’s best to put at the bottom of a cage, we have a Kavve fleece at the bottom. We have some puppy pads and some normal fleeces to go on the bottom when we do the big clean out. I’ve heard sawdust isn’t...
  5. Guineapigs33

    New Guinea pig owner! Kavee?

    Hi! New Guinea pig owner here 💛 The cage I got for for them yesterday meets the requirements for space but is so poorly/cheaply made and unstable. It’s bound to fall apart anytime soon. I wanna order a Kavee c&c cage with a stand for my piggies! I wanna make sure they have plenty of space for...
  6. Guineapigs33

    Help! Just adopted 2 guineas

    This is gonna be a lengthy thread but I’m lost and need some guidance. Yesterday afternoon, I made the decision to adopt 2 female Guinea pigs. I had been doing research for quite some time while I had a hamster. My hamster just recently passed due to old age and I decided instead of getting...
  7. Mummy2Milo&Felix

    Pairing 2 bore brothers! Help!

    Hello Fellow Guinea lovers :) I’m so glad to have found this forum! I am a proud guinea mum to 2 brothers Milo and Felix. (They’ve been amazing for me as I’ve been battling depression for the past few years). I would like some advice on the appropriate methods on introducing more guineas to...
  8. mackayla178

    Safe for GP 21 hours after painting?

    Hi! I painted my ceiling today, I live in the attic so my walls are slanted making my ceilings very small. I put my guinea pigs in my mothers room while I painted. The windows have been open and I have two fans going, I’ll be doing this until tomorrow. Is it okay to move them back in and into...
  9. Ivo

    Surgery on a guinea pig

    My guniea pig had an abscess some days ago. It had growing inproperly teeth. It had a surgery. Its now OK.
  10. W

    Guinea pig worse after round of antibiotics

    Hello, My guinea pig had to go into the emergency vet a week and a half ago because he had a uri, he lost a lot of weight, wasn't eating and he went on the round of antibiotics. After a day or 2 he actually perked up, started eating more on his own (we were even giving him critical care every...
  11. Sammoo101

    Over 3 lb (1.4kg)

    Hello everyone I recently adopted a guinea pig from a shelter that was 1.4 kg or 3lb. He was given a bowl of pellets in the shelter and it was always full. I personally give my pigs unlimited hay, but they only get an 1/8 of a cup of pellets a day. Any suggestions on how to ween him down without...
  12. dabel101

    Bendable Bridge

    Hi! Just bought a bendable bridge from pets at home and i just became aware of what if their nails get caught in the gaps if they try and climb over it?I’m mostly concerned as i have a 5 month old gp and she loves to climb on things and she has the tiniest and sharpest nails. Is there anything i...
  13. dabel101


    Hi! Saw a post online where someone fed their gp kiwi, i was wondering if kiwi is safe for them. If so which parts can they eat and how do i prepare it for them! :)
  14. dabel101

    Weighing skittish pig

    Hi! I have a piggie coming to 5 months old and she is extremely skittish, she is sometimes ok with me stroking her but hates getting held. I have a really hard time getting ahold of her and getting her to stay on the scales when i do. My question is how can i weigh her without stressing her out...
  15. D

    Guinea Pig advice

    Hello, I am thinking about getting a Guinea Pig. I did have guinea pigs as a kidAny answer to my questions would be very helpful. the guinea pig would be mainly an indoor pet, but when summer comes will take them outside on grass in a run (is quite a big run) is it ok to have just 1 guinea...
  16. dabel101


    Hi! I have two sows, both almost 8 months old, and both of them weigh around 920-930g. I feel like this seems like quite a large number for their age. Just thought i’d get everyones opinion. Their heft seems good, i can feel their ribs but there is a layer of fat there (if that makes sense)...
  17. dabel101


    Hi! Was inspired by a picture i took the other day to start a thread where your piggie is photobombing the photo! Ill start! Here’s my Mabel photobombing Doris’ sunlight photo shoot😂
  18. dabel101

    Something stuck in teeth?

    Hi guys, visited my piggies before settling in for the night and as i was watching one of my girl and she woke up from a nap, let out a cough and started doing this weird thing with her mouth, contorting it as if she had something stuck in her teeth, i dont know how to explain it. She did that...
  19. dabel101


    Sorry not quite sure where to place this thread but i’ve just read a thread where an owner is worrying about pica? I’ve never hear of it before and cant quite find enough information about it. So if anyone could answer my question to better my understanding of it i would be ever so greatful :)...
  20. dabel101

    Fluctuating Weight

    Hi! I think I'm worrying over nothing but my guinea pigs weight has been fluctuating. Two weeks ago she weighed in at 936g then last week she was 925g and now she is 915g, i also dont weigh them at the same which i probably should. Could it have been that i weighed her on a full stomach on the...