1. kerry3383

    guinea pig hair trapped in genitals

    i have a long haired male guinea pig and when we were doing his nails today and checking him over we noticed his hair was trapped in his genitals? we pulled it out slowly and he never made any noise so didn’t seem like it was painful and we’ve cut the hair that was stuck & the hair surrounding...
  2. Bethanie97

    Long haired piggies eyes

    Hi I’m looking for a bit of advice, I have a sheltie breed guinea pig, and the hair above where her eyes are (shown in picture) keeps growing and catching her in the eyes which has started making them look sore and occasionally crusty, I don’t want this becoming a serious problem. I’ve tried...
  3. Kirbs

    my guinea pig has a 90's hairstyle

    nothing special just my piggie Howard and his cute hairstyle. i apologise for the bad picture but...
  4. UhreGuineas

    Long Hair Care!

    Hey everyone! I recently adopted a baby long hair guinea pig. I was wondering what hair care is needed when she is older! I am not a 100% sure what long hair breed she is but I believe she is a silkie(Sheltie) if that helps! I want my little girl to have the locks of a angel, so throw it all...
  5. B

    Piggie With Greasy And Sensitive Hair-help?

    Hi, My 2 year old male long haired guinea pig has become very sensitive to having his hair brushed. I barely touch his hair (not pulling or his skin) and he squeals like mad. He has been at the vets and he doesn’t have a skin infection (not flacky/spotty etc). His hair has become very greasy...
  6. PerpLexxity

    Whisker Trim?

    Hi everybody, I have a coronet and I feel like his whiskers are incredibly long. Is it okay to trim them? Sorry if this is a dumb question I’ve just never had a long haired pig before.
  7. Leah&Penelope

    Shedding Hair

    Hey Guys, My guinea Leah who is about two months old has started to shed hair. She is a short haired, smooth coat Harlequin (i think!). Anyway, we live in Australia where it is just about to be summer and I am wondering if it is just that she is losing her winter coat (similar to how dogs do)...
  8. T

    Barbering- What Does It Mean?!

    I recently introduced a new piggie to my herd and she is a Peruvian with luscious locks. I have a few fiesty girls who put her in her place from time to time but I have one pig, who happens to my oldest, who is extremely lovable and docile- Marm. I recently had to put Marm's 'cage mate' to sleep...
  9. L

    Help! Lump On Guinea Pig :(

    Hi, I have noticed this rather large lump on my guinea pigs stomach. He also looks like his coat is greasy and full of white specs. Anyone have any ideas ? :( taking him to the vet tomorrow
  10. bribri1298

    Guinea Pig Has Hair And Poop Stuck In Bum

    Occasionally, I check both my guinea pig's bottoms because in the past, if they don't eat enough hay they will experience impaction. So every week I check to make sure they're good and they're not experiencing impaction. Recently, I checked Cookie's bottom to make sure he's okay. He wasn't...
  11. Callia

    Scab On The Back Of Guinea Pig

    Hello! Today I took out my guinea pig, Galibi, and as I petted her I noticed something rough in her hair. At first I thought something small was caught in it, but I decided to move back her hair and found that she instead had a scab. She does not share her cage with another pigs and when I...
  12. Z

    Loosing Alot Of Hair + Dandruf

    My guinea pig Mikey who is 3-4 years old started to lose a lot of hair while being on my lap a while ago. My shirt will end up covered in long black hairs.. His hair is also kinda oily and does not feel nice to touch him. Today i noticed dandruff on him.. What am i doing wrong? Its not big dots...
  13. sue.

    Can Hay/hair Make My Boars Bits Sore?

    Hello. Was wondering if you could offer me some advice. I have a 10 month old long haired boar called Bob. The past few weeks I noticed that he was squeaking when peeing /pooping. After checking him over I found that he had a small amount of hair that had got trapped inside his boar parts. I...
  14. BrieBB

    Guinea Pig Has "crusty" Fur

    I have a guinea pig that had "crusty" hair on her nose bridge. I ignored it because that was the only spot on her and the rest of her was nice and soft. I was petting her today while she was in her cage and I noticed that her back was now the same "crusty" texture. There probably is a better was...
  15. C

    Help With Guinea Pig! (sticky Hair And Scabs)

    I need help with my guinea pig. I got her a while back, but now I'm a little concerned. She has small clumps of hair stuck to her all over her back, and scabs as well. I'm not sure what it is, or what to do. Please help!
  16. Nat_Piggy

    Piggy Climbing!

    Hiya! I noticed that every time I have lap-time with S'mores, she'll sit on my lap for about one minute while I pet her, and then scramble up my shirt and onto my shoulder. She burrows into my hair. She will nip the back of my neck, although she rarely does that and usually just moves around...
  17. piggie.slave

    Hair Cut?

    Hi all, I own a sheltie guinea pig, and was wandering about hair cuts, I have heard its important to keeps them cool and stop their fur from getting matted, my boar has got quiet a long coat but it never seems to get knotty I only ever have to brush it about once a week, as I could leave it for...