1. E

    How Many Hidey Houses?

    My guinea pig hutch is quite large and I know I need to provide places to hide so they feel secure. As with most outdoor guinea pig hutches, it is two stories with one open room and one closed room on the top story. I can't find any good quality but affordable houses that fit into the closed...
  2. K

    Which Hutch For My Guinea Pigs

    I am looking at getting 2 guinea pigs, probably 2 males in a few weeks. I have been searching the internet for hutches. I have no idea where to even begin looking. I have ruled out pets at home and such places as the hutches have all had poor reviews. I don't want to buy a poor quality hutch and...
  3. court29x

    Am I Doing Something Wrong?

    Recently I've seen the majority of people on here have cages, indoor in particular, with fleeces and some hay areas instead of outdoor hutches with wood shavings and hay, at the moment my piggies are in an outdoor with wood shavings and hay but when the weather starts getting colder again we are...
  4. Atalia

    Fleece And C&c Cages

    Hi! I would like to make a different changes for my guinea pigs. As you can tell from the title I would like to switch to fleece and possibly get c&c cages. If any of you use these feature for your guinea pigs. Please leave me suggestions, pros and cons, and any tips! I would like to hear it...
  5. Misty

    Help Needed Indoors?

    Hi I want to ask if anyone can help me I would like to house my two male piggies inside in my room. I have asked my parents about but they said no because they "will smell and their meant to be outside. I want to know if this is true so I can change my parents minds? Please help thank you so...
  6. csmith9nr

    Help With Bridge?! (new Setup)

    This is the guinea pigs new home, I've gave them an extension so they have extra room. But I can't get one of them to go other the bridge, he just won't jump up. I've tried persuading him with food but all he does is lean on it and not put his back legs on. Helppp what should I do? The...
  7. MadPiggies :D

    Guinea Pig Shed!help!

    At the moment my pigs live indoors in a TINY cage until they live outside in a hutch.I don't want them to live in a hutch because where I live it is too cold and Has a chance of foxes!I really want to use the garden shed for them to live in but my parents don't have much trust of me and I...
  8. MollyB

    Outdoor Bedding: Help!

    Hi guys, I'm still very new to guinea pig owning and I need some help! I'm worried Teddy (my mostly blind guinea pig that lives outside) is getting bumblefoot. His back heels are starting to go red. Now, I'm pretty sure this is my fault for thinking his bedding is dry when it isn't, and also...
  9. ChloeCee98

    Best Place To Get A C&c Cage Or The Stuff To Build One ?

    I'm in the UK and finding it hard to get the stuff to build a storage block c&c cage! There is one on eBay but you don't get the insert the ties or anything with it! Could any please let me know the best way to build one? I'm getting a second piggy and when noodles and the new piggy have bonded...
  10. Taylormc4

    Vinyl Tile Vs Foam Interlocking Mats?

    I cannot choose whether to put soft interlocking mats as the floor for my c&c cage, or vinyl tiles.. The foam mats look like this... And the vinyl tiles look like this... (Taken from Pinterest) Does anyone use these or know which one would be better for my guinea pigs? Thank you for your...
  11. Taylormc4

    Soft Linking Mats For Cage Flooring?

    I've been wanting to change the flooring of my guinea pig cage for about a week or so. I've been looking on Pinterest and other sites on what to use. Earlier today I went into Lowes, and found soft linking play mats. I actually scrolled past a picture of a c&c cage that had the exact mats I had...
  12. S

    New Owner Looking For Help On A Cage Expansion

    Hey guys I'm a new guinea pig owner but am very accustomed to small animal care having owned many gerbils hamsters and rats. At the moment I have two guinea pigs (two girls) they were adopted along side each other and a single boar the boar as of yet has been kept in a deceased gerbils tank (120...
  13. SKmum2016

    Which Hutch Would You Choose Out Of The Two

    Hi all, having doing research for the last 2 months on guinea pigs and rabbits we have finally decided to go for guinea pigs :-) I have looked through pages and pages of hutch setups on this forum and have finalised 2 hutches that I really like, as below Option 1: 5 ft home and roost rabbit...
  14. kara02


    I'm hoping you can help me out. I'm swapping my pig's substrate from shavings to fleece. I was wondering wear to get some fleece from as he doesn't have a C&C cage and every website only do C&C cage fleeces.
  15. Charlotte Lines

    Opinions Please :)

    This is my guinea pigs cage at the moment, each section holds 2 boys! Is it big enough? Do I need to make it more interesting? If so how? Plus, does anyone have any good recipes for treats or know of treats at pet shops that Guinean pigs like? I cannot find any that they like! :/ Apoligies for...
  16. Celine298

    Solo Piggy

    Hey guys,I wasn't sure where to post this one so I'm going with daily care! I'm a Mum to a solo pig, Sunny. Yep, that's right, I have one boar. I know it's ideal to keep two pigs or more for company, and I'll admit I was worried as to how he would get on by himself. My intention is to wait...
  17. L

    Making A C & C Cage In The Uk

    Hi, my guinea pigs are coming up to 1 and I really want to get them a C &C cage - buying it out right is expensive and I was thinking of making it as it will be cheaper. Would anyone be able to recommend where I buy the parts from and how big I should make it? Thank you :)
  18. crnyng

    Looking For Advice/possible Housing Situation

    So my story goes, I have 9 pigs. 6 female and 3 male. All my females are or will be housed together in a roughly 20 square foot C&C cage. I then have two males housed together and my last one alone because he fought with both my other boys regardless. The two males housed together (Mocha and...
  19. Beans&Toast

    6x3 Or 5x4?

    So my current c and c cage set up is a 6x3. The piggies love it, they have loads of room to zoom about. The only downside is on the occasions that I have to seperate them with a divider it means they only have a 3x3 each.. so would a 5x4 be better do you think? Still enough room to run around...
  20. Chewbacca2004

    Paddling Pool Indoor Floor Time

    Hello Recently i have been finding lots of suggestions and pins on pinterest about keeping your guineas in a paddling pool (as an enclosure: not swimming:nod:) inside i was thinking that i could pop the guineas in a paddling pool with their toys and hideys as i kind of indoor run whilst the...