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  1. Tinychels

    Boar bit in the nostil

    Hello! My boyfriend, Jesse, just recently bought a new piggy, named him Bambi. Jesse originally has 3 boars: the oldest is Cocoa, then comes Jorgi, and Cocoa’s son Niko. He tried introducing Bambi in a neutral area with the 3 boars, however also immediately Bambi and Cocoa started teeth...
  2. Rytix

    Something wrong with guinea pig leg (broken?)

    I was recently on vacation for 4 days and had my neighbours watching over my guinea pigs, but when I returned today there was a problem with one of my female guinea pigs. Her right hind leg was being dragged and she put her weight on her other side. Her leg was fine before I left for vacation...
  3. KpiggieK

    injury- help (should I take to the vet?)

    for the past couple of weeks, I've been introducing my new Skinny boy (few months old) to my one year old guinea pig. They've been housed separately but because they had previously been doing so well, I was actually considering housing them together in the next few weeks... That is until...
  4. Nbw_835

    Injured toe.

    I accidentally cut one of my pigs claws too short.. She jerked as I clipped and I think it took off a part of her toe. It bled so much but I rushed to the bathroom and clotted the blood with cornstarch. I feel terrible and physically sick that I did that to her... How do I make her feel better...
  5. Alssa

    scratch on nose

    Ugh I hate that I’m posting on this thread twice in one week like a helicopter mom but I don’t know what to do. I got hole from work today and checked on Peggy and she had this bloody scab on her nose. I couldn’t find anything in her cage that would cause an injury like that, nothing with a...
  6. C

    Cut On Young Guinea Pig, Vet Worthy?

    i have three guinea pigs, two of which were just introduced about a week ago. they are getting alone fine and playing well but one morning i noticed a cut on one's face. it almost looks white powdery around it and is scabbing a lot. i've been gently cleaning it and it doesn't seem to be...
  7. Catdawg

    Haven't A Clue What This

    Just noticed this on canelos back end this evening :/ I haven't had them long so I can't say I've noticed any changed behaviour but he is quite shy and likes to hide and curl up in corners a lot but I haven't noticed any change I want to try and avoid further investigation as I don't want to...
  8. A


    Okay! First of all I know I'm an idiot for this, but I'm having really bad anxiety about this right now. I had my little piggie Lu on my shoulder and she fell nose first into the tile floor, her lip busted and she's making popping noises when breathing and I'm really really scared. All the...
  9. Keiko The Pig

    Help! Dog Bite

    Please I'm here looking for advice not criticism! I have 2 male guinea pigs who turned 1 just last week. They are my only pets and therefore live in their cage on the floor. This week my parents agreed to dog sit a dog we've known and watched over since he was a puppy. In the 10 seconds it took...
  10. Z

    Injured Leg - Ideas?

    Hi there, I got my 6 year old female Guinea pig out of the cage today and noticed that she was limping rather heavily and not wanting to bear weight on her back right. Any ideas what it could be? She will rest on it when she's sitting, and she's fine with us touching it (gently, of course)...
  11. SandyLola

    Limping 8 Month Year Old Female Guinea Pig :(

    Today we went to feed our Guinea pigs their vegetables ( pepper cale and cabbage). We hardly change their veggie diet. Our little baby piggie Lola started to limp around the cage, we were very worried about what she had done. Lately her sister who was in the same batch when we got her from the...
  12. ZoeCavyLover

    Foot Injury (please Help)

    My three year old male boar guinea pig scraped his foot. Its scraped at the top of the foot but I am worried it will get infected. I soaked the wound in warm water, dried it off, applied a very small amount of neosporin, wrapped it in gauze, and wrapped in vet wrap. I also changed his bedding...
  13. Piggiekisses

    Please Help Asap

    Hi, my piggy had something fall on his face, or maybe I accidentally stepped on his face area. Either way, he can't eat right now and there's no vet until the morning. what should I do in the meantime? I don't own critical care but maybe I can make something like that.
  14. JustAsAmy

    I Don't Know What's Wrong With My Baby Girl Anymore..

    Hi.. My name is Amy. I'm new to this forum, but I thought it was a good idea to join because right now I'm in a really tough situation. So, basically. I adopted my baby girl Willow and her sister Astrid on the 16th of July this year, and they were 3-4 weeks old at the time. On the 30th of...
  15. M

    Two Boars Had A Fight

    I have two male guinea pigs who were getting on fine until about four weeks ago when they started loudly teeth chattering at each other. It then progressed into one of them occasionally lunging at the other, before they both ran off. Usually when they're like this it's when they're having floor...
  16. GuineaPig24


    My pig is roughly 4 years old, and recently has been very mean to me (which is quite unlike him) Today, though I got him out of his cage and all he wants to do is cuddle. Normally he would jump up all the stairs to get up (which is my favorite thing ever!) but now he won't jump up unless I help...
  17. Toto18

    New Piggie- Mark On Her Back?

    Hi, On Sunday me and my boyfriend bought a pair of beautiful new guinea pig sows. We were told they were 8 weeks but I'm now starting to wonder if they really are, we weighed them for the first time today (until now we didn't want to disturb them too much) they weigh 271g and 236g. When checking...
  18. D

    Trio Of Boars Has Resulted In An Injury!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums and to boars in general! I've owned 4 females in the past and they all got along well with each other, but just today I discovered several shallow bite wounds on the rump and side of one of my boys. I feel horrible as they appear to be a few days old (dry...
  19. KKeiK

    Guinea Pig With Sore Eye, Not Sure What It Is?

    Hello! My Guinea pig Chuck is 6months old and I noticed this sore on the bottom of his eye. It doesn't seem to be affecting him at all, no scratching, weeping from the eye, closing eye etc. Info that may or may not help: he lives with another Guinea pig, Ned who is just under 2 months younger...
  20. E

    Guinea Pigs Fighting

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. I own five young male guinea pigs. Two of them, I just adopted yesterday. And since I adopted them, two of my older guinea pigs have been fighting non-stop! One of them even managed to draw blood overnight. I have separated them for now and am taking the...