1. GuineaPig24


    My pig is roughly 4 years old, and recently has been very mean to me (which is quite unlike him) Today, though I got him out of his cage and all he wants to do is cuddle. Normally he would jump up all the stairs to get up (which is my favorite thing ever!) but now he won't jump up unless I help...
  2. Toto18

    New Piggie- Mark On Her Back?

    Hi, On Sunday me and my boyfriend bought a pair of beautiful new guinea pig sows. We were told they were 8 weeks but I'm now starting to wonder if they really are, we weighed them for the first time today (until now we didn't want to disturb them too much) they weigh 271g and 236g. When checking...
  3. D

    Trio Of Boars Has Resulted In An Injury!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums and to boars in general! I've owned 4 females in the past and they all got along well with each other, but just today I discovered several shallow bite wounds on the rump and side of one of my boys. I feel horrible as they appear to be a few days old (dry...
  4. KKeiK

    Guinea Pig With Sore Eye, Not Sure What It Is?

    Hello! My Guinea pig Chuck is 6months old and I noticed this sore on the bottom of his eye. It doesn't seem to be affecting him at all, no scratching, weeping from the eye, closing eye etc. Info that may or may not help: he lives with another Guinea pig, Ned who is just under 2 months younger...
  5. E

    Guinea Pigs Fighting

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. I own five young male guinea pigs. Two of them, I just adopted yesterday. And since I adopted them, two of my older guinea pigs have been fighting non-stop! One of them even managed to draw blood overnight. I have separated them for now and am taking the...
  6. HaleyK

    I'm Super Worried For My Piggie's Eye! Please Help!

    Just today I noticed that she was squinting and it was a little wet around her eye. When I took a closer look I saw that her one eye was practically flat unlike the healthy one which is the usual bubble-like shape. Also this eye was cloudy, I couldn't even see her dark brown coloring to it. I...