lonely guinea pig

  1. fueloficarus

    Bereaved Question

    Hello all. New here. Yes, I read the above threads, but as you all know when this happens you still have to ask. So, we lost a pig yesterday. Truffles. He died very quickly, as did his brother (actual brother, from the same litter, who passed away about 4 months ago). They were bought from a...
  2. E_Blackaby

    Miss You Already Anna

    I came home from university last night for my mum to tell me one of my gorgeous Guinea pigs has sadly passed away. She was only two and a half years old but she meant so much to me and she really was such a gorgeous pig inside and out. I am left with my other very special piggy, Anna's sister...
  3. E_Blackaby

    Lone Guinea Pig Sister

    Hi, I am really devastated as one of my Guinea pigs died last night she was sister to my surviving piggy. I love them so much and I am incredibly worried about my lone Guinea pig (Elsa) and how she will cope. I have had Guinea pigs before but when one of the sister died that time they were both...
  4. Rhea

    Rip Marigold ❤️❤️

    Hello everyone, I just lost my guinea pig Marigold today, I came into feed her and callie but she was just lying in the corner. Callie was beside her and my heart broke. I was wondering what should I do about callie? I have buried marigold and I miss her little greedy face when I look into their...
  5. Watermelon-Pets

    Very Sad News, I Need Help On What To Do Next.

    So after just a week of owner the beautiful happy guinea pig Brownie I found her dead this morning. I think her sudden death is because of her previous home. I think in her old home she and her friend were neglected, they didn't have toys, they had no hay, and no veg apart from a full carrot cut...
  6. Luna1

    I Have One Male And I Think He Is Lonely :(

    I adopted my male guinea pig from the adoption centre at pets at home and I want to find him a friend, but obviously being a male there is a large chance of fighting if I got another male, I've thought of neutering him and getting a female, but he is only around 1 year old so I don't think that...