1. Puddles1999

    Need to rant about medicine/vets

    So Penelope recently went and got her back molars filed. Everything’s been great but her pee has started smelling weird again. She had blood in her pee 6 months ago and antibiotics cured it up. However her pee has started smelling again, suspect a uti. The vet seems concerned that there may be a...
  2. h.h.lovecraft

    My guinea pigs hate being touched ever since I started giving them medicine :(

    My 8-9 week old guinea pigs came with a lot of sicknesses. They have ringworm, a cold, and both have bladder issues. The vet treats them for ringworm once a week, which they hate and scream extremely loud like they are dying, but they bounce back pretty quickly when I get them home. They are on...
  3. Puddles1999

    Baytril dosage?

    Penelope had blood in her pee that wasn’t visible! The vet prescribed Baytril thinking it should cure anything that could be causing it. She does not squeak when peeing or in any noticeable discomfort. Nor is she losing weight! A bit weird but for her baytril dosage, she gets .10 ML every 12...
  4. dabel101

    Loxicom dosage

    Hi! My guinea pig Doris has been to the vet for a limp she has and has been prescribed some dog loxicom. As she weighs exactly 1kg they have given her a dosage as if she were a 3kg dog, does this seem right? We have been told to give it once a day but i have read as guinea pigs have a fast...
  5. Puddles1999

    Specialist Right medication for Uri?

    I just came back home from a vet visit as it seemed one of my Guinea pigs may have had a uri. He said her Lungs sounded great, heart was fantastic and so was breathing. He had mentioned we caught the uri early and he gave me a bottle of Orbax medication. I’ve never had my guinea pigs on this and...
  6. Jasmined

    Baytril & syringe help - desperate!

    I’m desperately looking for more advice on how to get my girls to accept a syringe / Baytril. I’ve tried lots of different tips from here like wrapping in towel, different holding techniques to keep her still, dipping in food, on food, mixed with ribena etc etc Each day passes she’s on Baytril...
  7. G

    Vet! One or both?

    Hi! I have two piggies (Patches and Carmal). My parents recently allowed me to bring them to the vet because of their persistent soft poops. However, they are worried about money. The last time I took Patches to the vet it cost a good bit of money. He had a mild infection, but is fine now. My...
  8. P

    Won't let go of syringe

    Hi everyone! So my guinea pig has gone on medicine that I have to give to her in a syringe. She loves the taste of medicine and will not let go of the syringe and I often find myself fighting with her for it which can't be good for her neck (She is six years old and ridiculously strong). I have...
  9. basicpiggies

    Giving A New Guinea Pig Medicine

    Hi. I’m taking one of my new guinea pigs to the vet because I suspect she may have a URI. I’m not 100%, but I’m leaning more towards she does than she doesn’t. The problem is she is still adjusting to her environment and is completely terrified of me. I need advice on how to quickly &...
  10. Emily Jane

    Need Help With Medication

    hello, My guinea pig, cutie, was prescribed too medications by the vet. I’m fine with giving her them and was cleaning the syringes and when I came back I have here the medicine. However, I got the bottles mixed up and gave her 0.3 ml of Metacam instead of 0.25ml. I thought the medicine I was...
  11. TheLottiediarys

    Can You Split A 'once Daily' Dose Uni A Twice A Day Dose?

    Hi guys I've been looking around a can't seem to find an answer Can you split a medicine dose that is suppose to be once a day in two and give it twice a day if the animal is struggling to take it all in one go? Would that reduce the effectiveness of the medicine?
  12. PerfectPigs

    What Is The Best First Medicine To Use For My Sow With Cystitis?

    My (roughly) 5-year-old sow named Olga has been recently showing the symptoms of cystitis. She is making soft squeaking noises when she urinates, has been urinating often and is always damp on her stomach (from the result of urinating a lot). I don't want to try any full-on medicine yet, as she...
  13. C

    Guinea Pig Is In Pain?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, I have come here because one of my female piggies is in.. pain? Yesterday evening I went to feed my pigs when I noticed that Saffron (the piggie) was face down in a corner making a sort of sad squeak noise I instantly panicked and brought her inside examined...
  14. A

    Urgent - Please Help Bear

    My guinea pig's name is Bear, and he's maybe around 8 months to a year old. He's always been really happy and energetic but recently has been really itchy and lethargic. We took him the pet store and they said he said fruit and sugar allegies, but we'd never had issues with his food or what we...
  15. H

    Is Primperan 1mg/ml Safe?

    Hello people, 3 days ago, during their weekly weighing I noticed that one of my girls, Kelda, had dropped from 1025g to 980g. I inmediatly switched from weekly to daily weighing and started to monitor their eating more closely. She seemed to eat properly, leaving some veggies that they just...
  16. Nikolapalak

    Urgent-teeth, Uri, And Hand Feeding

    Hi everyone, I've got a piggy that's just over 4 years old now. a couple of days ago he had a surgery done under anaesthetic. That was for his teeth. I don't know why but since the surgery he has not been eating at all and he lost almost a pound in the last 2 months. I've been trying to force...
  17. pnwgranny

    Max Has Crusty Ears

    Both ears are crusty on the outside and inside of the ear, but not down inside if that males sense. No vet available til Wednesday morning at 8:30 am. Nearest exotic vet when our vet is not in, is 150 miles one way. None of the other vets in this town will treat a guinea pig. Ruth
  18. Olivia Johnson

    Not Eating After Bladder Stone Meds

    Hello everyone! About a month ago, my guinea pig Caesar started peeing a pinking red color and squeaked while urinating. I took him to the vet and they found a pretty good sized bladder stone. She prescribed him some antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. Last week, she special ordered him...
  19. A

    8 Month Old With Uri

    Hi everyone, I purchased my first Guinea pig from petsmart yesterday. I now know how terrible of a choice that was and I will always rescue from now on. Anyway, I noticed him lights sneezing yesterday and he had a little discharge on his nose. He was still eating a ton and drinking his water and...
  20. Louiseb11

    Both My Boys Have Uri...advice Please :(

    Hi guys, Never posted before as I am a new guinea pig owner. I have 2 boars, Ron who ive had for 3 weeks now and Draco for almost 2 weeks. After only 2 days of having Draco I noticed his eye was completely closed and crusty so I took him straight to the vet who prescribed eye drops. After a few...