1. dakoyaki

    Post neuter hernia

    Hello all, My guinea pig was neutered 3 days ago and today I noticed that he has a little swelling near the surgical site. After reading about abcess risks and multiple other possibilities I took him to the vet to get checked out. They poked and did a sonogram and said they are thinking it's a...
  2. alphadox

    Specialist Post Neuter Abscess Experience Guidance

    My poor boy has developed the abscess from his November neutering. Have no clue why. It felt about the size of a small grape and decided to burst while going to the vet. The vet squeezed out the ick, flushed, and taught me how to do so as well with the light blue liquid and curved syringe. Gave...
  3. E

    Advice on Neutering

    Hi everyone! Needing some advice, I have two male pigs at a year old and recently took on a female pig. Her previous owners are friends with my mum and went on holiday about a month ago and my mum volunteered for me to take care of her for two weeks, two weeks has turned into me now keeping her...
  4. 2 pigs stacy

    I’m new & need help with fighting males

    Hello Brand new owner!.. We got 2 guinea pigs from pet shop back in April, 2 males & were told they were around 8 weeks. We have a 4ft 2 tier hutch & a 4ft by 4ft run for the garden which they go out in most days. So far all was well. But the last couple of weeks they have been fighting, we...
  5. S

    Neutering Prices

    Hello, I have decided to neuter my Simon to be with my 2 girls so he is not lonely any more. But after looking online I feel the vet I go to is overcharging me! They quoted me $350 and UP as well as a visit before the surgery at $55! Are they really over charging me? I have tried looking at...
  6. T

    Neutering 2 Boars to put with 2 sows

    Me and my partner were wondering whether it would be possible to neuter our two boys (Captain and Jaffa) to be placed with our two females (Corky and Pickle). Or is it a definite no no for two males to be placed with females.. I hope someone can help us!
  7. GeorgiaHarris


    I'm thinking about having my 7 month old boar neutered as I would would like him to be with a pair of females in the future. Does any one know much it costs and know of any information that may useful. Also, if anyone knows of any experienced vets in the West Midlands, particularly in or around...
  8. M

    Should i introduce a know 'aggressive' piggie to the group

    Hi, So my little brother really wants a Guinea pig. Since i was already planning to get a third guinea pig i agreed to let him own my third one. All good right? Later when we went to buy some hay from the pet shop this plan was completely ruined when he fell in love with a little black piggie in...
  9. Muffin&Crumble

    Boar Neuter - Sherbet's Story

    Hi everyone, I'm just doing this post as a bit of therapy for myself, so apologies for going on and probably boring you all! We rescued Sherbet in June this year after our little girl's sister died - we thought she would get on better with a boy rather than another girl. After a little while...
  10. P

    Guinea Pig Post Op - What Is Normal?

    Hello there, My boy, Fluff, was castrated yesterday poor thing. The vet said that everything went well and that he seemed to be recovering well. I am just a bit concerned as to what is normal behaviour after an op and also what is normal food consuption etc? I gave him some spinach leaves...
  11. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Post-neuter Issues.

    I can't seem to see much on this kind of issue anywhere, a male after neuter leaking urine? I'm fairly certain that the vet who did the operation was pretty incompetent with piggies but unfortunately the piggy isn't in my ownership right now. I'm wondering what they messed up in there during...
  12. bethaleio

    To Neuter Or Not To Neuter..

    Hey guys! I will quickly tell the story of my piggy, Tumnus, and then get to the point of this thread! What would have been around 3 months ago now, there were 3 male piggies that some jerk had set loose in a field by my apartment. Tumnus was caught fairly quickly, but the other 2 were much...
  13. Celine298

    Sunny Is Getting The Snip

    Hey guys! The time has come to introduce my little man to a little woman, but not until he get's his 'business' removed. He's 8 months old, lively, good weight and we've bonded really well, so I'm hoping all will go well with his operation. This has to be done as he needs a little cage mate and...
  14. Pigpog023

    Horny Boar, Unable To Neuter, Needs Friend, What Do I Do?

    i don't know how much of this is relevant so I'm just going to tell you the whole story. I rescued a male piggy, unneutered, I wanted to get him a friend but I didn't know his age or health history and was reluctant to neuter because of this. I did some research and spoke to some rescues and...
  15. PiggieNinja

    Lonely Guinea Pig

    A recently discovered that one of oh rescue pigs is actually male . Consiquently we have had to seperate him from his two lady comanions to whom he has taken a liking. The cages are next to each other and he keeps trying to escape into theirs . He is really fidgity and is constantly looking...