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  1. VikMal

    Noises while petting

    Hello everyone! Could you please help me with advice? My guinea pig, when I take him for cuddles, makes a strange noise when I pet him, as long as my hand is on him, he makes this noise, when i take my hand away, he stops making the noise. He doesn't seem afraid or something, sitting still, also...
  2. Killeroc

    Guineapig Whistling noise - is it a cause for concern?

    Hi, Just wanted to see if anyone has had their geauinpig whistling. - It's definitely nasal but the vet said he was fine after all the checks, he's eating and drinking fine, no discharge around the nose, but even with antibiotics we can't get rid of it. Anyone experience it before?
  3. Queenjellybeany

    Low squeaking noise and trouble pooping

    Hey! Just wanted a lil advice. I took my golden girl ciri to the vets as she has been squeaking when pooping. She has been given loxicom and had her first dose today. The vets were really nice (cat and rabbit clinic) and they suggested she take the loxicom and just to monitor her, and if...
  4. Hannahb2804

    Noises and what they mean

    Recently rescued two sows roughly the same age and have been bonded since January at a rescue, I brought them home on Saturday and I can sometimes hear them purring at eachother or sometimes when they walk past eachother or touch eachother they dart away, I’m just wondering if they’re not...
  5. B

    Double checking a squeak...

    Hi, I have had my Guinea for almost 3 weeks now and she isn't really a noisy Guinea Pig, she's the first I've ever owned but having interacted with my families GPs in the past, they were more vocal. Here is a link to a video I took of her last night, after a while of being handled, she squeaks a...
  6. B

    Purring in her cage...

    Hi all, I have joined this forum to get more info and advice about my guinea pig that I've had roughly around 2 weeks. I absolutely adore her and she is extremely sociable. However there are many occasions when she is in her cage that I hear her purring, any suggestions what this could mean? I...
  7. Animallover11

    Concerned for my piggie

    My piggies is making some unusual sounds he seems fine and is eating and drinking normally, it would be great if I could have some advice, thanks so much in advance !
  8. D

    Guinea pigs and barking dogs

    My twin and I just got two new guinea pigs. We thought we did all the research necessary on what they need and how they would react around the dogs. The thing we missed though is that the dog's barking can stress them to death. My dog met the guineas and wants nothing more than to sniff her butt...
  9. toodledoodler

    Constant jumping/skipping?

    Hello everyone! I just got 2 guinea pigs, around 3 months of age. They were put together a week ago since they’re not related, but they are getting along great. However, these are my first piggies, and a few things worry me. First off, is it normal that they’re constantly jumping and skipping...
  10. A

    Noisy Dogs

    Hi there! I am going to buy a guinea pig next year and had been wondering about this. So I am going to put my piggies outside on a hutch on our backyard. Then there are my dogs... Will the piggies be afraid when dogs bark? And one more... Is it okay to pair up male guinea pigs? Thank you very...
  11. princesskay


    I only got my Henry two days ago, and this is his first day really leaving the cage - he's currently under my shirt, getting pet through the fabric.... And he's letting out this trilling noise. It sounds basically exactly like a tribble, but I can't find much on what it might mean. I think it...
  12. Natrista

    Piggy Doesn't Make Any Noise?

    A female guinea pig I've been looking after for a while had never made any noise. Not even a little one. Anybody know why this could be?
  13. Jennybug89

    It's The Little Things!

    I just saw my little Rosie "popcorning" for the first time while making noise, which she never has before! It was just lovely... I think she's finally settling in!:love::D
  14. clawsboo

    Loud Bottle

    hi. i love my guinea pig. but, at night all she does is drink her water bottle! it's so annoying! it's just tap. tap. tap. oh? did she stop? tap. never mind. when i try to take it out she'll start chirping like crazy, and that's even louder. help please.
  15. R

    Guinea Pig Making Weird Gurgling Noises?

    My three year old guinea pig just started making some odd noises about five minutes ago. It sounded like his stomach was grumbling but he's never made noises like this before. When I walked up to his cage to investigate he made an odd whining noise. I assumed that he was hungry so I gave him...
  16. NoiNoi

    Some Advice For Handling / Bonding? Also An Odd Noise!

    Hello all! Some of you may know, recently we had a loss in my household as little Ozzy passed away. :( It's been a short while now, and yesterday we went to rehome some rescue piggies from a close-by shelter. We held many of the little sweethearts, but eventually, we decided on a pair to take...
  17. blacklegkat

    My Piggy Is Making A Strange 'popping' Noise

    Hello! I am in quite a panic at the moment. My piggy Asterix has always had problems with his voice - he can squeak but for the most part he seems to grunt. Just now, I went to give him a cuddle when I heard a strange noise coming from him - sort of this low popping sound, almost like when you...
  18. Stevenxxx

    Strange Noises

    my Guinea pig keeps making a weird noise that sounds like a very loud cough/sneeze/ heave and he does it a couple times a day what does it mean ?
  19. amzybabes

    Strange Noise - Possibly Wheezing?

    My guinea pig has suddenly (today) started making a strange noise that I haven't heard before. It's somewhere between a wheezing/rattling/grinding noise. I went to give her some fresh hay this morning. She appeared to be eating something and I heard a noise that sounded like she was crunching...
  20. Ali7a

    Is The School Guinea Happy Or In Distress?

    Hi, I bring home the school guinea pigs (2) every weekend and during the holidays. They are at least 4 years old but more than likely older. They generally seem happy and in good health but the last few times I have had them at home I have noticed that one of them keeps making regular odd little...