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not getting along

  1. toodledoodler

    Do my piggies not get along?

    Hello! I recently got my second pair of piggies, they're around 3 months old and brothers. Their names are Wilbur and Freddie, and I absolutely adore them. However, I am worried they aren't getting along great. My previous pair got along great and never had any issues, but this time around it's...
  2. training7061

    One moody pig

    Hi everyone - got 2 males at Xmas and they seemed to get on fine. Alately though one of them is constantly growling and seems moody we’ve had 2 occasions with cut ears. The cage is a nice size and we regularly get them out for play time and running around. Also the one that is constantly...
  3. Mystic_corgi

    Are my pigs getting along?

    I ve never owned two guinea pigs before now and this is only my second time owning any sort of guinea pig so the interactions they have with each other are still new to me. I have two boars that are about 9 months old and I am not sure if they are getting along well or not. I see them both able...
  4. E

    Fighting males, what is best?

    Hi, We have two young male GP’s (approx 6 months) they’re lovely natured but very different characters who just do not seem to be able to get along. There will be teeth chattering from the smaller pig, Carlos, towards his ‘brother’ within five minutes of them being together and he isn’t afraid...
  5. Michellesalvino

    Juvenile boars no longer getting along ?

    I have a total of 4 boars, living in pairs. One of these pairs no longer gets along because one of them (Walter) has been getting quite feisty lately and chasing around Solomon, he also will try to take over what he is eating and I also believe he nips at Solomon.. I have separated them so far...
  6. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Guinea Pigs Don’t Get Along

    Hi again! Many of my problems are focused around behavior, as you might have noticed, so I’m counting on you guys to help me out with this! Candy is the slightly older pig and is the dominant pig. Holly is the newer one, and had the strange addiction to never stop following Candy! We probably...
  7. C

    My two guineapigs keep fighting! Should I separate them ?

    I’ve had my two male guineas coming up to two years from the start they had little arguments but nothing serious like hurting each other until lately I have noticed my bigger guinea pig hulk has bald patches and really small scabs from the other guinea pig theadore pulling his hair out ! so I...
  8. P

    Boars Not Getting Along

    I have 2 10-11 month old boars Mulder and Scully and they are not getting along. I have had them since they were 4 months old, even at that age it was clear Scully was the dominant pig, and I assumed most of their behaviour was harmless. Scully chases Mulder, Mulder is grumpy and rumbles a lot...
  9. batman

    I have some guinea pig issues. Help?

    Hey there. I have three guinea pigs, all are male. Two of them are two years old (one is pretty fat, lol) and were purchased together from the same cage and get along great! However, my other guinea pig, 1 year old, has been a bit of a trouble maker. I've been noticing that he's been picking on...
  10. Lunaandmaggie

    Is She Depressed

    Hello I am having a problem with my older piggie who lost her cage mate about 5 months ago but I got a new one Maggie and she dose not like her. And Luna the older one is not acting as happy and she is staring at that wall should I be concerned