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  1. daisyandsofi2060

    my piggy ate an avocado leaf I'm sorry

    Ive done a horrible thing I'm a horrible piggy mum. I had an avocado plant in my room and i left it on the floor for around an hour to clean my room. I didnt know it was toxic to guinea pigs and mine ate half of a leaf . I didnt think anything of it and just saw she has diarrhea 24 hours later ...
  2. Luvx

    Large white goo coming from my piggys anus

    My piggy is Male, 1 and a few months years old. I was watching YouTube with him when all of a sudden I see him moving around so I thought he was going to poop so I put him in his cage, but nope.. I see this huge glob of goo, resembling mucus/discharge but more white. hes had some piggy treats...
  3. S

    First snooze

    Today I picked up Gizmo for a cuddle and groom, after his groom he settled on my lap which has never happened before. He then gave me a big yawn and pancaked onto my lap. (I even think he had a snooze!) I’ve never had a cuddle with either of them for this long and it’s just made me really happy 😆
  4. Guineapigs33

    Piggy picture ❤️

    This is the first time I’ve really been able to get a picture of inky ❤️ Both of my piggies still run when I come around. I’ve barely had them a month. I thought I’d share this cause it’s super cute lol
  5. Livvysquish

    Human trapped in guinea pig

    Hey, I'm a bit bewildered at my guinea pigs behaviour and have tried searching it up everywhere but have found nothing. It is honestly like she's a human in a guinea pig body, she even looks a bit human in the eyes. Like she understands me. When my other piggies are drinking or eating, she'll...
  6. L

    Should I find Moe a new friend?

    As I posted yesterday, our beloved Gus has passed away. We are taking Moe to the vet tomorrow to confirm the parasite has truly been killed off from him, because though he tested negative, something happened with Gus. They had been separated for a month prior to this happening, so we are hoping...
  7. L


    I am sad to say that Gus has passed away. I am feeling guilty, depressed, and shocked. At 1:30 AM on Wednesday, he stood up on the side of his habitat and wanted a carrot; when I went to check on him at 3 AM, his back legs were stiff and he was unable to move. I should have taken him to the...
  8. C

    Where to keep my pigs while i'm out?

    I'm thinking of getting guinea pigs, but i go to church every sunday. I don't know if my church is pet friendly and i know i can't take them out every week. Should i leave them at home, or find a way to bring them with me?
  9. Gia

    Guinea Pig Drawings...

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if I could try to draw your piggies. I'm not super amazing, but I'll try my best! Post your precious piggy photos (preferrably of the side of the body) here! Thank you! Gia xoxo
  10. Petelixon

    Shed Or Playhouse?

    Hi. I was wondering do you prefer playhouses or sheds for your piggies? Anyone has any pictures of your set ups? Thank you x
  11. Jennybug89

    New Request For My Daughter!

    My little girl is obsessed with piggy mouths since we got our little woman, so I thought she'd love to see other beautiful piggies mouths on here! Our Rosie doesn't like to pose for mouth pics haha
  12. PiggyBubba

    Guinea Pig Cage Questions

    So I asked my mom for permission to build a c&c cage. Of course, she said no. I tried explaining to her all the benefits for my piggy but her mind was set in place. She said she would only buy me a store bought cage. So, do you guys have any suggestions for where to find cheap yet spacious cages...
  13. PigFoodStall

    Guinea Pig's Names And Pics?

    Let's see your cute little dudes. >:3 My Sheldon, when he was little. And my Eddy, a recent pic.
  14. B

    Help! My Guinea Pig Is Acting Strange?!

    Hi all! First of all I'm new to the Forum. My name is Shaz, I'm from the UKabd have two youngsters called Bambi and Thumper, no older than 6 months old. Got them both together so they were living together before rehoming. Recently one of my piggies had been acting REALLY strange. Really scary...
  15. TheCavySlave

    Okay, Slight Vet Panic...

    So, not sure where to put this, BUT... Well. Last time they had a checkup they went to Pets1st. But I'm not sure how cavy knowledgable they are, and in an emergency I want to make sure our boys will be in good hands. I've tried the vet locator but, well, I'm not sure any of them are very close...
  16. Guineapigfeet

    The Girls In Their Indoor Cage

    Just a few pics of my girls in their indoor cage. I am so in awe of everyone who manages to get nice, close, *in focus* pictures of their piglets! Rey and a peep from BB An out of focus nose but look at those feets! Slightly odd look from BB Chewie All three
  17. Beans&Toast

    Treat For Beans

    Beans has been without Toast now since 8am and she's really been missing her. Every now and again she'll wander round the cage looking for her :( Only 1 more hour until I pick Toasty up and they'll be reunited (and Toast can get back to annoying her sister), but for now I've got Beans some...
  18. SazzaG96

    Emergency Vet!

    Hi Guys, So me and the Guinea pigs have had a very stressful day. Archie was diagnosed with a URI and is now on antibiotics but today Han in the evening starting falling over, eye twitching and tilting his head to the right continuously. I was very worried as Han usually is running about...
  19. Guineapigfeet

    Piggy Feet And Faces

    From their second floor time of the day. BB-8 jumped over my leg for the first time today :) and I caught a sneaky chooken from Rey. Chewie was just Chewie! She was a right ratbag yesterday and was sweet as pie for weighing today.
  20. Piggiekisses

    Human Products For Piggies?

    Hi there, I've heard that there are some human products that are safe on piggies, and I wanted to know which ones they are and what it's used for. I am starting a first aid kit for my piggy and am wondering what kind of creams or ointments are safe for a skinny pig, in case of a scratch or...