rainbow bridge piggies

  1. ilestjade

    My darling Olive 💔

    Today 20/04/2021, sometime during the afternoon (myself and my partner are not sure of a time) our beautiful 4 year old piggy Olive very suddenly went over the rainbow bridge.💔 I don’t know why it happened, I don’t know if she felt any pain but I do know my heart is empty and my house is quiet...
  2. wackychick20

    My little Charlie Chops

    I lost my little Charlie yesterday, after a few days of being poorly (I syringe fed and gave her medicine) but I had to make the sad decision to put her to sleep so she wouldn’t be in pain any more. She was 3 and a half years old and had been as bright as a button until she became poorly. She...
  3. uikyo

    goodbye cookie! i hope youre with teddy eating cucumbers:)

    my little cookie died last night while giving birth , she was my first guinea pig and she needed a companion so i got her one. The petshop owner said it was a female which ultimately ended up being false. last night she gave birth to a still born and a few hours later passed away i called so...
  4. Vicvac28

    RIP Sweet Houdini

    I lost my 2.5 year old little boy yesterday from GDV, making the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep. He was visibly in so much pain and I know it was for the best but it doesn’t make it any easier and it was so sudden. I have photos of him on Friday having cuddles, and by Sunday he was...
  5. jordan1127

    I still cant get over him

    I was away for a month doing research at a UC and during this time I left my guinea pig in the care of my family, when i came back i noticed that under and around his mouth was extremely wet and no matter how many times I cleaned him up it just keep happening, so I took him to the vet they said...
  6. PiggiesAndPaws

    Over the Rainbow Bridge

    Goodnight my Piggy Piggy, Buds bug, Booday, Gorilla. I love you Buddy.🌟🖤
  7. TheLottiediarys

    Goodbye Baby, My special girl 😢😢

    Unfortunately Baby passed away in my arms about an hour ago, The animals seemed to be struggling with the fireworks today, I was checking all of them and making sure they were okay when I found Baby Unfortunately Donnie was trying to protect her and I had to literally pull him off her to get to...
  8. TheLottiediarys

    Bear passed away today, I feel so broken 😢

    Unfortunately I found Bear had passed away today, He had been struggling with his feet, arthritis had caused his front paws to swell up and become scabby, we had been fighting a battle to get him better again for a few months now, to vets and back again trying to get him better. Two days ago I...
  9. TheLottiediarys

    Could I be traumatised from Losing Lottie?

    I’ve been feeling very bad just lately, The Guinea have needed cleaning out for a few days and I’ve been putting it off and off, till last night I finally broke down to my partner and asked if he could clean them out because I’m struggling to do it. He said yes and I lay in bed while he cleaned...
  10. BenjiAndButtons

    R.i.p Buttons (without You)

    Without you to hear Without you to hold Without your kisses and cuddles Without growing old Without you running around Without your Rumbling sound Without your ginger/brown/white hair Without you popcorning in the air Without you life feels empty Without you covering us in pee Without you here...
  11. winnie

    Can't Get Over Losing My Boy

    Its been 5 months since I had to have my eldest boar Varo put to sleep & I just can't seem to get over it. I know I did the right thing for him as he was 7 1/2 years old was blind, had glaucoma, impaction , diabetes and arthritis in his legs. It was his arthritis that eventually made him not be...
  12. Carrotyd

    How To Tell A Child That A Beloved Guinea Pig Has Died?

    Hello all. Lloyd, the piggy on the left in my profile picture, passed away overnight after a very brief and rapid illness, leaving behind his best buddy and cage-mate, Harry. While the pair of them belong to me, I have many nieces and nephews who are also very much invested in the boys' care...
  13. A

    Rainbow Bridge For Pearl.

    I lost my beautiful piggy pearl this morning very suddenly and am very shocked and upset. I know she's okay now though and just hope her sister Marble will be okay. Love you Pearl, sleep tight xx
  14. E_Blackaby

    Miss You Already Anna

    I came home from university last night for my mum to tell me one of my gorgeous Guinea pigs has sadly passed away. She was only two and a half years old but she meant so much to me and she really was such a gorgeous pig inside and out. I am left with my other very special piggy, Anna's sister...
  15. meggles1410

    I'm So Scared And Sad... Mixed Emotions

    its been a very long time since ive posted about 4-3 years ago when i got my pig Maisie and adopted Teddy. well teddy passed over the rainbow bridge last month aged 6-7 we believe due to a massive tumor. this has left me heart broken and Maisie more so as she never left his side! her depression...
  16. coco&chanel

    Unexpected Passing

    My beautiful Peruvian girl, Chanel passed away last night. I found her this morning laid out on top of a snuggle sack with her eyes open. She was only 11 months old and this has come as a huge shock to me, I am completely devastated. She was a perfectly healthy guinea pig. She did have a...
  17. Lizzie3654


    My baby goofball died tonight. I came home and went to feed them some hay when she was unusually sitting in the corker of her cage away from her mates. I want to pet her and she didn't move at all like she usually would. I coundnt even move her myself I needed my mom to (I'm still only 16). I...
  18. peach

    Rip - My Sweet Girl Popcorn

    My little girl Popcorn was my first pet. She was 8 weeks and I was 44 years old. I bought her from the Pet store that was before I knew anything about animal rescue. On the way home from the store she was in a box and I had her on my lap, then she peed on my lap. My husband then told me that was...
  19. leahp1803

    Bye Bye My Baby Rudi

    to the sweetest, silliest, most playful loving piggie, it will be a week tomorrow since you passed away and I miss you everyday, and I'm so thankful for the time we spent together ❤️I spent a week syringe feeding you, and it only bought us closer and I could tell you loved me, I held my hand...
  20. L

    Rip Bramble

    We are so sad our dear little Bramble did not make it through his post-op recovery from bladder stone surgery. Bramble passed away 11/9/2015. We will miss him so much - particularly his excitement and enthusiastic squeaks every time I walked into the room. We'll miss cuddles, and chats, and...