1. Peppa+Delilah

    Help for Peppa

    Hi guinea pig owners, I'm brand new to the guinea pig world but am already currently obsessed with my two girls and love to spend as much time with them, reading up about them and just trying to improve their life as much as possible... However tonight after doing the girls weekly checks I've...
  2. D

    Help- white scab on ear?

    Hello! First post. So my brother got a guinea pig for his birthday, (it was an impulse buy from my mom and he does not have the right set up, trying to convince her to get a bigger cage, but that’s besides the point-) and today I noticed he has a whitish patch of crust on the top of his ear and...
  3. S

    Guinea pig scab

    Hello! We have just noticed this little scab on my guineas belly. His brother was treated for a fungal infection a couple weeks ago and everything has been disinfected since then. They were also treated for mites over a month ago. Any idea what it may be? Thanks!
  4. N

    Guinea Pigs Just Began to Bully

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the community and I've had a couple of guinea pigs for a while now. They've always been very relaxed and fun to hold and play with, but just recently (in the last week or so) my long haired one has begun to bully and harm the short haired one and it's now showing scabs...
  5. ashimay

    Crust and sore on the nose!

    On Friday I noticed that one of my guinea pig’s fur on the nose had gone slightly yellow and a little crusty (as can be seen in the first two photos). His breathing sounded just fine and his eyes showed no signs of cloudiness, discharge, watering etc, he has been eating and behaving as normal...
  6. M

    Scab like and hair loss

    Hello, me and my sister recently noticed a scab like thing on the back of my piggy i didn’t realise he was having hair loss in that area until i took the photos, should i be worried and is there anything i should do?
  7. N

    Guinea Pig Scab

    Hello! I just made an account today, my name is Nikku and I have 2 female guinea pigs. Today, I spotted some sort of mark on one of my piggies and when I got a closer look, it looked like a dry wound or scab of some sort on the side of her left front leg. I also noticed she was missing a small...
  8. L

    Is this mites?

    I was recently petting my piggy and he had some sort of a scab black thing on his back only I looked and felt to see if there is anymore but no only on his back and before I saw it I was scratching him and I scratched the scab part without knowing it was there and white kinda like dandruff specs...
  9. Isabela

    Ill piggy?

    I have a piggie and she started losing some hair around her nose in the past couple of days and today I noticed she has a scab (I don't really know the word for it) on the nose. What could it be? I really hope it's not a fungal infection. The piggies have been having some ''dominance vocal...
  10. V

    urgent help! scab not healing even months after surgery

    Hi all, This is going to be a long one, but I'll try to keep it as short as possible. A few months ago, our guinea pig had a suspected abscess on her bum. Since it was too big to be drained, the vet decided to perform surgery. Keeping in mind that our vet works specifically with exotics, we...
  11. V

    Guinea pig biting at scab?

    Hi all, My guinea pig had surgery about 4 weeks ago on a tumour that the vet thought was an abscess. Once they opened up the lump on her rear, they obviously found out that it was a tumour, and so they simply closed it right back up again. We noticed that she was messing about with her scar for...
  12. Charlottibiscot

    Weird scab with spur like thing on piggies back

    I was stroking my 6 year old female guinea pig and found a small blackish scab on her back, along with what looks like a spur. It is painful for her if I tap it even lightly. I'm not sure whether it is something like mange or not because she doesn't seem to be itching. She has a cage mate and...
  13. S

    Guinea Pig Scabs

    So, Benny and Jerry are my two brother Guinea Pigs that I adopted in February of 2017. They had a Midwest style cage and lived together peacefully without fighting and are now 2 years old. A little over a month ago, I adopted a new male Guinea Pig who needed a home named Nigel. He is 9 months...
  14. Emily<3

    Strange Patch Appeared Near Guinea Pig Eye

    Hello! I have a longhaired piggy named Atticus, he is about 5 years old. He has developed a strange patch right in between his eye and his nose (it seems almost attached to the veeeery end of his eye) at first he was just scratching at it but now there is pus coming out of it. My other pig...
  15. H

    Bald Spot Above Bum, Any Ideas?

    Hi so over the last week I've been noticing one of my guinea pigs shedding more than usual, I thought nothing of it at first but today I noticed this flaky bald patch above his bum, I was reading online for things it could be and saw a few different answers so wasn't sure how to help it, so I...
  16. Fi8891

    Black Scab Around Nostril

    My boy Noodle has recently developed a black scab-like patch around his nostril. He’s had a small black spot there for a long time, but it didn’t suggest any cause for concern. Recently (within the last week) he’s got this big scabby area. It doesn’t appear to be ringworm as the rest of his coat...
  17. Beans&Toast

    Beans Has A Sore/scab On Her Mouth.

    On Monday I noticed Beans had a bit of a scab on her lip, only on 1 side. I thought I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes because it didn't seem to be bothering her, so I just kept it clean with warm water and used a cream from gorgeous guineas. Well today it looks worse, bigger and I'm...
  18. C

    Cut On Young Guinea Pig, Vet Worthy?

    i have three guinea pigs, two of which were just introduced about a week ago. they are getting alone fine and playing well but one morning i noticed a cut on one's face. it almost looks white powdery around it and is scabbing a lot. i've been gently cleaning it and it doesn't seem to be...
  19. B

    Guinea Pig Lump/growth

    My Guinea Pig has a growth/lump on the centre of his back. It has a scab in the centre and in my opinion looks like it is filled with something, as if I squeezed it (which I don't plan on doing) something would come out. This is especially due to the scab in the middle seeming like it goes deep...
  20. Beans&Toast

    Why Does Beans Keep Doing This?

    So after being spayed over 2 weeks ago, Toast's wounds on the top of her back are healing very well, but have left a bit of a scab (vet has checked it and happy it will just fall off). The past 4 or so days Beans has started to lick and gently bite the 2 scabs on Toast's back, she doesn't seem...