1. Happyman247

    Sleeping arrangements.

    Hello, I have 3 pigs (recently lost 1) I used to have 2 pairs- boy/girl and girl/girl that lived very happily together but separate in their pairs. However now that one of the girls as died we have been trying to introduce the nutered boy to the other pair. At first it was going well as they...
  2. furmom.pau

    Sleeping with eyes closed!

    Sorry for posting again I'm just very happy and wanna share it with you! There's just something so satisfying when you see your piggies sleep with their eyes closed 🥺 sorry for the low quality picture haha i needed to zoom so much i didn't want to disturb and make a noise 😅
  3. W

    Sleeping? Or is there something wrong?

    My guinea pig Nymeria was sleeping, I think, on top of hay, she was laying on her side, eyes open but breathing in a way that made her body move back and forth (not sure how else to explain it). I could see her breathing, it seemed normal and everything. I touched her and she did nothing, I...
  4. Charlottibiscot

    Guinea pigs eyes rolled to back of head?

    So I own two female guinea pigs, and my Abyssinian, who is 6 in May, displayed some concerning behaviour today. She was layed down comfortably next to my other piggy, when suddenly she let out an annoyed squeak. I rushed over to check on her and saw that whilst she looked asleep, her eyes were...
  5. M

    Guinea pig won't get off his house

    I have a hidey house that has a little ramp so that he can get on top. He was never able to for a couple months but he finally figured it out. But now he hardly ever gets off of it. He eats food from the hay feeder attached to the house, he sleeps there, uses the bathroom, and won’t come off to...
  6. PiggyRush

    Guinea Pig Sleeping?

    Hi, today I had a very bad scare with one of my girls. Her names Ginger. Well today I had to feed them a But earlier then usual (about 2 hours) just because this weekend I'm leaving to to go visit someone 2 hours away so my mom will have to take care of them. Anyway. I put the veggies in each...
  7. AlKo96

    Sleeping Piggies

    I love seeing my piggies sleeping, it's clearly such a hard life for them! This is my girl Truffles after tiring herself out stuffing her face with lettuce :) I'd love to see your piggies chilling/sleeping :)
  8. P

    Young Guinea Pig Help! Hind Legs Gave Out Suddenly

    Two days ago, I gave my 2 year old male guinea pig a bath in warm water. After having him in the water for 2 minutes, his hind legs suddenly gave out and he was dragging himself using his front paws. I took him out immediately. Afterwards, I noticed his eyes were sunken in. I gave him plenty of...
  9. Elgifu321

    Share A Pig Of Your Snuggly Guinea Pigs!

    I love seeing pics of really cuddly guinea pigs that are super comfortable with their owners. Rupert, my 4 yo piggy is always happy to snooze on my lap! Here's a few pics! Share pics of your piggys if they do anything like this or are simply cuddle monsters :love:
  10. Beans&Toast

    Beans Is Starting To Show Her Age

    My beautiful Beans is starting to slow down lately. I'm not too sure how old she is, around 5 I believe. Over the past month or so she's really starting to show her age. She sleeps a lot more than when I first got her and doesn't zoom about anymore. She has developed cataracts in both eyes, her...
  11. Beans&Toast

    Sleepy Chookens

    Got some sneaky chooken pictures when Beans was napping :love: Look at those little feets :drool::drool::drool:
  12. Beans&Toast

    Find Beans

    So I was going to feed the piggies, and noticed that I could only see Toast sitting in the loft, I looked for Beans but couldn't see her. I instantly thought maybe she had escaped, then I looked back in the loft and noticed something sticking out of the hay at the back... Beans likes to...
  13. Beans&Toast

    Strange Pig..

    Despite having a big 6x2 c and c cage and lots of hidey houses full of hay to sleep in, Beans much prefers to squash herself up and sleep like this...:hmm::love:
  14. JoannaMarie

    Ted Had Bladder Surgery On Friday - Still Not Eating Or Moving Much

    I really hope you can advise me. My baby boy Ted had a bladder operation on Friday - they thought it was bladder stones but it was actually a blood clot. He ate a little of his straw yesterday but I was syringe feeding him all day. Today there is no improvement. He didn't move all night. There...
  15. kitkat1

    Post Pictures Of Your Guinea Pigs Sleeping!

    I thought this would be a fun thread- I am interested to see how other piggies sleep! I don't know if this is already a thread or not, but that's okay. XD Here is my pig Dipper sleeping: Whenever I try to get a pic of my other piggy Moonbeam sleeping he always ends up waking up- he must be a...