1. G

    Guinea Pig Sounds

    Hi everyone, My guinea pig, Ginger, makes a strange deep purr noise and shakes whenever I pet her back. She doesn’t seem agitated or irritated. I can’t tell if this noise is good or bad. Please help! Here is a link to the YouTube video of the noise.
  2. honeybee<3

    New piggy is still scared of every sound, how should i calm her down?

    I recently got a new guinea pig, she is very sweet and is doing really well, however, she is scared of the slightest noise. If I even slightly move my foot on the carpet she looks alert or runs back into her hidey. She is completely used to the sound of my voice and she feels safe enough to walk...
  3. Shauni

    Sound With Breathing

    Dear everyone, I have a question about my guinea pig Simba (2 years old). I can hear her breath sometimes when she sniffles. I already went to the vet (she is a guinea pig specialist) and she checked everything but couldn't find anything wrong. Today she had a really weird sound while...
  4. Lil3piggies

    Making A Chirping Sound!

    Hi guys! My piggie has just been making a noise that sounds more like a bird chirping than a guinea pig sound! Is this normal? He was running around and eating- being his usual self. Was very strange, like a high pitch short squeak? By the way that’s the only way I can describe it haha! Thanks!
  5. B

    Is It Normal For My Guinea Pig To Make These Sounds?

    One of my guinea pigs makes these sounds constantly when i am holding her. I'm not sure if shes mad or I am doing something wrong. Any ideas?
  6. MollyB

    A Bit Of Behaviour Advice?

    Hi all! I'm getting used to Teddy's, (my lone, almost blind, rescue boar's) sounds, movements, and behaviours, but I just wanted to check with you all what they actually mean to make sure I get it right. He does a quiet teeth chattering sound when I bring him food or when I come see him and...
  7. Annabelle

    What Do These Sounds Mean?

    Hello there everyone! For context, my guinea pigs are very young and small. I think they are almost 2 months old but they are indeed still tiny babies. These are my first guinea pigs, so I am incredibly cautious in terms of messing things up. So, the question: what do these sounds mean? I...
  8. Meganlouised

    Strange Piggy Noises!

    hi! I have two piggies, a 2 year old female and a 3 year old male. Lately, only occasionally, I have been hearing a new noise I have never heard them make before! I think it's the female making the noise, the only way I can describe it is like a chicken coo. It's a little like rumbling but...