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  1. Angelina_97866

    Bonding to make a trio

    Hi, I have just adopted a pair of sows and am hoping that I can introduce a younger sow to form a trio. Obviously I have to wait a couple of weeks or more for them to settle in and trust us, but would it work trying to do this? The pair I have are 1 years old. (Photo from previous owner)
  2. Angelina_97866

    Looking for new pigs

    Does anyone have recommendations for apps to find Guinea pigs in need of rehousing? For all my previous pigs I have used apps like gumtree etc to collect pigs that people didn’t want or couldn’t keep anymore. I am looking for 3 or 2 bonded sows as I have recently lost both my boars. Thank you!
  3. M

    My newly introduced guinea pigs are fighting. Please help!

    Hi, please help me to understand how I should best bond my two pigs. I have researched as much as I can, but seem to get conflicting reports online and I’d really just like advice. I adopted my first pig (female, 2 years), who had been living alone for most of her life with her previous owner...
  4. Immogen

    Bonding sows tips

    I have two female piggies, one is just under 2 years old and one is about 2 months old. I'd like to try and bond them but I could use some advice. I've had the older one for about 6 weeks and the younger one for about 2 weeks. How long should I wait until I try and introduce them to each other...
  5. ZenexPiggies

    Could 2 boars live with multiple sows?

    Hey there, as some of you may know, 3 of my sows are having babies soon (oops) and I wasjut wondering if multiple boars could live with multiple sows? I've seen some people beingablr to put multiple boars with sows and the bosrs became best friends. Is the chsnce just really low?
  6. jennag446

    Sick piggie being bullied

    Hi! My name is Jenna, and I have three female piggies. I moved houses a couple of weeks ago which has put a little stress on the pigs. A few days ago, I noticed that one of them, Mini, wasn’t eating. Today we took her to the vet and found out she has gi stasis. She’s lost a lot of energy. Keep...
  7. Siikibam

    Birthday girls 🎉

    My beautiful girls are three today! Can’t believe how quickly the time has flown past! I remember I got them a day after my eldest daughter’s birthday. He took some convincing (to get them) but the husband warmed to them as well. Happy birthday girls. You’ll get a thin slice of apple later...
  8. veesilver

    Sow mounting & v discharge?

    Hi! Yesterday my two baby sows started being a bit tense aorund each other. They are still bonding, as we only got them 3 weeks ago. There's been some power shifting since, as one of them had problems with a leg when we got them, and the other one, initially dominant, turned out to be ill and...
  9. veesilver

    I think I have 2 sows...but I'm not sure. Help?

    Hi! I just got two sows a couple of days ago, but I've been advised to check them as well just tbe sure...and well, I don't know. I attached 2 pictures, please help me out xx Note: I am aware the piggies are currently very dirty (from their previous environment) and will clean them soon.
  10. veesilver

    One of my guineas squeals when the other one gets close

    Hi! I am a new guinea pig owner (2 days now)! I got 2 baby sows, Peach and Coco, from a breeder, but they seemed to be from different moms and we think one of them (Coco) was a bit smaller, as she was still with her mom when the breeder gave her to us. We honestly forgot to ask how old Coco was...
  11. Livvysquish

    Turn my double into trio again

    Hey!, I have had my sow trio of guinea pigs for two months (experienced owner) they were all sisters and got along well. Sadly one was a runt, and through many vet visits she still passed away through seizure. I was recently thinking about getting the trio back together but am scared as to...
  12. Linny9

    Guinea pigs fighting after floor time

    Hi! Wondering if anyone can explain this, guinea pigs (ladies) were happy before and during floor time, and I put them all back in the cage at the same time. Immediately one starts bullying the other. No biting but such aggressive mounting that the mounter fell off. I'm seperating them for the...
  13. cashewandpeppa

    Is this normal? Strong season for sows

    We’re on day FOUR of what seems to be the strongest season possible for Peppa. Can I get some opinions on the video below? Peppa lifted Cashew’s chin and nibbled - never seen this before. Usually just chin raises. Peppa has been rumble strutting for four days straight now. She’ll rumble and...
  14. cashewandpeppa

    Re-introducing after surgery

    Hi! I’ve read all of the forums on here about bonds in trouble, medical separations, bonding behavior, etc. but I’ve got one big question. Does anyone have an example of what the fighting ball of fluff would look like? My girls, when they were together prior to one of them having surgery, have...
  15. ?

    3 females.

    hi, does anyone have 3 guinea pigs living together? particularly 3 females? have you had any issues with one of the piggies being left out? thanks :)
  16. T

    Our first piggie fight!

    Hello all! This might be a long one so apologize in advance! So on Saturday we introduced a mother and daughter pair that my boyfriend and I re-homed. We have 4 girls of our own, one of which is still new to the group and a baby. My boyfriend's roommate moved out so we were excited to have a...
  17. ashleemelda

    Sudden Dominance Behaviors

    I got my girls, Moira and Rose, back in May, so 7 months ago now. Within the past month, they have started exhibiting dominance behaviors that I have never seen up until this point. For example, they both rumblestrut around each other pretty much constantly throughout the day, Rose sprays urine...
  18. Erinmartinx

    Is this a sign of dominance?

    Evening everyone, I’ve just had my 2 female guinea pigs out for a run around and noticed that one of them seemed to purposely try and wee on the other. She lifted her legs up and everytime the other one tried to run away she’d run back and do it again. Is this normal. I’ve never seen them do it...
  19. GeorgiaHarris

    Sow lunging during bonding

    I am currently bonding my 2 6 month old sows to my new 7 week old skinny pig. My one girl Ruby (grey Peruvian) seems to be getting on fine with her but my other girl Meg (texel) keeps lunging, chasing and nipping at her. They’ve been together for about an hour now and she’s still doing it. I...
  20. Siikibam

    Happy birthday yesterday!

    So our girls turned one yesterday and got an extra lettuce leaf as a birthday present. I worked till early hours then was out the morning and back to sleep before picking up the kids! I would have done a birthday shoot if I’d had time. They’ll all also be getting a bit of fruit at the weekend...