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  1. lauryn1289

    What would be a reasonable minimum housing requirement?

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all well. Since my boys Kip and Bobby died in January and February I’m down to two boys, Ollie and Eggs. I would love to take in another piggy who needs a home, but I’m so stretched for space. It’s not an exact figure because the c&c cage is L shaped, but Ollie and...
  2. Wheeksers

    Guinea Pig Fan Art: Space Blanket Piggy

    Hey all! I wanted to share so me fan art I did the other day of Amy Frances (Instagram). I'm really proud of the way this turned out! I'm hoping to make more and (hopefully) have my own creation. I suck a drawing or being original in that regard, so I tend to lean heavily on other's work. But...
  3. Jordyn Warner

    L Shaped C&c Cage

    Hello I have had guinea pigs in the past and was in a constant struggle always trying to find space to upgrade there cage! They ended up with more room than me haha! Now in a new home with plenty of space and more money I am looking to start again in the right way from the start! I have a lot of...
  4. TheLottiediarys

    Can You Have Such A Thing As A Too Large Cage?

    Is it possible to give the pigs too much space? Or is that not really such an issue?
  5. PiggieNinja

    Too Much Space? Not Enough Space? Shed Advise Needed!

    ok. so. (please bare with me) I'm getting a shed for my piggies (8x6 ) and i was planning on giving them access to the entire shed floor plus an 'L' shaped shelf which will go along two of the sides (connected via ramp) but i just wondered if it is worth it? now dont get me wrong I LOVE MY...
  6. D

    Cage Help Needed; All Help Appreciated

    Hi all, I have owned guinea pigs in the past but due to moving country I had to give them away... now i'm looking to get some more pigs; I have been searching for the past week for a cage that would house 3 guinea pigs and have struggled a great deal... I have managed to find a 5x2 c&c cage that...
  7. Eloise&Winnie

    Hideaways And Toys Vs. Open Space (in Cage)

    Hi there! I have two female guineas that are almost two years old. I use a large open dog pen (similar to a large dog cage with no top) and have pee pads and fleece on the ground for them. The cage is slightly smaller than the average C&C cage. Anyways, I'm wondering: What is more important...
  8. Louspiggs

    Cage Size?

    is a 2x5 (plus 1x3 second tier) big enough space for 2 boars?