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  1. Angelina_97866

    Bonding to make a trio

    Hi, I have just adopted a pair of sows and am hoping that I can introduce a younger sow to form a trio. Obviously I have to wait a couple of weeks or more for them to settle in and trust us, but would it work trying to do this? The pair I have are 1 years old. (Photo from previous owner)
  2. L

    Trio Of Boars Not Working Out - Post Separation Advice Needed

    Hi all! First time posting so hopefully this is the right place. I stumbled upon the separation guide and found it quite useful! I have 3 boars that were a few weeks old when I purchased them (bad advice from the shop otherwise would have gotten 2) and they are now 6 months old. I have had to...
  3. loosypig

    Adding young sow to males?

    Hey y’all! I’ve got two bonded boars that are getting neutered next week. They’re about 5/6 months. I’ve been thinking about adding a young female from a local rescue well after the boys have healed. Any experience with 2 neutered males and adding a baby sow? My boys are good with each other...
  4. Livvysquish

    Turn my double into trio again

    Hey!, I have had my sow trio of guinea pigs for two months (experienced owner) they were all sisters and got along well. Sadly one was a runt, and through many vet visits she still passed away through seizure. I was recently thinking about getting the trio back together but am scared as to...
  5. E

    Bonding a 2yr old boar with two 9mo old brothers?

    Hi all! Quick backstory - I rescued my 2yr old boar last year. He has been a lone guinea pig all his life as far as I'm aware - he lived with rabbits and judging by a small scar behind his nibbled ear, I don't think it was the best environment for him. He's really came into his own since he was...
  6. W

    Possible trio?

    Hi all, I wanted some advice on people’s experiences of having a trio of sows? I have two current girls and was considering another one who would be approx 10 weeks by the time I get her. One of my current pigs is very shy in personality and the other is outgoing, they are housed in a 5X2 C&C...
  7. ?

    3 females.

    hi, does anyone have 3 guinea pigs living together? particularly 3 females? have you had any issues with one of the piggies being left out? thanks :)
  8. Bungie bunnies

    Advice on keeping a trio of males :)

    Hi sorry I’m new to this :) I’ve recently adopted a group of 3 male guniea pigs I can’t pick them up until the lockdown has stopped but before bringing them home I’ve been doing a lot of research and I know keeping one neutered male and a few females would be the best option but because I’ve...
  9. The Mad House

    Successful Guinea Pig Trio Bonding - Anyone had any luck?

    Hi everyone, Please read everything I've done before replying. I'm looking for people who've successfully bonded trio's of Piggie's together which I know is RARE but I just don't want to give up any sort of hope yet! - I have read the guides on the pages about Bonding boars and signs to look...
  10. SydneySharkk

    Male Trio? Neutering? Male herds?

    So I’ve been talking to my friend who’s old classmate is trying to rehome their two male guinea pigs, for a few months now. They asked me several months ago (right after I got my two girls) and I was thinking about getting them but they never responded. Until like a week ago, and she told me...
  11. Kirbs

    Will they be ok?

    I have three 6 month old male guinea pigs living together. Sadly, one is constantly being chased and bitten on the ear by one. He also gets food snatched off him also they all get the same treats. Will they be ok soon or will I have to consider separating them? The ‘bullied’ one is also...
  12. SydneySharkk

    Weird mark on guinea pigs ear, and pairing a trio

    So I just adopted two more girl guinea pigs today (now I’m at a total of 5 pigs all together!) I wanted to pair two with my one girl XiaoXiao (who is recovering from a dental issue) I felt like now would be a good time to finally get her some friends. I just got them home today and I cleaned...
  13. Piggiefamily

    Introducing one boar to two bonded sows

    Hi. I have 2 bonded sows that have been living together since babies, they are 3 yrs now. They have been happily sharing their cage and always got along very well. Recently I have adopted a boar which has lost his wife ( previous owners never neutered him and the wife died whilst pregnant). My...
  14. Adamandralph

    Bereaved boar with 2 sows ?

    Hi all. I posted on here last week about my 2 boars and adding a third (Which I decided against) but sadly my sweet Adam passed away on Friday at 5 years old :(. Obviously I am devestated but his cage mate Ralph is looking very lonely I want to get him some company ASAP. He is very dominant and...
  15. LothianCavies

    Boar help!

    Hello, we are new guinea pig owners. After thinking about getting cavies for years I saw someone in our village had babies that required urgent homes due to them moving. I did a bad thing - I acted on impulse and said we would take them. However, when they dropped them off they gave us three...
  16. winniethepooh

    Trio Of Boars?

    I was thinking today, is a trio of boars a common thing? I know a trio of sows is a thing and they get along but would a trio of boars work out? I currently have 2 boars right now and was thinking (of course when they settle in to their C&C cage and get over their dominant stages) of getting...
  17. milchgauss

    Guinea Pig Trio Solution?

    We have a guinea pig trio (all female) in a cage that is roughly 5.5 feet by 1.5 feet. They were all from the same litter in the pet shop. My husband and I had done our research prior to getting the guinea pigs and did not come across the fact that this configuration was dysfunctional. Our...
  18. Annelle

    Welcoming A Little Rex(?) Into A Sow Trio!

    Hi fellow cavy lovers! I am celebrating the addition to a sweet baby girl, and wanted to share her adorable face with you all <3 I fell victim, and adopted her from a pet store, (for shame, I know,) but I could hardly resist. I haven’t a clue what her mix is, but she seems to have a bit of...
  19. csmith9nr

    Boar Trio Working?

    if you read my last post you'll know why I'm doing this. So it was either put my two guinea pigs with the new one or get a New Guinea pig to go with the new one. As originally I really wanted 3 guinea pigs together I ended up trying it just to see how it would go. Pringle and mojo and the new...
  20. MKC

    Possible Bullying From New Boar On Bonded Boar Pair

    HI All! I have a question about a probable bullying situation and if its gone far enough. I have read lots of articles on here but am just looking for some added advice. We have two male boars that we got from a rescue about two weeks ago, they were estimated to be a couple months old. They get...