vitamin c

  1. Squid's Mom

    Daily Critical Care?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and I have an 8 week old guinea pig named Squid. He had a rough entry into my life as I got him and his brother, Triscuit, from Petco only to have Triscuit cough up blood and die 4 days later. Needless to say Squid was rushed to the vet soon after and was treated for a...
  2. mochalily2020

    Vit. C recommendation

    Hi everyone, I have recently moved from the UK with our two piglets and have found out that I cannot find the Vit. C powder that I was using in the UK here they seem to use the droplets that you put in the water instead. However, I have read that it's not great to use those droplets so I was...
  3. Puddles1999

    Daily veggies?

    I’m just curious as to what everybody feeds their guineas. A lot of places have varying information. I have taken a look at the forum though and am trying to give my guinea pigs more variety in their diet. Right now for their everyday veggies, they get a leaf of red/green leaf lettuce, a slice...
  4. Puddles1999

    How much calcium/vitamin c?

    Hi! I’ve been doing research on my veggies lately and I can not find the right amount of vitamins c/ calcium that guinea pigs are supposed to have daily. One article said that for an adult guinea, they need 25 mg and then another said they need 100mg a day. Does anybody actually know the right...
  5. T

    Sherwood Pet Health Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids

    Hi All, Just wanted to know if anyone has tried this product? Would you advise it would be a good form of providing vitamin C to guinea pigs? Thanks! :) : Sherwood Pet Health Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids (100 Tablets - 60 Grams) : Pet Supplies
  6. Mother of Piggies

    Uncooperative piggie

    Hi! I’m having problems with my two year old Abyssinian boar: he has a broken/missing tooth, which was almost definitely caused by a lack of vitamin c. I feed all of my piggies vitamin c tablets, which all except for Chewbacca (the pig in question) love. I’ve recently been trying even harder...
  7. Pearl and Zip

    Vitamin C

    Does anyone know of a good vitamin C supplement? One of my piggies is very picky and refuses to eat the oxbow ones and the brytil ones.
  8. Lilythepig2017

    Vitamin C Question: Dr Recommends 20mg. Too Much?

    EDIT: sorry title is supposed to say “20mg on top of red pepper. Is it too much?” Sorry for typo so I think I read guinea pigs just need 30mg of C to stave off ill health from vitamin C deficiency. Today I served her 28 grams of red pepper which has 35 mg of C. The vet gave me though at our...
  9. Piggy mum

    Enough Vitamin C?

    hi My guinea pig has been suffering from recurrent bloat the past 6 weeks, it is now improving although he has had another flare up. I’m syringe feeding him grain free pellets mushed up 3-4 times a day and these have added vitamin c in them. I’m also giving him a bit of pro c once a day...
  10. Jennybug89

    Does She Need A Supplement?

    So as some of you know I have been giving our first piggy Rosie Vitamin C supplement since I realised the state she came to me in. We got a new piggy today from the pet shop. She came to them from the breeder yesterday. (yes she is quarantined and yes I would have rescued if there was one near...
  11. Jennybug89

    Oops There Goes My Money

    When you intend to buy the necessities for piggy but it becomes an accidental piggy shopping spree!
  12. C


    Hi! I recently got a guinea pig (Cream is her name) from a friend who could no longer support it. She said that she would give Cream these vitamin C drops that had yogurt in them. She said that they work great for getting vitamin c to the guinea pig, but a lot of websites that I've been to say...
  13. P

    Young Guinea Pig Help! Hind Legs Gave Out Suddenly

    Two days ago, I gave my 2 year old male guinea pig a bath in warm water. After having him in the water for 2 minutes, his hind legs suddenly gave out and he was dragging himself using his front paws. I took him out immediately. Afterwards, I noticed his eyes were sunken in. I gave him plenty of...
  14. Chancey

    Showing No Interest In Most Veggies...

    Hi there, A week ago my partner and I were lucky to bring home three little piggies - Daisy, Clover and Poppy - all of which are around the eleven week old mark. Yesterday we had to take them to the vet, as they've been sneezing and coughing (as well as scratching a lot) and he said all of...
  15. magicmoments

    Vitamin C - Could Anyone Please Give Me Some Advice?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me? I took my 2 year old female guinea pig, Dora, to the vet on Friday night thinking she had eggs around her back end (which surprised me because their cage is kept very clean and she is treated for flystrike, flees, lice etc). When the vet...
  16. Elgifu321

    Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets?

    Caspar (my baby teddy boar) and Ronan (my baby texel boar: tonights addition, a lone runt that nobody, including the breeder wanted so I couldn't help myself) were both fed heygates rabbits choice pellets as well as refugees (which I feed a bit of alongside Timothy hay) before I got them so I...
  17. M

    How Often Should I Fed Vitamin C Supplements?

    First, let me introduce myself. I'm Morgan. I own 3 hamsters and I will soon own 2 Guinea pigs. On July 23. My black Guinea pig is Lola (about 2.5 y/o)and my brown-white crested GP is Daisy (same age as Lola, about). I have a male Syrian hamster named Peanut (about 3 year. 4 mo.) who is BEAUTIFUL...
  18. Callia

    Scab On The Back Of Guinea Pig

    Hello! Today I took out my guinea pig, Galibi, and as I petted her I noticed something rough in her hair. At first I thought something small was caught in it, but I decided to move back her hair and found that she instead had a scab. She does not share her cage with another pigs and when I...
  19. TheWheekies

    Vitamin C

    With me seeing things about how much vitamin c pigs need (and that being lots) I was wondering which veggies/fruits are high in vitamin c? I know carrots are and obviously oranges, but the boys have carrots quite regularly and get bored, plus we tried a little orange peel the other night but...
  20. Logan


    Please help! I have a guinea pig named bronco. He is around 5 years old. Lately he has been breathing pretty heavy. He was seen by a vet yesterday and got a prescription for orbax. He had one does yesterday evening, one dose this morning and will receive another tonight. He has been drinking...