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  1. P

    Lump or bone? Please help

    Hi all, when picking up my youngest piggie today (he's 10 months) I noticed a hard rounded end lump or bone,I'm not sure which, in between his front legs, I can't feel one on my older pig, however he has quite a bit more fat than my little one. The lump feels as though it is long and curved at...

    First night together!

    Hi there, I’m new here and just looking for a bit of advice. We have just adopted a new Guinea pig today from a rescue. He is a 1.5 year old male and had always lived alone. We needed a new companion for our 10 month old male as he lost his friend recently. The bonding has gone pretty well and...
  3. Yaswinn

    Limping guinea pig

    Hello, i really need help. I have a female guinea pig, which is almost 7 year old. Two days ago, she started walking in a rather funny way. It looks like her leg is swollen and she holds it in the air all the time. She's eating and drinking, at least a bit. The question is, is it worth taking...
  4. Siikibam

    Away from the boys

    We’ve gone away for the weekend and so I had to put the boys in boarding. I’m a little worried because they’re in a smaller enclosure and I’m not sure how many times they’ll be put in the run. I’m sure they’ll be fine anyway but I can’t help but worry. It’s like putting your child in Nursery etc...
  5. R

    Help, guinea pig eating less and slow

    Ever since i came back from a four day holiday my guinea pig, Patchy, was eating his dinner and grass extremely slowly, and he seemed to look unwell. He and his brother, Chewy (the most confident piggy in the world) were at my mothers friends house. But this weekend was extremely hot and the...
  6. B

    Constant jumping/skipping?

    Hello everyone! I just got 2 guinea pigs, around 3 months of age. They were put together a week ago since they’re not related, but they are getting along great. However, these are my first piggies, and a few things worry me. First off, is it normal that they’re constantly jumping and skipping...
  7. PirateZelda

    Coughing Or Retching?

    We were just about to leave the flat today when we heard Artemis making an odd sound. Look round and he's jerking his head forward and making a sound like someone trying to be sick. I know guineas can't actually be sick and it ends up in their lungs (heard from someone - please correct if...
  8. Williams15

    Worried About Bloat!

    Hi, I'm new to this site so apologies if there is already an existing topic on this. I own two sows who are three years old. Yesterday I was giving them cucumber when I noticed one of my guinea pigs, who is the bigger of the two, had a slightly swollen stomach. At first I thought she may have...
  9. P

    Worried Owner, Possible Dying Guinea Pig

    This morning we discovered maggots in my guinea pigs anus and by the afternoon took him to the vet after realising what it was. The vet said we had cleaned well and there were no further signs of an infestation and have him 3 injections of painkillers and antibiotics I believe. Since coming home...
  10. Guineapigfeet

    Bb Has A Lump

    I noticed a lump on BB (nearly two years old, of unknown but probably indiscrimate breeding) this afternoon when putting her back in her cage. It's on the right side just in front of her hip, diameter on the her body is about that of a 5p peice. It felt a bit hard but to be honest she is so...
  11. DanielleParkes

    New Guinea Owner!

    I recently bought 2 male guinea pigs at 20 weeks old and I was advised to hold them for at least 30 minutes a day so they can get used to human contact. One of them if very active and makes squeaking noise and will take food from my hand whilst the other just scuttles up to my neck and will lay...
  12. Cavy Kung-Fu

    I Finally Have My Boy.

    My little boy has finally come home with me, infuriatingly my ride was late so I missed my vets appointment for him :hb: I weighed him before I put him in his new home, here's his details: - 5 months old. - Neutered approx 7 weeks ago. - Weighing 556 grams, lighter than he was before neuter...
  13. Mishatoe

    My Guinea Pig Spazzes Out When Out Of Cage

    I've had a guinea pig for about a month now and she's only a baby. I've noticed that when she's out of her cage she goes completely bonkers. Rolling, jumping, running around crazily. She does not like being touched outside of her cage, but when she's in it I can pet away. Does anyone know what...
  14. guineabee

    Gaining Our New Pups' Trust - Did We Mess It Up?!

    My husband and I are guinea pig parents for the first time! We bought 2 4-month old girls 3 days ago. We got them from Petsmart and they are not used to human contact really at all (from what the employee told us). The night we bought them we put them in their cage and left them alone all night...
  15. Lunaandmaggie

    Worrie And Runny Nose

    So I just got a guinea pig from the store. And she has harness around her nose and she sneezes I don't know what that means but I'm very worried do you guys have any advice for me? Thank you her name is Maggie by the way she's so cute I don't want her to get hurt.
  16. MJG

    You Have A Duty Of Care !

    Getting a little worried by reading all the threads saying "I can't afford to get my guys to the vets,especially on a Sunday" Did you not think that before you bought an animal that it would get sick? It's nature , things get sick , people get sick and if you have pets you have a DUTY to...
  17. Jesse's pigs

    Mo's Dangleberries

    Hi I recently did thread on a worry I had regarding Mo's testicles. I've kept my eye on it but now it looks slightly red rather then white. I've read it could just be a scratch from hay or something or perhaps he scratched it but I was just wondering whether I should immediately worry about a...
  18. Aliceandbuddy

    New Piggy Sounds Bunged Up

    Hi I have a new guinea pig, he is four months old but the family he belonged to needed to get rid of him as they have yappy dogs. They said there isn't anything wrong with him and he's a happy guy and he is but I noticed from first having him that he's quite sneezy and when I looked it up I got...
  19. HopeNecaise

    Help! Is This Normal?

    This is my first time having a guinea pig so I want to make sure everything is okay. I just got my guinea pig 5 days ago and she lays down a lot like A LOT very lazy. She eats, drinks, and acts like everything's normal. When she lays down she lay's on her stomach with her back legs stuck out to...
  20. Olivia Johnson

    Not Eating After Bladder Stone Meds

    Hello everyone! About a month ago, my guinea pig Caesar started peeing a pinking red color and squeaked while urinating. I took him to the vet and they found a pretty good sized bladder stone. She prescribed him some antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. Last week, she special ordered him...