1. D


    Hi! I got a guinea pig about a week ago and named her daisy. She was the sweetest cuddly thing ever and she’s super young and little still. I ended up getting her a friend three days after getting her so she wouldn’t be lonely. The new one is zoey. Zoey is a little bit bigger and older then...
  2. P

    guinea pig excessive hair loss/shedding

    hi. does anyone know what could be the cause of my guinea pig suddenly starting to excessively shed? she's always shed a bit but for a few days i've noticed huge patches of hair on the floor where she lays and today I lightly tugged at some of her back hair and it came out with little to no...
  3. S


    Hi everyone. I'm new to this. But hi I'm sophie I have 2 guinea pigs, shadow is a grey and white and gizmo is ginger and white. Shadow recently looked like he had lice so I treated it with ' spot on '. I checked today and it seems the lice have gone but now he has a medium sized scab on his...
  4. SusieW

    Weight Loss and Life Expectancy

    Hi, It's been a while since I've been on here but was just wondering if anyone has any advice. I have a 4 plus year old guinea pig. He lives with his best friend (slightly younger one eyed boar) in a 6 storey C&C cage (5x2 grids ground level layer, then 7x1 grids mezzanine floor, then 4x2...
  5. kaitlynlovesgpigsx

    not eating after dental check

    so toby our 2.5 year old pig was found on saturday covered in drool. he went straight to vet who as having experience with pig teeth we knew he had malocclusion. vet says that yes back teeth were slightly overgrown but biggest issue was one in particular where food had gotten stuck round the...
  6. Z


    awfully worried about poor gus’s nose! he has two stiff bits of hair on his nose and i can’t find any pictures that look similar to it on any of the forums. should i be worried? is a vet appointment necessary? please any help
  7. P

    Possible neurological issues

    I'm going to say this straight off the bat, I suck at describing what's going on. This is going to be a long one since everything kind of needs a backstory first. But I've been seeing my guinea pig do this for a few days now and after what happened today, I knew I needed to trust myself even...
  8. D

    Do my boys need separating?

    I have a 1.5 year old boar Benio, who was bonded with little Ozzie who is now around 4- 5 months. They were bonded when Ozzie was about 6 weeks, and seem to get on fine, with some typical dominance behaviour going on. Since the start, Benio was the dominant pig, with Ozzie usually making...
  9. Laura M.

    really big toe

    Hi, I got my Severus in May, and when I got him, he had a really big toe on his front left foot. Because he is a rescue, we thought that maybe the previous owner didn't cut his nails properly and maybe it got infected. When we cut his nails we missed out that toe, but now it is bigger and we...
  10. A

    Strange noise and behaviour

    Hello all, I’m a little desperate because I cannot seem to find an answer to my little fellow’s behaviour anywhere! So suddenly, since yesterday, my guinea pig (he’s 3 and a bit years old) started making this strange noise. (I'll can't attach an audio of the noise so I'll link it up at the...
  11. P


    Hello! My guinea pigs Popcorn and Pumpkin recovered from a URI about a month ago, and since then have been all healthy. On Monday (today is Friday) I noticed one of them had a sneeze attack, but days went by and neither of them were showing any other symptoms, so I decided they did not have...
  12. P


    Hello! My guinea pigs Popcorn and Pumpkin recovered from a URI about a month ago, and since then have been all healthy. On Monday (today is Friday) I noticed one of them had a sneeze attack, but days went by and neither of them were showing any other symptoms, so I decided they did not have...
  13. G

    Persistent Soft Poop/Stool! Help!

    Hi! I have two boars. Patches and Carmal. I posted another thread about this, but it has not gotten better. I’m really worried. I live in the US, so I would not be able to get fibreplex. He does not have diarrhea but both of their poops are soft. I have not taken them to the vet, since my...
  14. G

    Not Eating Pellet

    Hi! I have two boars (Patches and Carmal). I had to leave them alone for a week, but I had someone looking after them. Before I left, they would eat all their pellets by evening. This morning, I woke up around 10 am, and they had eaten the whole bowl. The thing is, that there are two bowls with...
  15. G

    Soft Stool/Poop

    Hi. I have two boars (Carmel and Patches) they get along fine. About a week ago I took them off veggies because of their white pee and soft poop. It was probably more than a week by now though. Right now they’re on a diet of hay, pellets, and fresh water. The soft poop has been going on...
  16. Laura M.


    I saw two drops of blood under my guinea pigs' cave, then I saw a small spatter of blood on the side of Neville's face, near his eye. I checked all of their eyes, tummies, feet and teeth, but all was well. What do I do? It'll cost £75 to take them all to the vet to get checked out. Help?!
  17. Laura M.

    lip infection?

    I went to see my guinea pigs after over 24 hours away from them (my Mum looked after them) and I saw something on one's lip. It was like a bit of feeding hay stuck to his lip with dried up pellet mush. Ten minutes later I came back with a wet cotton bud and my Mum. When I came back it looked...
  18. M

    Guniea pig eye

    So, my Guinea pig, who is a little over a year old, had gotten a bad eye infection, and while she got better and her eye went back to a normal size, she's blind in that eye, and recently I was looking at it with a light and noticed this, these are my first set of Guinea pigs, so I haven't had...
  19. Hollyxxx

    Problem with eye

    I discovered today my guinea pig ozzy, who is almost 7 now, has something wrong with one n of his eyes. It has turned a bluey colour with a white spot in the middle. He normally has black brown eyes. There was movement of the white dot occasionally but it seems like he is unable to see out of...
  20. Piggie mama

    Lump or bone? Please help

    Hi all, when picking up my youngest piggie today (he's 10 months) I noticed a hard rounded end lump or bone,I'm not sure which, in between his front legs, I can't feel one on my older pig, however he has quite a bit more fat than my little one. The lump feels as though it is long and curved at...