1. J

    Skin Issues? Ear Infection? Biting Himself?

    Hi everybody, I'm new here, and I've been having some concerns with my boy, Teddy. I got him on 7/5/2022, and noticed that he was much smaller than all the other guinea pigs in his enclosure. I watched them all for about two hours, and saw that when he made any attempt to move towards the...
  2. E

    New Foster Pigs in a Mess!

    Hi guys! I posted a few weeks ago about a Guinea pig I was fostering that I've now kept lol! He's been castrated and now needs to wait 5 more weeks until he can have some friends. Well, two girls came into the rescue and they're in a right old state! I was happy to foster them in the hopes...
  3. C

    Scabs, bleeding and dandruff

    Hello everyone, I have had some problems with my 1 year old guinea pigs. A while ago they started to itch and soon after they has scabs that bleed, and they wheek when touched. One of our guinea pigs with these symptoms passed away a few weeks ago, and these symptoms have started on my other two...
  4. AleKriNa

    Guinea pig wounds

    Hello everyone. We badly need your advice. Although about the vet, we really can't afford it it is too expensive here in Philippines. We don't know what happened but here is the picture. She has blood inside her ear and we saw here tilt her head like she gets a stroke.
  5. T

    Guinea Pig Scabs and sores

    We have three guinea pigs two males that were in the same cage together and one female in a cage by herself. We had attempted to have the female with another piggy in the cage with her, but that did not go well and it's the story for a different post. Up until a month ago, the two males were in...
  6. S

    Open wound on our adult guinea

    Hi all, I need some advice please , although i think i know the answer. Feb this year our Jerry had an abscess so the vet syringed it & put him in antibiotics for a week & we cleaned it daily. All was fine for a few weeks but then a small open wound appeared where the needle went in. I bought...
  7. P

    Open Wound on Guinea Pig

    One of my guinea pigs is 3 and 1/2 years old and has recently acquired a large wound on her side. It is still open and has been there for 3-4 weeks and she will not let it heal. Any advice?
  8. Beans&Toast

    Why Does Beans Keep Doing This?

    So after being spayed over 2 weeks ago, Toast's wounds on the top of her back are healing very well, but have left a bit of a scab (vet has checked it and happy it will just fall off). The past 4 or so days Beans has started to lick and gently bite the 2 scabs on Toast's back, she doesn't seem...
  9. TheLottiediarys

    Anya Climbs Onto Aurora's Back When She's Scared? Causing Wounds?

    Hi guys, We adopted two new girls a few weeks ago and they were very scared of humans, I don't think they got much contact in their old home. I noticed the day we picked them up that when they're scared Anya, the more confident of the two will climb onto her sisters back? This didn't bother...
  10. M

    Male Guinea Pig Fight Left Wounds- How Should I Treat Them?

    Yesterday I was doing floor time in a big space with my two guinea pigs who are brothers, Alan and Blondie. I left them alone for a little bit to clean their cage. They live together in one cage but they are seperated from each other because they always use to have little squabbles that die off...
  11. Squidgypigs

    Our Squidgypigs (including New Freead Rescues)

    Our original duo (named by my daughter) Ethel-Seal The Poo Banana Peppa Pea Pirate Soup The 3/2/2016 rescues (freead piggies - went for two young sows came back with four mature sows, all in bad condition, two obviously pregnant, and a boar. (we have space, veg & friendly vet). Blondie...