Changed From Museli Over To Nuggets!

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Teenage Guinea Pig
Jan 25, 2017
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North East, England
:yahoo:I have seen such a change in my piggy Noodle over the last few days! I've been mixing her museli with nuggets (pets@home I know they're not the best) to try get her on the same as my other pig MoMo so when they go in the same cage there won't be any hassle! She's been so much better, she's coming out of her house on her own, she's even letting me pat her more! We still haven't got round to lap time due to her being skittish but I can see we are not far off! We hear her on a night running around and actually trying to drink from her bottle! She's like a new pig, she may just be getting more used to being at my house now that she's almost 6 months! But I can definitely see a change now I'm weaning her off the dreadful pet shop food! Wooohooo ✌️ I would recommend changing your guinea pigs if they're having museli food! My piggies will be on burgess food hopefully in the future. But at the moment I have two perfectly happy nugget eating piggies ❤️❤️❤️
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