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for women (and men too)- the hpv virus

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hi all.
i wanted to post this just as an awareness. i dont know if anyone is familiar with the hpv virus but a lot of women dont know or have even heard about this.
my sister went to the gynocologist 2 weeks ago and had a pap smear. on tuesday, the doc called her to come in coz her results were abnormal. she went yesterday and she was diagnosed with this virus.
its an std that stays with you. it can clear by itself or can show up and attack your cervix. if ignored, the virus can actually turn into cervical cancer. not everyone gets cancer from it, but there is an amount that can get it. my sister now must stay with this now and has to be checked every 3-6 months to make sure it doesnt spring up. it is treatable but they have to cut a peice of your cervix if it gets bad (thats the treatment).
it really hit home and i now am really sad for my sister. i am also making it a priority to check myself out too. men ususally carry this virus and not even know! and women can also give this virus to men too. most women have this virus and not know because it can be dormant for years! (my sister has had it for 5 years and it recently came up).
please, girls, check yourselves if you dont. be careful. lets check ourselves if we are active with men. i just wanted to post this for awareness of our bodies and lives. thanks for reading.
x jo
Just wanted to add on the the post that HPV is linked with genital warts. People who have ever had genital warts should really have a smear yearly instead of 5 yearly.

Personally i think 5 years is too long a wait at the best of times, a lot can happen in 5 years.
oh right!

3 years for me! Got to have at least 3-4 cos they never get them right!

LOL - what a thing to talk about! (I mean the smears) :P
thanx, girls...my sister always went for checkups, but since it was dormant for many years we never knew about it. she is so sad now that she has to live with this.
Yes it can lay dormant for years then bam, hence the need for regular smears.
she did get regular smears....there wer never any symptoms. it showed on the pap now because she had a build up of cells.....
I had a problem in 1999. I had a smear which was abnormal and was diagnosed with a grade 3 (cin3). had to wait a year for an operation due to becoming pregnant straight away. It was cut out and burnt too They said it had got bigger than they expected. They told me one of the reasons for getting it was due to being a smoker. Well thats when I gave up.

I always had 3 yearly smears and was shocked that i could of gone from normal to grade 3 (bearing in mind there is grade 1 and 2 before). I swear if I hadnt given up smoking or had smears I would definitely wouldnt be here today. I now have yearly smears. it was suppose to stop last year but got one this year and next year on the NHS. When it does stop i will pay for them to be yearly.
I have had smears every 6 months for the last 4 years, had colposcopy treatment twice and biopsies of my cervix. It's surprising the number of women who still won't even go for a smear test, it's so important and can save your life!
i totally agree. and like i said before, not even knowing, like my sis. she went all the time for tests and it never showed till now. i havent gone in about 2 years but now i will go . i hate going but it saves lives.
Big hugs to you, Jo, and your sister.

I have to say I really hate the smears.
I don't have them. I kicked up such a fuss every time my doctor said that I have to have one that now I have a letter on my file that says I'm never to be asked again.

I know its irresponsible etc etc and everyone tells me off about it but it still ain't gonna happen.
Wouldn't you think they'd find a more dignified way of testing in this day and age?
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