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Noticed Mushy Poop This Morning...

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Sep 29, 2015
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Ohio, United States
My guinea pig Benny has had some ongoing health issues. To make a long story short, he had multiple seizures, received antibiotics, a couple of shots to help his sugars and vitamin C levels and reduce any swelling in case it was the beginning of an ear infection, and on our 2nd vet visit with him we had x-rays done and discovered what we believe to be an ear problem which was causing them. He was prescribed Baytril to take along with his other 3 antibiotics and Critical Care. In the past week we have noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of pellets he was eating, before and after the baytril, although he is eating veggies just fine and is doing okay with hay. It's always alarming for me when Benny does not eat pellets, considering this pig is a pellet fiend. He also has not been making regular bowel movements. At times it will seem pretty normal but then there's close to nothing. One morning I woke up and his genitals were swollen so I gave Bactrim from a previous vet visit I had for the same situation I had with Benny, and it seemed to do the trick as the swelling is gone. This morning I wake up and pick him up to give medicine, and he had mushy poop on his feet. It's not runny or odd colored, just mushy. We called the vet but of course even $500 later I can not receive any free advice over the phone and am asked to make an appointment for it. I was wondering if anybody had any advice to attempt to make things better for Benny before I make another appointment. I have read withholding veggies may help and I have been trying my best to syringe feed pellets but can not say I have done it enough for it to make a difference. I have also seen that it could possibly be a vitamin C overdose. My concern is that poor piggy is just full of antibiotics and it's causing an upset stomach. He has constant hay, pellets, and 2 water bottles available at all times. If anybody has been through a similar situation or has helpful advice I'd sure appreciate it, thanks! :D
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