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This Spoiled Guy


Junior Guinea Pig
Nov 9, 2017
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Idaho, US
So today I learned why my guinea pig bites me! After doing a little bit of research on the forum, I've learned that my guy (Henry, 7months) bites me to manipulate me.

So with my two pigs, we snuggle and have our bonding time like usual; and basically my Henry starts off with a little nibble on my finger, then proceeds to bite harder and harder until I get what he wants (usually it involves me putting him back into his cage after so long of our personal time today). Of course I don't punish him for this behavior but I think it's so funny.

Sometimes he doesn't even want to be put back into his cage he just wants more veggies (apples are his favorite but he gets them in limited amounts and times).

This tiny pig bullies me into doing what he wants lol. Just thought i'd share this because I thought it was so cute.