1. E

    Skittish babies :(

    I'm a relatively new piggie mom and after having my young male piggie for a few months we decided to have him neutered so we could adopt a female. Our male is very skittish, he's about 6 months old and since we adopted him a few months ago he's warmed up to us to be able to come up to us when...
  2. raining.ashes

    Specialist Nursing Guinea Pig & Sneezing & Pneumonia

    2 months ago, my friend's guinea pig gave birth to three little cavies. My friend could no longer care for them, so I took in the mother and one of the daughters. Two months later, it turns out, my friend did not seperate the mother and father in time and now I have 4 baby guinea pigs as well...
  3. Carta Elisa

    Brother And Sister And Risk Of Inbreeding.

    I am in a complicated situation... I adopted two 1 month old guinea pigs having been told they were both male.... turns out after I checked they are brother and sister. The former owner is unreachable (not surprising) and I don't know what to do. The two seem very bonded, and the separation...
  4. Annelle

    Abyssinian/texel/silkie Mix Babies!

    Two bundles of joy were born under our roof today! We had an accidental pregnancy between two of our rescues when our mischievous Silkie-Mix male tore open his C&C cage wall. (We have many more reinforcements now, and have definitely learned our lesson there.) Our crazy haired texel/Abyssinian...
  5. Cavy Kung-Fu

    They Grow Up So Fast.

    It's hard to believe my little white jade snail babies were like little garden peas not so long ago! Some pics to celebrate. :luv: And look at them now!
  6. Siikibam

    Insurance For Babies?

    I was looking at the insurance policy documents and it seems there's an exclusion for pigs younger than 12 weeks if i recall correctly. Wouldn't they be covered then?
  7. A

    Pups Are Sick! Unknown Illness

    14 days ago my piggie gave birth to 3 live babies (2 girls 1 boy) and 1 stillborn boy. Everything was going great until about 4 days ago when mummy got the runs and I didn't realise how serious she had it until the next day when she, well she had some soft of fit and just passed away... the...
  8. Nathan & Codi

    Bullying The Newborns

    Hi i have just introduced my newborn's and their mother to my three other female pigs but they seem to be bullying the baby pigs chasing them and I noticed one chewing fur. The mother and another of the females are not getting on and are chasing each other around the cage. Any idea on what I can do?
  9. court29x

    Scared Our Piggies Will Forget Us!

    Me and my boyfriend are going on holiday with my family for 5 days in July so the girlies are staying with my older sister who has had guinea pigs before and currently has 2 rabbits, I'm just worried that they will forget me and my boyfriend and lose that bond that we've been slowly achieving...
  10. court29x

    Clipping New Baby Guinea Pigs Claws!

    I'm a bit nervous about clipping my piggies claws! I've had guinea pigs before and so have all my older sisters but because I was so young they all used to clip them, my piggies are 7 weeks old now, when and how should I clip them? advice? x
  11. L

    Gender Crisis!

    Hello wise guinea pig people My lovely little friend, Ginny, had two gorgeous babies just about 3 weeks ago. Good time to start getting a clue about who's a boy and who's a girl. I'm kinda hopeless - ive done my reading and kinda get the idea, but to be honest, they all look the same! I've took...
  12. guineabee

    Gaining Our New Pups' Trust - Did We Mess It Up?!

    My husband and I are guinea pig parents for the first time! We bought 2 4-month old girls 3 days ago. We got them from Petsmart and they are not used to human contact really at all (from what the employee told us). The night we bought them we put them in their cage and left them alone all night...
  13. Carrotyd

    Baby Boar Or Post-teen Boar? That Is The Question

    Hello there. Now Lloyd has sadly left us to enjoy his forever sleep, I've turned my attention to finding Harry a new friend. Now Harry is a two-years and five months old, and not neutered and I've been contacting rescues, some other owners I know and our regularly boarding company about how...
  14. Sach15

    What Age Can Babies Go Outside?

    In good weather the adult guinea pigs go outside into a run with a hutch attached. Now olive has had the babies she stays in the shed during the day with the babies whilst the older girls go outside in the run. At what age can the babies start going outside with all of the other Guinea pigs? I...
  15. Sach15

    Pellets For Babies

    what pellets are best for feeding babies? I currently have supreme science selective Guinea pig food which my adults eat but don't know what type of pellets my babies should be eating? They're a week old and don't know if they even eat pellets. Advice would be great! Thanks
  16. Stewybus

    Holly & Her Babies Having Breakfast

    Here's a short video of Holly & her 6 3-day-old babies having breakfast this morning :) x
  17. Brianna Nordin

    My Babies!

    My babies Amane, Rei, Lita and Mina!
  18. teddyandgus

    Are My Pups Over Eating?

    I have two baby boy piggies, one is 9 weeks and the other one is 11 weeks, I feed them what I think is quite a lot but they only seem to eat leafy greens, they won't really eat pepper, Apple, carrot etc. So I usually give them a handful of spinach (which is their absolute favourite), a handful...
  19. Squidgypigs

    Miley's Baby

    I know we don't get a lot of babies around here so thought you may like to see our Miley's beautiful daughter born at 11am. Sadly she had a (very large) gorgeous, smooth agouti brother that tragically didn't survive his delivery, but we know he tried and he will always be remembered by his...
  20. Squidgypigs

    Current Babies.

    Before Miley and Morag have their babies I thought I would share the progress of Football and Blondie's babies born 10/2/16 and 15/2/16 respectively. From top to bottom we have: Doughnut & Britney Princess Bagel-Baby & Rhona The Baby Moo Marilyn & Slincypig (only boar (removed))