1. L

    Bathing Temperature Advice Please

    I need to bathe my guinea pigs in imaverol due to ringworm. But I'm unsure of what temperature the water should be please? The internet says test it with your elbow to check it's not too warm or too cold. But what's too warm or too cold please? I don't want to overheat them or freeze them.
  2. L

    grease gland

    Does anybody know anything about something called a grease gland? it always kind of been on my guinea pig and I never knew what it was. I have to sort it out but I'm confused :) He also HATES baths and water? haha x -thanks
  3. F

    Possible Ringworm In New Piggie

    Hi everyone! So yesterday in our boy piggie (Approx 11 weeks old) I noticed a bald flaky looking patch at the bottom of his back. Called the shop we got him from to ask what we needed to do etcetc. I've ordered the spot on stuff he's suggested for if it isn't ringworm but honestly from...
  4. Alicevftroy

    I have ringworm, what do I do about the pigs?

    I am a fairly new guinea pig owner* with three guinea pigs and today I found out that I have ringworm or some other kind of fungal infection on my scalp, I'm not sure what to do. I don't know whether it has come from one of the pigs - one of them did have a patch of red inflamed skin a couple of...
  5. C.Courtney0310

    Soap In Piggie's Eye!

    Hi! I just bathed my piggies for the first time and I think I got a little soap in one of their eyes by accident! She keeps blinking her one eye a lot. Will she wash it out herself? I feel so bad it must sting 😔
  6. EddyNoble

    Bath time?

    Hi. I just took my guinea pig to the vet because of a URI that just won't go away. In his carrier, he seems to have peed all over himself. I'm wondering if this means i should give him a bath? Or will he clean it himself? I'm scared, it's covering him but i dont have any pet/baby shampoo. Not...
  7. Welpo

    my boy is stinky (he literally smells like poo) and needs a bath. How should I go about this?

    As in depth as possible, what's the best way to bathe a skittish guinea pig? Malcolm's a boar and he hasn't had a bath since he's been staying with me (his previous owner did a bath once a month). He smells like poo and I wanna hold/cuddle him without having to pull my face away all the time...
  8. CavyCanadienMom

    Advice for mites

    I have 2 boars and they just had their third and fourth round of revolution. This is my first time dealing with mites, vet is treating them for mites for now because all their signs point to that. Skin scrapping might be in future which I don’t want for them. I’m wanting advice on should I bath...
  9. Toffee321

    Help, Extremely Dirty Piggie

    I have a white long haired guinea pig called Lily, who gets absolutely filthy, her whole tummy and bottom brown every day after going outside. She digs in the grass and sits in her poo in a tunnel which i clean out every day. Most nights I have had to bath her because I am worried about...
  10. TaraS-D

    Cutting Nails And Bathing

    Hello! I was just wondering how often should i cut my piggies nails and give them baths. My two guinea pigs ,squeaky and stampy, live outside and usually its quite cold to give them baths. I dont want to end up not bathing them enough! On the cutting nails subject how often should i cut them...
  11. kyliebowers

    Soft Poos In New Pig

    hello everyone :) I've just adopted a male piggy from the RSPCA, who was in a pretty poor condition when they rescued him. I've just picked him up from the place where he was being fostered and brought him home. He's been thourougly checked out by an exotic vet and has been neutered while at...
  12. M

    Matted Fur On Bottom

    Hi, One of my girls is extremely prone to matted fur around her bottom. She ends up with sticky fur on her back legs and hard fur around her bum. I spot clean 2x a day and fully clean them out every 2-3 days so their homes are very clean. She's a short haired guinea and I keep her hair as short...
  13. J

    Itching Piggies? Should I Bathe Them?

    Hi! I have two questions: 1. My piggies have been itching themselves quite a lot lately (maybe 4-5x per hour)? Are there other signs/symptoms of mites or fleas that I should look out for? 2. Should I bathe my piggies? I have not bathed them since I adopted them 1 year ago. I have heard mixed...
  14. TheLottiediarys

    How Can I Make Baths Easier For Baby?

    Hi guys! Unfortunately Baby has some medicated shampoo she has been prescribed for her skin as it gets very irritated and flaky, But she hates having a bath! It's like she's being tortured the way she reacts to it! I'm trying to think of ways to make the whole process less stressful for her...
  15. TheLottiediarys

    How To Make Bathing Easier?

    Hi, Baby my girl had some vet prescribed shampoo because she can't groom herself very well and it's caused some coat and skin issues for her. When I first bathed her I just did her back half, Now I need to do her neck area and she really hated it the first time Is there anything I can do to...
  16. court29x

    Bathing Piggies

    My two girlies are just over 2 months of old and I was wondering whether I should start bathing them? I never bathed past guinea pigs I owned and they never had any complications but I'm just wondering whether I should have? Also how often should I bathe them? Thanks!
  17. Mysticcat3

    Guinea May Have Mites But Hates Water! Help!

    My guinea pig Newton has been very itchy and has been losing his hair (it might be stress.) I looked it up and his symptoms matched with fleas and mites. I've also notice white flecks on his butt (it looks like scruff or bits of his bedding to me.) Just in case he has mites, I want to give him a...
  18. ChloeCee98

    Long Haired Guinea Pig Pampering?

    Recently adopted a long haired guinea pig! With really crazy hair lol she seems fine with it and her previous owner said she did trim her bum hair once every month or so. Although today I was cleaning out the piggys cage and she stumbled into her platform inside the cage...her hair is a little...
  19. bumbling-bambi

    My Shampoo Sucks!

    So both my boys are very long haired, particularly around their bottoms - as a result they seem to get a lot of matts which is obviously very uncomfortable for them. If i can't brush them out without hurting them I have to just cut them away. This tends to lead to the most horrendous hair cuts...
  20. Luna1

    Grease Glands And Bathing

    My boar has a build up of grease around his grease gland, I have tried to wash it off using coconut oil and guinea pig shampoo but he is a bit tricky to bathe, he hates it. Is there any way of making bathing more enjoyable or another way to clean his grease glands?