guineapig health

  1. D

    Help- white scab on ear?

    Hello! First post. So my brother got a guinea pig for his birthday, (it was an impulse buy from my mom and he does not have the right set up, trying to convince her to get a bigger cage, but that’s besides the point-) and today I noticed he has a whitish patch of crust on the top of his ear and...
  2. C

    Guinea pig's foot swollen

    Hello everyone When I was playing with my guinea pig (boar), I noticed that he was not very active and prefer to be stationary. So I checked if something is wrong with him and I found out that his foot is swollen and has a bump also his nail looks cut off or missing. I'm very worried. Do you...
  3. Ivy_and_Luna

    Guinea Pig Squeak While Pooping

    My guinea pig has been making loud squeaking noises while I think pooping. I don’t know if anything is wrong with her but my other guinea pig doesn’t do it and she’s young. She squeaks for a while then at the end makes one loud one that’s louder than the other and then she’s done. Should I go to...
  4. A

    Foaming from my baby’s mouth 🥺

    My guineapig has been foaming from his mouth and has discharged coming from his eyes and will not eat or drink What should I do?
  5. X

    Guineapigs keep eating coroplast cage insert

    :help::ple::help: One of my guineapigs keeps eating the coroplast his cage base is made of, its mostly for attention i try ignore him but if i do the more he eats. Ive covered most of the plastic woth either fleece or toys to stop hom eating ir but it doesnt work. He has 2 cage mates, both girls...
  6. P

    How fast can a URI form?

    We just went to the vet today, where my guinea pigs' lungs were checked. The vet said they sounded completely clear and fine, so we took them back home and they were/and still are being amazingly active and themselves. However during floortime, one of my piggies sneezed twice hard-sneezes in a...
  7. P

    Crusty eye?

    My guinea pigs recovered from a URI about two weeks ago. Yesterday, we picked them up from a four-night stay at my grandma's house. After bringing them back home, I noticed one of my piggies had a bit of white crust in the inner corner of her eye. Although a bit sleepy, she was acting and eating...
  8. F

    Please help my guinea pig - large bare patch on the back

    My guineapig is the sweetest thing I have ever had and he got attack by another guineapig and he now has a dry bald patch on his back with dry skin, he is very itchy and he keeps pulling more hair out, he is very happy because is acting just like other pigies but I can't toutch him anywhere. He...
  9. A

    Scabby red lump behind guinea pigs ear

    Hello, I little while ago I noticed my guinea pig had a little bit of dry skin behind his ear, I decided to put some cream on it, however today when I looked a large red scabby lump has apeard, anyone know what it could be? In this photo it doesn’t look as bad but it is very raised and red.
  10. S

    Female with bloody genital area

    I have a 2 year old female guinea pig who, upon picking up and inspecting, seems to have blood on her private parts. She’s been eating, drinking, and acting normally and doesn’t appear to be in pain, even when I moved her fur to take the pictures. Does anyone know what this could be from or how...
  11. G

    Guinea Pig Eye Infected/Bulging

    Hi my guinea pig is 4 years old and today I discovered she has excessively pooped all over her cage. And her eye is bulging and sticking out of her head, it’s red and looks very sore and i’m very worried about her. I have booked an appointment with the vet however she had some hair loss issues...
  12. F

    Guinea Pig X-ray

    Hello i have a male guinea pig who is around 2 years old.. he cry's every time he has a wee and he has tried different Medicine didn't work.... they have said the next step is to have an x-ray... i can have him knocked out by an injection OR gass in a box. I'm terrified of if he doesn't wake up...
  13. C

    Weird scab with spur like thing on piggies back

    I was stroking my 6 year old female guinea pig and found a small blackish scab on her back, along with what looks like a spur. It is painful for her if I tap it even lightly. I'm not sure whether it is something like mange or not because she doesn't seem to be itching. She has a cage mate and...
  14. S

    A Mate

    I have 1 male guinea pig. I have been reading the forums of people and their 2 guineas. I was wondering if it is ok to have 1 or should I get a mate for him? If I should get another one, how can I do the meeting process? But if it is fine with 1 what can I do to make sure he doesn't get lonely...
  15. E

    What Did I Just Pull From His Penis?! Hellllpppp Please?!

    I have 2 male guineapigs living i n a large cage together. Theyre father and son so i dont have an issue with dominance challenges etc. They do masterbate a bit but i keep their cage fairly clean with a fresh cleanijng every second day so its a hygeinic area for them. This morning i picked up...