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  1. rubyxo


    i’m looking at getting a new home for my guinea pig, the size is 143L x 73W x 46H. i found a fleece liner bedding for the bottom but its 48L x 24W. does anyone know if it’ll fit or do i need a bigger fleece liner?
  2. Fluffy17

    Foot stools as hideys

    Hi guys! I just bought my guinea pigs a new c&c cage and wanted to fill it with lots of hideys and things. More importantly i wanted to ask yall about the best hideys. I already ordered a wooden house and fiddle sticks. i wanted a plastic one (such as igloos - easier to clean). But i heard that...
  3. N

    New Behaviour (Mounting)

    Hello, I have 2 boars, one 3 and one 2. We have recently moved home a month ago and they are in a new environment and a new slightly smaller cage (they were in a 3 X 4 c&c but now on a 2 X 4, I know it's minimum but it's temporary until I can build them a custom size). Anyway, today I have...
  4. L

    Set up for 3 boars

    does this set up look suitable, in the biggest pen I have a bonded pair of boars, and in the smaller 2 pens I have a roughly 1 year old boar and then a roughly 5 year old boar. The two that are on their own I was hoping to bond however they haven’t taken to each other hence why they’re separate...
  5. smiley

    newly introduced guinea pigs together in same house?

    today i introduced my younger guinea pig (gnocchi) with an older one (doppio) (both females, a few months between age difference) and it went well! there were some dominance behaviors given by doppio and a little struggle with taking each other’s food, but they both eventually calmed down with...
  6. Spike and Stormy

    Hi I’m new here, I was just looking for some kind of stand I can use to put my 6x2 c&c cage on either a stand or some kind of furniture that is fairly cheap and fits a 210cm x 70cm cage
  7. B

    Cage extension ideas/ help

    Hi Everyone I have recently adopted a pair of female piggy’s who are approximately 2 years old. As it was a bit of a sudden recuse I quickly converted my hamster cage ( a converted IKEA wardrobe measures 120cm x 80cm) for the piggy’s to live in as my hamster had passed away and his cage was...
  8. Flapjack.the.piggie...

    This is Flapjack ❤️

    Here are some more pictures of Flapjack - eating veggies, his pouting face, him posing with his new sign i made and one when he managed to wedge himself in a roll af carpet 😂 - don’t worry he didn’t eat any and we lured him out with a pea flake 💖
  9. C

    What size of cage/house does your guineas have?

    So I have 2 boys ( 4 years old ) and I was in another forum to which people said i need to switch to c&c I do love the style of them however it wouldn't work for me right now, they're currently in a 180x60 wooden style cage and of course they get floor time everyday they're happy boys and i felt...
  10. LothianCavies

    New piggie palace!

    In my ongoing quest to make sure the boys stay together we have upcycled a toddler bed to give them lots of room. Also, I'm a children's book illustrator and, as I wanted the piggies in the centre of our home, I felt it needed to be pretty too! Not a main concern for the piggies, but nice for...
  11. Piggy996

    Are Pine Products Dangerous?

    Hello, someone told me that Pine products can be dangerous for piggies because of the smell, is that true? I wanted to buy a small house for my piggy, but those that I found are made of pine tree. Also, I found something that looks like sand for cats' litter boxes, but this one was made for...
  12. PiggyProdigy

    Coroplast Substitutes ?

    Hi. I'm building a new cage for my male pigs on Thursdsy, and I was wondering is there any good, cheaper substitutes to coroplast ? It's really expensive and it seems like there is more practical solutions to the bottom of the fleece than that... My dad ordered a grid kit online for my c@c that...
  13. A

    Best Place To Keep New Piggies?

    Hi, I am about to buy two new guinea pigs as the ones i had before have both now died. We have just had a garage built for our house and i was considering moving a hutch into the "open bay", as in, without a door. Is this sensible? Also, would i need to buy a cover for the hutch as they are...
  14. G

    Plastic House

    Hello everyone ! I'm about to get one house of plastic for my guinea pig and i'm wondering, if he chew the plastic, will be bad for him ? :(
  15. Kallasia

    Stressed! House-buying And Survey Is Very Bad!

    So we're buying a house for the first time ever. The piggies are getting their own bedroom. This has been months in the making now, with so much paperwork and the estate agents and solicitors taking ages... But today we got the buildings survey/report back. Now, it's an older property and...
  16. L

    Idea For Outdoor Home For 2 Boars...

    So I have found this hobbit hole on gumtree and was wondering if people think it would be fine. I currently have one boar, Drogo, but am hoping to adopt another very soon and then move them outside due to it getting nicer (Drogo goes out for the day anyway but don't want to put him out by...
  17. Giuseppe


    Hi,I'm a new member and I write you from Italy.I have intention to change the cage of my guinea pig and I would want to use a Ball pit.What do you think?Is it a good solution?
  18. Guineapigfeet

    Home Improvements

    I bought this lovely house for my piggies: and they don't use it! (the ramp is a bit slippy - bad mummy didn't cover it!) They sleep under it and only go in when put food in there. And they chew the legs. They are growing and they are finding it a squeeze to fit under comfortably and the legs...
  19. Chewbacca2004

    Paddling Pool Indoor Floor Time

    Hello Recently i have been finding lots of suggestions and pins on pinterest about keeping your guineas in a paddling pool (as an enclosure: not swimming:nod:) inside i was thinking that i could pop the guineas in a paddling pool with their toys and hideys as i kind of indoor run whilst the...
  20. Chewbacca2004

    Diy? Houses Treats And Toys

    Hello Recently in the colder months I have been trying to find cost effective and fun toys treats and houses for the pigs as it is too wet and chilly for them to go out in the run I have tried lots of options but would like to hear your tutorial suggestions! To start it off I'd recommend the...