housing advice

  1. O

    Minimum guinea pig cage size is too small?

    I just upgraded my hamster's enclosure- a guinea pig wooden cage that measures 150 cm by 60 cm by 45 cm.. Which I read is apparently the minimum cage size for 2 guinea pigs. Having seen my Syrian hamster in this new cage, I don't understand how this size is suitable for guinea pigs? I never had...
  2. lauryn1289

    Any advice for piggies that have suddenly started fighting?

    Sorry in advance for the long post! I posted here a few months ago about how my boy Rico passed away suddenly and I panicked and adopted 2 boys for his friend Kip. It literally happened on the same day because I was so distraught about Kip being lonely for any amount of time at all and just...
  3. Thecavycorner

    heating pads for my piggies

    hi! so i wanted to get something for my piggies to ensure they are warm! though i am wondering if these are fully safe for my piggies! i am planning to put the heating pads under their fleeces or bedding so they can’t chew it, my piggies don’t chew their stuff anyways, but i’m also wondering...
  4. P

    Studio Flat with Pigs

    Hi all, This is my first post so I’m hoping I’ve done it right! I will be starting my postgraduate degree soon and would like to take my Guinea Pigs with me. I won’t be taking them for the first term whilst I settle in/get to know the my timetable. I know that student accommodation won’t be...
  5. Rivendellelf

    Housing advice for failed bonding

    Hi everyone. Does this look ok for side by side living accommodation after a failed bonding? On the left, I have a lone sow. On the right, I have a previously bonded pair of sows. The bond for a trio didn’t work and we ended up with blood drawn 😔 Thank you in advance. Xx
  6. Olivitree

    DIY cage build advice

    Heya folks, so I'm building a large indoor set up, I'm creating a stand out of MDF and thats something I've worked with plenty, I hate it, but it's what I have a bunch of and I have built plenty out of it before. HOWEVER the complicated part. I don't want to use MDF on the main cage/hutch parts...
  7. P

    Best bedding for guinea pigs

    So since we have had our piggies this year , we have been use sawdust for their bedding. Because of this though, I have been getting recurring conjunctivitis in my eyes. My GP has said it sounds like it’s down to allergies so could be from the piggies bedding. Has anyone got any better...
  8. P

    C & c cages!

    Hi guys, so I’m thinking about getting an indoor c & c cage, but I’ve noticed that there are several to choose from! I literally have no idea where to start. I have seen single and double ones, ones that have a ramp and ones that do not (can you buy a ramp separate?) and ones with a loft. So...
  9. D

    Advice on Moving My Guinea Pigs Cage

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm just looking for some advice about my Guinea pigs cage. It is currently situated in my bedroom/office and is a 2*4 c and c cage for my two boys (4 years old and 4 months old). I put it there because that is the room I spend all my time in, so I can talk to them...
  10. Jesse's pigs

    Outside or Inside?

    I’m having a bit of a dilemma at the moment and I’m honestly torn. I have kept all of my Guinea pigs indoors and they’ve all occupied my bedroom- a nice warm room that I frequent so they get human interaction loads and I can cuddle them as much as I want lol. I love having them next to...
  11. D

    Which rodent species can be kept in the same room as guinea pigs?

    Hi I currently own a pair of gerbils and I am hoping to get some guinea pigs in the near future. I was just wondering if theses animals can be kept in the same room (in separate cages)? Are they likely to pass diseases to one another? Would they disturb or stress each other? Further in the...
  12. Julezfm39

    Bonding and Housing Issues - Please HELP!

    Good morning! I hope everyone and their piggy families are well! I'm asking for help with some housing and bonding issues. We have 8 guinea pigs, all male, all under 1 year old - 2 piggies have just turned 1 in March. They are all indoors and have the run of the lounge daily, taking it in...
  13. T

    Is this good enough?

    I have 2 female guinea pigs (which have decided to hide under the fleece) and I was wondering if this was a good enough cage for them. I would have a big floor cage but I also have ferrets who run around the room.
  14. C

    custom cage

    hi all, new to the forum so if I muck anything up please forgive me! my (two) guinea pigs currently live in the dining room in two cages pushed together, but this year I'm cleaning out the garage and will be able to move them into there, so I want to make them a nice new enclosure. I was...
  15. CrazyHairedPiggies997

    Help, need a new house.

    Hi guys! We move house in a couple of weeks, I have 4 elderly (5yrs (ish!)) guinea pigs who have always lived in a shed. When we move my plan is to still have them in a shed (but can’t take current shed with me) with a hutch inside & access to the lawn in the day. To give them more space I...
  16. A

    Double indoor cage - yes or no?

    I've bought this cage off Facebook for my two guineas and I'm really not sure about it. It's the Little Friends one. Has anyone got one of these and finds it Ok? I've got visions of one of my babies falling down the hole! The ramp doesn't look securely attached to me either. Not sure if just me...
  17. Graceeiram

    Is there a way to potty train my pigs?

    Hello! I’ve got two guinea pigs (Appa, 11 months and Momo, 5 months) that I keep in a handmade cage (I put doggy training pads on the floor and then add bedding on top). A vet recently informed me that guinea pigs usually have a specific area where they go potty but my experience is that both my...
  18. C

    Having GPs in house with possible mold problem

    So I'm having to move in with my grandmother and of course i need to bring my pigs. But we are afraid theres a leak in her roof and its caused mold in parts of the ceiling. As of now, we cannot afford to have someone to come and check/fix it. As long as there isnt any visible mold and i have an...
  19. G

    Three males and a female?

    I have two male guinea pigs, and my sister is looking into getting a pair of guinea pigs from a rescue. However, the pair is a male and a female, and we are planning on housing them together: should we wait until a male pair arrives in the rescue? Would only fixing the female work? We are...
  20. Willow&Kai

    How to create a bigger guinea pig cage?

    I have recently gotten two guinea pigs that keep fighting and I have heard that getting a bigger cage will help them get along. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fuse two cages together to create one big cage? I want them to be inside and can't find any bigger cages than the one I have...