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  1. Nbw_835

    Injured toe.

    I accidentally cut one of my pigs claws too short.. She jerked as I clipped and I think it took off a part of her toe. It bled so much but I rushed to the bathroom and clotted the blood with cornstarch. I feel terrible and physically sick that I did that to her... How do I make her feel better...
  2. TazLunaPeach

    My Piggy Fell!

    I was petting my guinea pig who is a month old and as I was about to put her in her cage, she ran up my shoulder and jumped off and hit the side of her cage and then fell to the floor. After that I put her In the cage, she walked normally and cuddled up to her mom and iv literally been sitting...
  3. KarenD

    Guinea Pig Has Big Cut. Help!

    I have two piggies that are blood brothers and they are over a year old. Today I noticed them fighting and while cleaning their room I noticed a huge cut on the back of one of them. The one who got the cut was the one who was trying to run away from the other one. I have absolutely no idea what...
  4. P

    My Guinea Pig Is In Pain And I Dont Know Why

    Hello guinea pig lovers, I am in an urgent need of help. My guinea pigs were outside and roaming freely in my yard, as they always are on nice days. After they had 5 hours of play time I decided to go out and find them and bring them inside so they could eat. One of my guinea pigs was out of her...