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  1. D

    Older Guinea Pig, Rapid Weight Loss

    Hi all! I have a male guinea pig whos maybe about 5 or 6 (don't know his exact age as he is a rescue) so hes an older boy. I just came home from uni and my parents said he wasn't eating as much. I went to check on him and hed barely touched his veg, water or hay and he felt very skinny. Took...
  2. RheMae

    Learning about impaction, not a ton of accurate information out there?

    Hi all! Sorry if this is the wrong thread, still learning my way around. Trigger warning! Talk of poop, probably don't read if grossed out by that ☺️ Recently, I noticed one of my two boys had an impaction during syringe feeding. It was tiny, but nevertheless, I put my gloves on and got to...
  3. C

    Impaction or Injury?

    So just to star, I just got home from college so I have not been home in a month and I went to see my Guinea pigs (both male), and I noticed one wasn’t walking on his back legs just hopping and his back leg was sticking out a lot. He had a huge lump in the back towards his left hind leg so I...
  4. Gemm24

    Not eating, please help

    Hi everyone Please can you send your healing vibes. Sammy my boar is 5 years old. He did not eat breakfast veg yesterday and had lost 150g. I took him to the vet yesterday who said he is not very well, seems to be general and his lymph nodes are up. His teeth, heart, lungs are fine, but he...
  5. G

    What to do after impaction is removed

    Hi, two days ago I took my 5 year old male guinea pig into the vet. They removed an impaction, and he was pooping a little bit, it was mostly soft and un-shapen, yesterday and the day of the vet appointment. Maybe that could have to do with the amount of romaine lettuce we gave him. Today...
  6. fourcavies

    Sole male cavy with impaction

    we have a four year old Californian gp who is sadly now on his own having lost three others over 18 months or so. To compensate during nice weather he has an adapted house in the garden which gives him free access to our garden and he seems happy pottery about. In the winter and bad weather, he...
  7. Ladyhawke


    Hello all! I have a senior foster guinea pig with anal impactions. I have become quite the pro at cleaning his perineal sack. I have to do that about every other day. We have addressed his lack of nutrition with Timothy hay, Oxbow pellets, supplemental vitamin C, and vegetables for about three...
  8. Totts

    Not eating caecotrophs - a tip

    Hi, so my neutered male didn't suffer from impaction, but this tip might help anybody with boars who are. My boy had arthritis and a mass in the vicinity of his kidney. One day he just randomly stopped keeping his boy bits clean and about 10 months later he stopped eating his poop (however his...
  9. M

    Injured or impaction?

    Hey there, two months ago me and my girlfriend purchased our second guinea pig from the pet store. He was very tame from the beginning, happy, timid, but happy. We named him Eddie. He is a long haired ginger colored piggy and the sweetest little guinea. Recently, he started acting weird, we...
  10. Yasmin

    Straining guinea pig

    Hello. One of my boars strains and makes a low noise before he passed poop. The poop comes out fine and normal and I keep checking for impaction but it's not that. What could it be? Many thanks.
  11. KathT

    Impaction And Neutering

    I have a three year old boar who suffers impactions about twice a week. I have managed to reduce the size of the impactions by regulation of diet as I think I was previously overfeeding him veggies. He has lost a little weight as part of the new regime, which I expected, and has now levelled...
  12. Streaky

    Possibly Impacted? Help!

    Hi Everyone! I noticed a huge ball of poop half way through Streakys bum on Sunday. I managed to get it out gently with some gloves. He’s a 4 and a half year old boy. I searched on the forum about what it could be and it seems like it could be impaction. It’s happened again tonight as well I’m...
  13. laurenm

    Impaction - Huge Poop Passed

    About 2 days ago I noticed my guinea pig Bruce was pooping less, and the poops he was passing were tiny. I thought it was just a diet thing as he didn’t seem to be in any pain or anything, was still eating plenty of hay and drinking water, though I did notice he was eating less pellets. However...
  14. A

    My Guinea Pig Has Bathroom Issues?

    Hello! My little guinea pig Chili is about 5 years old now, & for the past three days we've noticed he seems to have a big bathroom issue. I was cleaning his cage, and I noticed there was literally no poop, and then all of a sudden there's just a giant ball of poop in the corner where he was...
  15. Chloelizbailey

    Impaction Help

    Evening all, I think my four and a half year old boar is developing impaction and I wondered if anyone had any tips or advice. He has not lost condition or any weight but on two occasions now (over the last couple of weeks) he looks to have a greenish sticky smelly (oh my days the smell)...
  16. MilliePigs

    Blood In Urine

    Hello everyone, I have read the forums here a lot but never made an account, until today. I have two pairs of boars, both very lovely, and today was bath day, much to their demise. Anyway, when I was bathing the second pair, Bumble was waiting in the empty bath patiently while I was cleaning...
  17. Chloelizbailey

    Cowpat Poops?! - Please Help

    Hi there! I have a long haired guinea pig who is about four and a half. He started a course of Baytril last Wednesday for a suspected URI and has been absolutely fine until this morning. I got him out to weigh him (doing this every morning as he is on Baytril and I know it can affect the...
  18. bribri1298

    Guinea Pig Has Hair And Poop Stuck In Bum

    Occasionally, I check both my guinea pig's bottoms because in the past, if they don't eat enough hay they will experience impaction. So every week I check to make sure they're good and they're not experiencing impaction. Recently, I checked Cookie's bottom to make sure he's okay. He wasn't...
  19. PebblePig

    Impaction - Please Help. Am I Doing The Right Thing?

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on this forum so please correct me if I make any mistakes! We have a 5 year old boar named Pebble (PB as a nickname). He now lives alone after we lost our other piggy two years ago. He has always been fit and well, other than once having a UTI...
  20. CraigGlasgow

    Funny Poop Again!

    So in the neverending saga of Weasley, he was looking better apart from the gas on Monday afternoon, so the vet started him on fibreplex to try and flush him out, upped his emeprid to 3 times a day and suggested putting him back in to a larger cage to see if he got more exercise. Last night his...