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  1. Qualcast&Flymo

    Moving pigs from indoors to outdoors?

    Hi all, looking for a bit of advice please! Up to now, our piggies have always lived indoors in a centrally heated room, with grass time outside only when the weather has been very dry and warm enough. At the moment, we are trying to sell our house so the piggies are staying with the pet nanny...
  2. Siikibam

    Is This Clover?

    I’m not sure what clover looks like but I found this in the garden. Is that it? And how long do you leave your piggies outside for? I left them out an hour last time.
  3. K

    Weather And Moving Inside

    so, it’s been decided.. my 3 boys will be occupying the downstairs bathroom until this weather clears! I can’t sleep knowing they are outside in the cold! Anything I should know? I’m worried about bringing them from a heated shed into a warm centrally heated house.. will it shock them or will...
  4. K

    Putting Back Outside

    my 3 guinea pigs have been in the shed since late October. I was wondering the people who have outside Guinea pigs when do you consider putting them back outside. I know it won’t be any time soon.. but I need to get a new hutch! We live in the UK and have a relatively sheltered garden.. they...
  5. Petelixon

    Shed Or Playhouse?

    Hi. I was wondering do you prefer playhouses or sheds for your piggies? Anyone has any pictures of your set ups? Thank you x
  6. Piggiesxoxo

    Grazing On Sprayed Grass

    I don't know whether to graze my Guinea pigs on weed killer. It's been a couple months and lots of rain.
  7. Guineapigfeet

    Bank Holiday Sun!

    Yeah girls are out (in the shade) for some yummy grass, unfortunatly OH mowed it yesterday, so there's not as much as normal! The air temp at human head height is 24C but at piggy head height it's only 20!
  8. sparkle

    Outdoors To Indoors

    I currently have 2 guinea pigs who have been leaving outside for a few years now. I'm considering purchasing a new hutch for them soon as I am hoping to be able to afford to upgrade to a two floor hutch soon however, I have been thinking about bringing my guinea pigs inside for a while now and...
  9. ToastandBeans

    Outside Time

    Beans decided that outside time is time for a stealth mission! The fluffy jumper is the best food you can find but it's impossible to chew! How about leggings? Nope. Let's try the jumper again... Toast just watching Beans's failing mission :luv: Beans and Toast cwtching up to me as I type :)
  10. B


    Hey people! I'm new to this. I have a question that I can't seem to find any answers on! What on earth is unlocking our guinea pigs hutch when we've gone to sleep at night? I am waking up and finding the door open each morning, luckily no vanished pigs! The locks are on the outside and are made...
  11. MJG

    Found An Old Run Down Summer Project

    So guys , me hunting around on eBay I've found an outside hutch with a run underneath , so this will allow me to put them out everyday as the top will be stuffed with hay and warm and the bottom will be on grass so even if it does drizzle they'll have somewhere to hide ! It cost 99p but I think...
  12. Sach15

    What Age Can Babies Go Outside?

    In good weather the adult guinea pigs go outside into a run with a hutch attached. Now olive has had the babies she stays in the shed during the day with the babies whilst the older girls go outside in the run. At what age can the babies start going outside with all of the other Guinea pigs? I...
  13. Littlewheekers

    Help Few Questions

    Thinking of housing my pigs outside in a playhouse all year around, some may not agree with this but my pigs love it more outside they seem more tame strangly. So does anyone know any good playhouses, maximum sizes being 5x5ft, or company's that make them in the uk? Any other outside...
  14. Littlewheekers

    Outdoor Accommodation Ideas?

    has anyone got any outside accommodation to house 3 pigs as I recently got a new one, it must be warm during winter time, pictures would be great! I would love to see your ideas!:D:help:
  15. Littlewheekers

    Need Help...

    I want my pigs, I have 2, to have a better outside accommodation.. But I'm really stuck for ideas, I have a area of 6ft by 6ft (roughly) to play with.. And it has to be easy moved etc, even clean.. Any ideas? Not allowed a shed
  16. A

    New & Doing My Research Before Committing.

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to the world of Guinea pigs! We are very tempted to get 2 bundles of cuteness as we have 3 children, 1, 3 & 12 years old. Obviously I don't want to go into our adventure of pet keeping blindfolded, wouldn't be fair on the poor creatures. We want them to have the...