1. CutiePiePigs

    Ideas needed! How can I make upper level safe on hutch?

    Hi! I have the Bluebell XL hutch for my guineas and looking for ideas on how to modify the big gap area upstairs that is above the ramp, and seems totally unsafe if left open. I currently use the shelf ledge from an old ferplast cage, which fits nicely and creates a bigger open area upstairs...
  2. W

    Tips for ramp use

    Hey! I just got my two piggies, they are 10 weeks old and really settling into their new house well. They haven't used their loft yet, does anyone have any tips to get them to climb this ramp? Thanks so much!
  3. NuggetPipey

    My new C and C cage!

    This is my new cage that I got on my birthday. It has a loft and a ramp!
  4. Kallasia

    Ramps In Guinea Pigs Cage

    Adding a second storey to your pigs’ pen can be a great way to increase their living space. However, you need to do it right or they won’t use it! Here are some general tips and also how I made mine :) yawn – Binky sleeping upstairs away from Errol charging around downstairs Steepness Guinea...
  5. RosieMaia

    I Feel A Bit Silly To Ask This...

    ... but I'm not a native English speaker. What's the name of the black plastic "things" the person is using to cover the sides of the ramp in this video please? I'd like to order something like this from Ebay or Amazon, but I'm not sure what search term I need to use. Thanks in advance! :)
  6. Piggiesxoxo

    Cage Sizes?!?

    A lot of different sites say different things and I wanted to make sure I get this right! I have one piggy right now and I might get another (Pumpkin is from a pet store, but I learned how it's better to get them from shelters!) and I was wondering would this be a good size cage for 1-2 cavys?
  7. TheLottiediarys

    How Do Your Pigs Like Lofts And Ramps?

    Hi guys! I'll be bonding Bear and Lottie with Anya and Aurora tonight, hoping it will go to plan! I've been looking at what size cage I want to give them when they live together If they live together... And I'm strapped for space on the floor what with Baby's cage and also the two detolfs for...
  8. Siikibam

    Added Area

    I finally got round to adding a lift for the boys. And they seem to love it! So much so there was popcorning, in the loft by :woot: I’m trying to decide whether to add a loft on the other cage and perhaps put the hay tray up there and a bed below, or wait till I’ve built the C&C cage.
  9. Siikibam

    Change To Cage (and Step 1)

    Since I joined the two cages, it eventually became a hassle to clean them out. I'd have to lift off the wire bit of one and clean then let them run into it so I can clean the other. Getting the bars back on was the bothersome part of it. so I bought some c&c grids and swapped out. It'll be sooo...
  10. Kallasia

    Just Moved House! New Piggie Set-up!

    Hello all! So you may have noticed I've been a bit quiet for the past few weeks... Well that's because we've bought our first house! We had two weeks to renovate it before the lease on our rental property ran out. The piggies were very patient, if a little confused, but as soon as they got...
  11. Siikibam


    I knew I would need a larger cage so I went and bought another (100) ferplast to expand the boys' home. They seem to like it, I heard them running around just now and there was a bit of popcorning earlier on. I used the wood hide as a bridge but Toffee seemed to miss the point (Fudge had...
  12. B

    Blocking A Ramp?

    hi there, I just got two sows about 7weeks old and I have a two storey hutch however the ramp is too daunting for babies so I want to block it off is Mdf wood safe to cover the opening it's slightly raised but is very stable and secure as I want them to be on the top level where the sleeping...
  13. E_Blackaby

    Double Hutch Idea!

    Hi! So I'm pretty sure the standard hutch for most people housing their Guinea pigs outside is the classic 2 storey wooden hutch (probably from pets at home) Basically I have had 7 pigs in my life and out of all of them only 1 has ever learnt to use the stairs in the hutch which essentially...
  14. sweetened0wl

    Help With Ramp

    My current guinea pigs have never used a ramp before. I spent a considerable amount of cash on a nice outdoor enclosure for them for the warm seasons, it's two stories but they seem to be afraid of the ramp. My previous guinea pigs had an indoor enclosure with a ramp that they used perfectly...
  15. Parnassus

    C & C Ramp Too Slippery?

    Hi all! I noticed last night that Blade was hesitant to go back down the ramp from their loft, and when she finally did, she just slid straight down to the bottom like a slide! Ack! Now I'm thinking of dismantling the loft until I can fix the ramp up. Has anyone else had this problem? How did...
  16. CharlotteR34

    Ramp Trouble

    I purchased a new cage for my piggies with two floors,I have two boys, I left them to it and hoped their curiosity would encourage them to go down/up it however I had no such luck so I tried placing some veggies down it hoping it would entice them down, again no such luck! I also tried putting...
  17. RJade

    Ramp Problems!

    Hi! Two days ago I bought three male guinea pigs from a breeder and I've put them in the two tier hutch. i left them in there for about 20 minutes and watched them, I'm unsure if they were just being skittish due to travel and a new environment, but they just kept dropping down the gap not...
  18. echowhisper

    How Steep Can A Ramp Be

    hi, I'm building another floor in my Guinea pigs cage. How steep can the ramp be? If anyone else has a ramp please can I see what your one looks like? thank you so much
  19. Beans&Toast

    Animal Friendly Glue?

    Sorry if this isn't in the right bit, I wasn't too sure where it belonged..:doh: I need to make a new ramp for the pigs c and c cage, the one I've been using for the past year is starting to look a bit scabby. (I took this ramp from the hutch I was using before getting a c and c cage) I've...
  20. CandECosies

    Cande Cosies Are Back (hopefully For Good)

    Hi All, Hope everyone on this fab site are keeping well and obviously that includes all their piggies as well :) As some of you have been aware, we have been away ... back ... away ... back now quite a lot over the last 18 months due to pregnancy, family member passing, giving birth and moving...