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  1. cinnamon7

    guinea pig with sore on nose

    i found this on his nose and i don’t know what it is
  2. Bethanie97

    Long haired piggies eyes

    Hi I’m looking for a bit of advice, I have a sheltie breed guinea pig, and the hair above where her eyes are (shown in picture) keeps growing and catching her in the eyes which has started making them look sore and occasionally crusty, I don’t want this becoming a serious problem. I’ve tried...
  3. BiggiesMom

    Red Bald Patch; Fungal Or From Stress?

    Hi! I've had my guinea pig Biggie for a month now. I was looking into adopting another guinea pig so he could have a friend when i noticed he has a patch of hair missing/thinning and the skin is red in some spots, white in others and bleeding from when i think he scratches at it. He also has a...
  4. Jennybug89

    Strange Sore On Her Face

    I noticed while feeding my lovely Rosie this more that she has some kind of sore beside her nose. As I'm not as seasoned in Guinea pig care as most of you guys I'm wondering if any of you might know what this may be. I touched it with clean hands and she didn't react so I doesn't seem sore but i...
  5. T

    Sore Like Thing On Back Of Piggie

    I was brushing Pidge today, and found a patch of skin under some of his fur that was dark and almost scab like but it was raw to the touch. I didn't see it yesterday, but i also didnt hold him yesterday either, my mom held him and I was holding hunk before we adopted them Sign in - Google...
  6. K

    What Is It?

    Does anyone know what this looks like? only noticed it today and so so worried it looks sore. He does seem to a bit moody and making some annoyed noises, not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Thanks :bye:
  7. cheeseandpeas

    Dental Dental Surgery

    Hi I have a four year old pig (Broccoliese) who I rescued two years ago from an owner who didn't care for or feed him properly, he had mites and poorly formed feet but has gone on to do really well with us. I took him to the vet today with A sore area under his chin, the vet asked if he...
  8. Megannah

    Bald Patch On Nose

    Hello, last week I found on my Piggie Marshall I noticed a small patch of hair above his nose was dry and stuck together, I looked it up on line and i couldn't find anything , but today as I picked him up the dried hair was hanging of his nose and fell off and underneath was a tiny red sore? His...
  9. FayeM

    Loss Of Fur - Mites?

    Hi everyone It's been a while since I've been on here just looking for some advice if I may. One of my youngest piggies had an injury a few months back that the vet described as a sprained elbow. He was on painkillers for 5 days and recovered well. Now this evening we have noticed him limping...
  10. missGpiggy2705

    Worn Away Hair/sore/inflamed Genital Area

    The other day i notice that my little piggy started smelling very bad however i didn't think anything of it and the time. It was only the next day I took a look in the bottom area to see the there was white gunky/goowy stuff around and on her genitals. I'm not too sure if it is causing her pain...
  11. KKeiK

    Guinea Pig With Sore Eye, Not Sure What It Is?

    Hello! My Guinea pig Chuck is 6months old and I noticed this sore on the bottom of his eye. It doesn't seem to be affecting him at all, no scratching, weeping from the eye, closing eye etc. Info that may or may not help: he lives with another Guinea pig, Ned who is just under 2 months younger...
  12. Benjofranco

    Sore On The Belly Of Our Boar

    We've just discovered this sore on the belly of our long haired Peruvian Boar - Drew. Just wondering if anyone could point us in the direction of what this may be. Think he does have some mite issues at the moment as does seem to be itching a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated!