1. C

    Guinea pig's tooth doesn't grow

    Just like the title says. I visited vet a few months ago and he said it may take a little longer for tooth to grow but nothing chamged since then. Upper teeth are starting to become kinda sharp, one is longer than the other and i'm worried because as i know, guinea pigs teeth are growing their...
  2. BrusselnSprout

    Teeth chattering/grinding please help!

    Earlier today I noticed Sprout sat in his cage chattering and grinding his teeth really loudly. Since then he’s been doing this on and off all day. He seems to be eating normally and there aren’t any obvious signs of injury but I’m worried because he’s never done this before. I’ve made a vet’s...
  3. Gigi Boyer

    Dental Worried the vet hurt my piggie

    Recently came back from holiday to find my three year old boy had lost around 100g and was barely eating. His top incisors were chipped and grey and his bottom ones were significantly over grown. We immediately started him on syringe feed and arranged a vet appointment for a few days time. Once...
  4. T

    Dental Guinea pig not eating after dental work

    Hi all cavvy lovers! We took our beloved 5 year old boar to the vets last Wednesaday as he had stopped eating, the vet kept him in overnight and performed an investigation the following morning. She ended up filing his back teeth at they had curled right over trapping his tongue, and she cut...
  5. N

    Colette's teeth

    a week ago my little Colette nocked her top teeth right off, she's been doing well and eating normaly and they already started to grow back, but now her bottom teeth are a little overgrown, should I take her to the vet or give her sometime to fix it herself?
  6. chubbypigs

    Broken Tooth?

    Hello! My pig, Crank, partially broke his right top tooth today. It's not a crack or a chip, definitely a break, but it's just barely hanging on towards the back. It wiggles when I touch it. I can see that it's a clean break through the root, no blood on him or in his cage, and it's about...
  7. Piggywiggywoo

    Dental Additional incisor from front jaw

    Hi, my 5 1/2 year old intact boar is having some weird tooth problems. Vet says that the molars look okay and the brown at the base of his bottom incisor is fur. Ozzy confirmed this himself as he has cleaned off his teeth and has lovely pink gums. The real problem is that his bottom left...
  8. dannif_piggies

    Soft poos and wet bottom/belly

    So Honey was at the vets yesterday, come home, and she was rather wet and had soggy poops, I assumed her wet belly/bum was from her being in a fairly small space and her just sitting in her own wee, and then the soft poops were from the fact she had her morning veggies, then I packed her some...
  9. S

    Chipped tooth!

    My baby Dobby has a chipped bottom tooth and he isn't eating/drinking very much. He is losing weight and seems to be lighter than his little brother. Are there any ways I can help him other than taking him to the vet? It's very expensive and when we went for their mom after she gave birth the...
  10. Raaaachel

    Matatabi Sticks - are they okay for guinea pigs?

    Hi all! So recently I bought what I thought were normal chew sticks on amazon. Turns out they are cat’s Matatabi sticks/Silvervine sticks. On the listing, it says they they are suitable for all rodents as well but I’m not sure as I can’t find any information on the web in regards to guinea pigs...
  11. Kilimomo

    Kili's damaged tooth - extraction?

    Hey there. One of my guinea pigs has damaged his tooth. In a really strange way. It has broken diagonally. (left in the picture) I called the vet station and a nurse told me it would have to be extracted/removed. Anyone here with experience on tooth extraction? How will it actually happen...
  12. Gemm

    teeth problems

    Hi everyone I took my pig (Alvin) to the vet today because over the past few days he has become lethargic and not his usual bright self. He is also struggling to eat and has lost about 60g in past couple of weeks. The vet checked him over and said he couldn’t find anything obvious but it...
  13. Devyn50

    Not Eating Hay

    14 month Hamlet had stroke 4 months ago, Now stabilized. He weighs 520g and is quite small. He will eat pellets and veggies but no hay. Tried Timothy..botanical and oat. He will pick it up and bite it in half but can't or won't eat it. Sometimes he has issues with veggies and throws his head...
  14. HeatherW

    Teeth Chattering - Fast And Slow

    I've read that fast teeth chattering is meant aggressively, but is that always the case? Could it sometimes be meant defensively if a pig is feeling a little unsure or nervous? When I feed my piggies their fresh fruit and veg, Jasmine has occasionally approached the bars of the cage chattering...
  15. Joannajars

    Possible Dental Problems?

    Hi all, Last night I noticed one of my boys Hugo who is 1 was not as interested in hay (he normally runs over when we put it into the cage) but didn’t think to much of it. When I woke this morning he was hunched over and had his eyes closed (he is a very nervous pig and almost never closes his...
  16. P

    Chipped Teeth

    One of my sweet boys has chipped his top teeth. Both top teeth broke off smoothly and at the same length. It took me 24 hours to notice they were chipped. He had a small scrape on his lip which is healing good. I tried to see his teeth and I though they were fine. He was eating and drinking...
  17. wenton5

    Chooch 's Mysterious Health And Teeth

    wenton5 Post » 12/13/2017, 8:46 pm Report this post First, thank you for the help. I'll try to keep this short, but offer some history. I used to write for The Guinea Pig Magazine, have a sticky on Guinea Lynx Forum and have combed the internet for answers. Some info: Chooch, boar...
  18. BenjiAndButtons


    Barny is being put under on monday to have his teeth shaven. What can we expect?
  19. M

    No Front Teeth How Do I Need Him!

    My guinea piggy doesn't h have front teeth ,but it is growing in he has a great diet too. He is having trouble eating his carrots and leafy greens. He is also having trouble with eating is food pellets. My other guinea pig CORN CHIP is fine he is a newborn and is very well feed and healthy. He...
  20. Jesse's pigs


    So Mo's teeth are fine! Front ones are perfectly straight and growing at even rates- which is a huge relief because Mo did at one point loose one of his top teeth (well most of it there was a mini stump left). Anyway the only fear I have is occasionally -like just now- he'll get a strand of hay...